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Good work *Alexhughes *!

@TRixation – Thanks :) Finally found the time to whip a suitable theme out.

Hi Alex

This is a brilliant theme. Congratulations. Will you be producing a Wordpress Version?

@rwrocks – Thank you and funnily enough it did cross my mind earlier today, so I do think I will be doing so in the next week or so.

Look very nice sadly ive only got $9 lol

very nice! will get it.

to author, pls contact me:

Alex, I was looking at buying this theme, but I have a question … when the html page is first opened (index.html), there is a weird ghosting that occurs … the second portfolio graphic (in the sample case, the hand w/pencil) can be see during the loading. Can this be fixed? Otherwise, this seems like a dealbreaker.

I’m using Vista Business with IE 8 . Thanks.


Really sorry however the ghosting occurs when the javascript file is loading and I have zero time to look at a way to fix this at this time.


Live demo link is broken.