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Hi, great theme…just wondering what I need to change if I want to use css/blue.css stylesheet.

Thank you,


Hello, thanks for buying our theme.

Changing template styles is easy :

- Replace the “colors.css” content with the content of “blue.css”.

That’s all.

Hi Guys,

First, I loved your template, because it’s the one I have been looking for! But I have some questions: - Is it possible to have a background image instead of the colour background? - Can I insert a Google Calendar to a page? - Is it possible to make the footer fiexed – like the menu?

Thank you! Csaba

Hello, Thanxs :)

- Is it possible to have a background image instead of the colour background?


- Can I insert a Google Calendar to a page?

yes, you can embed a calendar using google iframe.

– Is it possible to make the footer fiexed – like the menu?

you could, but why would you do this?

Hi Little-Neko,

Thank you for your quick answer! I have created a kindergarten webpage in flash + xml and I would like to rebuild it in HTML. In the footer there is the phone, the address and the e-mail. It is in Hungarian, but you can can see the design here: ‘’.


Thank you, you were quick! :-)

@Csaba I see. Easiest way is to add a bootstrap class on footer, like this :

<footer class=”footer1 navbar-fixed-bottom”>

Regarding the background, you want it to scale 100%, you’ll have to use one of the tricks described here :

Hope it helps :)

umm, newbie here. I downloaded it but I cannot install it properly. I was looking for the zip file with no success. Help.

Hello :) Yes, as rock304 say, it looks like you are trying to install a wordpress theme, and this is a html theme. you can find some wordpress templates here :

this is not a wordpress theme if that is what you were thinking. wp themes are never $14

Hello, I have just bought your theme but when I extract it and open the jquery don’t work. On inspector I’m getting this error: Failed to load resource file:[root]/js-plugin/jquery-validation/jquery.validate.js

I checked the theme and couldn’t find this file. After this error everything failed “Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined “

Can you help me? thanks a lot --—EDITED-------- I think I fixed it. Don’t know why but there were an error: GET file://

So added the line <script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script> before line #48 on the index.html

I have also downloaded the jquery validation from here

Now is working but its taking some time to load (since it tries to load “wrong” jquery link first) Can you take a look? thanks

Hi xbigorx,

The call to the file “validate.js” can be removed safely. The contact form we use is now the plugin “JigoWATT AJAX Contact Form”. We will remove it in the next upgrade of the theme.

For the //ajax call to jquery. It is the way recommended by google , jquery to make sure the jquery will be called correctly on both http and https environment. The fact that it is not working when you try to open the site on your desktop is completly normal because our themes are prepared to be installed on real server or local server(xamp and the like). Be sure that once you install the template on a real server or a local server you won’t have to worry about that anymore.

However if you really need to make it work on your desktop you can change the jquery call by adding http:// before the link as such : and it will work.

Hope it helps Thanxs for buying our theme :)

Hi there, do you plan a Wordpress Version?

Hello Rammler, Maybe in 2013…

Whats a good desktop editor to use for this masterful creation?

Hello Kartar, Thxs! ... sorry, i m not sure to understand what you mean exactly?

I can’t see any of the sliders on the homepage. What do I need to check to ensure they are enabled?

Hello, thanxs for buying our template. Can you send URL so i can check the problem, please?

How do you get the sliders to work?

Hello, There s nothing special to do. It should work as soon as you put the website on a local or an online web server. Can you send me an URL please so i can check?

Okay it has to be online or web server, didn;t know. Thanks.

yes, however if you really need to make it work on your desktop you can change the jquery call by adding http:// before the link as such : and it will work.

Your right of course, the slider works now. Thank you again.

Yw :) have fun with the template!

looks wired in IE and firefox and slider dsnt work in IE , only best work in Chrome, i sad after getting in template, waste

Hello Ashu, The template is, of course, compatiible with major browsers. Camera, Flexi and Revolution Slider are widely used sliders…

So, I’m surprised it doesnt work for you.

Please send me an URL here, maybe you did something wrong with it and maybe i can fix it.

The demo is broken also?

Hello, no the demo is not broken… you can check by yourself if any doubt :

yes the demo is broken too in IE ,as im testing it on local, please fix it and give us updated files, im disappointed

Hello ashu, If you are testing in local without a web server and didnt not download the last update (14/12), then please read this FAQ :

If you still run into problem after this, please contact us with full details regarding your issue (IE version, screenshots), so we can help you with it.


I’m about to buy and have checked all major browsers and it works fine for me. The slideshow can be a little slow to load on a crappy connection, so perhaps check that you are not being too impatient before waiting for the slideshow to load :-)

Hi Boris, Thanxs for your comment :) Btw, “Revolution Slider” might be a little slow on poor connection but there’s nothing we can do about it, beside providing 2 other lighter sliders and “no slider” page templates.

Thanxs for your interrest in our theme.

im using IE7

Hi, I m sorry but IE7 is not supported as stated in the “Compatible Browsers” tab. You should upgrade your browser as you are part of the 1% still using this outdated browser :)

yes i got to knw that,but in the org and cyber cafe im working still use IE7 which count is more then 500 so i thought to check it on it too,all right forget, anyway great template if is there anything i i will ask you,

Ok, Glad you like the template :)

Browsing Themeforest, noticing your latest item, it rocks!

Hello Santa Vazz :) Thanxs for your appreciation, glad you like!:) Hope to see a new item from you soon…