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Hi, with which template/system did you create the book cover?

Hi catfishstudios,

thank you for your purchase. The cover at the top is included in the PSD file which comes with Off the Shelf. The book at the bottom is a freebie which is available right here:

Should you have more questions, just contact our support at Thank you!

Any news on the wordpress version of Off the Shelf?

Actually, yes – work on the WordPress version of Off the Shelf began on Saturday. We do not currently have a release date. Thank you for your interest!

Development is in progress, and if you like you can sign up for release updates at – Thank you for your continued interest in our products.


I’m really interested to buy this theme. But i found a problem while testing the demo page on mobile phones, iPhone 5 & HTC One. The background for the ebook, the top section doesn’t show, as if it doesnt load. Let me know if this doesnt happen to you.

Thank you.

Hi razuro,

thank you for your interest in Off the Shelf. We are not aware of such problems and do own and tested Off the Shelf on these phones ourselves. However if you encounter any problems with a theme from us, our support is more than happy to help you. Just contact us under where we deliver in depth support, thank you!

Hi ShapingRain,

First of all, congrats for the great template!.

One question: We are using the icon with text widget, but we would like to have the hyperlink not only in the subtitle, but in the icon too.

It is possible?

Best regards, Ibex Dev Team

(the URL of the template:

Hi there! I am afraid that does not look like our product. The site you mentioned runs on WordPress, and we do not know the theme you are using there. Off the Shelf is an HTML template and does not come with any widgets.

ahaha wrong theme. Sorry!

Good template!
I have a few question: 1. What function button Buy? Can a customer make the payment?
2. Can I change button Buy for the form subscribe? How do it?
3. Can I delete some slide in the template?
4. How I can to edit template?

This is an HTML template. You can edit it with an HTML editor of your choice. As is the nature of an HTML template, it does not contain any shopping-cart features out of the box. You can edit any element you like, add more or remove sections, as log as you know how to work with an HTML editor. Please contact customer support at if you have any further questions.


Great theme.

However, I just purchased it and tried installing it to Wordpress. The installation was unsuccessful and this message appeared:

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

I haven’t altered anything in the ZIP folder. Please help as I like this theme and dont want to have to get a refund.

Many thanks.

Kind regards, Prevenuemaker

Hi prevenuemaker,

we are sorry to say, that Off the Shelf is not a WordPress theme, that is why you will not find it in the WordPress category on Themeforest, but in the Marketing section. We are however currently working on a WordPress version of the theme, which will be released shortly.

If there is anything else we can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service at

Thank you!

I have very little experience with HTML and PSD. The tools I have are: Dreamweaver 8, Fireworks 8, Photoshop CS5 (yes, they’re older). Any tips on how to edit these?

We can provide assistance, if you are a customer. In that case, please contact with proof of purchase (Item Purchase Code and themeforest username it was purchased with)—in general, any HTML editor will do, although complex changes should be done in code view, not the visual mode, as most editors do not deal well with that, especially old ones like DW 8. Please feel free to contact support for other questions as well. Good luck with your project!

the bu now button is not functional , can it work with any payment gateway API ? or just selected ones

Hi there! The buy button is a link, and that one works very well if you point it to a location. We might be able to help you integrate a payment gateway service if you were a customer. In that case, please contact and we would be happy to help. Thank you.

Great looking template guys. I also absolutely love all the <!-comments-> labeling everything in the css and html files. True genius, for dummies!.

I’m actually using the page to sell a book, this is perfect!

Hi rob327,

we are happy to hear this :-) Good luck with your project!

Hi Team ShapingRain, Looks like a great little template. Do you have any screenshots of the admin / backend? Thanks!

Hi there! This is an HTML/CSS template, so editing contents is done by editing the code in an HTML/CSS editor. A backend exists for switching colour schemes, and for setting up the built-in contact form; screenshots for that are published on the product page (“Screenshots” button, for reference)

Is it easy to add another field (or two) like “first name” to the contact section?

Thank you for your interest. The form is designed with one form field in mind; you can of course customize that, perhaps by stacking the fields etc.; whether that is easy depends on your abilities; CSS skills would be helpful.

main reason i asked is because almost every marketing opt-in form has two fields… first name and email addy. it was just a little strange (to me) seeing only one field.

It really is one field in Off the Shelf, though we may provide more options in future updates. Thank you for your interest.

Hi, can you indicate the steps to change the icons in the “features list” that are under the heading “What you will learn with this eBook?” It seems they are built with css, but I can’t seem to find them in the folders. Thanks!

Hi there! Thank you for your question. We provide free customer support for this product via email only: and would be happy to help you use the full potential of the FontAwesome icon font in your feature list.


My theme is missing on the Manage Themes Page (Dashboard <Appearance <Themes). Below the list of themes on this page, it says:

Broken Themes The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template. Name: themeforest-4485934-off-the-shelf-responsive-ebook-landing-page Description: Template is missing.

Wooow… this is embarrassing… I got this is not a wp theme… ups! :D my fault

Anyway, I’m going to use it, its the best onepage design I saw


Sorry to hear you made that mistake. Off the Shelf will also be available as a WordPress theme in a couple of weeks. Good luck with your project!

I think there is an issue with the pricing tables css. If I want to have 3 tables , the specified width of .one_third {width: 300px;} makes the third table float below on full screen and not adjacent to the other 2 tables. To fix this, I changed it to .one_third {width: 290px;} and it worked fine. You might want to check this for the 2 table situation as well. Looks like only your 4 table width is fine which is on your demo page.

Hi there! Customer support is provided via if you need assistance from us – we would love to help. My guess is that you removed the last table element which contained the class ‘last’ – that one is required. So if you have 4 elements, the 4th one has the class ‘last’, if you have 3, the 3rd element gets that class. :)

Thanks for your response. But I am not talking about the “elements”. I understand what you said about last element and I am using it correctly. I am talking about whole pricing table. Your demo has 4 tables and you are using class= “pricing table .one_fourth”. Try to test the same by using 3 tables and updating to class=”pricing table .one_third” and you will see what I mean. appreciate your response though. I have made it to work for me by changing the px value.

Thank you for your reply. By ‘elements’ I was referring to the ‘packages’ or ‘columns’ (there is only one table) – and the last column must have the ‘last’ class in order for the spacing to work. If you have any questions, please contact – our designer would love to explain that to you in detail. Thank you for your feedback and good luck with your project!

Cool item, nicely done!;

Thank you :)

Hi ,is it a individual theme or can be applied to my existing theme? Thanks.I am using the 7 to build my sites and I want to have some extra landing PAGES.

PAGES but not another theme.

Hi there! Like all other products in that category (“Site Templates”), Off the Shelf is an HTML/CSS template, not a theme or skin for any content management system. You can therefore just copy it into a sub folder and use it along whatever runs your website right now. However, you do need to be able to edit HTML in order to edit any HTML template.

In the new wp version: If you could include an option to have a signup / quote form in the main banner as well it would be awesome. I just signed up to your list. thanks!

That is a great idea, and one that we have actually already implemented. Thank you for your interest!

Hi there, Wordpress ready?

Hi SnappyWebdesgin,

we are working our butts off to finish the WordPress Version this month. We will keep you updated! :-)


Is this built using Bootstrap 3.x? Also, do you provide shortcodes file such as Tabs, Accordions, and other boostrap/HTML5 elements with this?

Thanks, JP

Hi there! Thank you for your interest. This is an HTML template, so there are no shortcodes. And it is not using Bootstrap 3 at this point.

hi there,

is this integrated with a paid download tool like easy downloads or something please?

Hi there! Thank you for your interest. This really is just an HTML/CSS template, any sort of program logic you would have to develop yourself. You may wish to look into third party services like ClickBank as well.