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I purchased your template but I have a question. The main logo I want to use is bigger than 149×40 so when I test the responsive layout on an iPhone, the navigation drop down conflicts with the logo. Is there a way to get the navigation drop down to automatically position itself underneath the logo?

hi, thanxs a lot for your purchase.

Please send us more detailled request and url of your project through the form on our profile :


Hello, I need form validation is not so ugly. that is more in line with the design. Thanks.

hello, Well i m not sure I understand what you mean. Please send us more detailled request and url of your project through the form on our profile :


A great theme. We had expected this theme to be a best-seller when we first saw it on the day of it’s release :) All the best and cheers!

yep, we ve been lucky on that one… Thanxs a lot for your appreciation, really like your work :) Cheers

Hi tyoung560, and others who want to use a bit wider logo, just go to layout.css #mainMenu .responsive-nav class and you can change the width of the dropdown select box from 190px to 100px, etc.

hello, greate theme about map in contact page how i change it? mapWrapper i only have this where i can find it to edit thy


ok ,ty i did that but at that time didnt, probably some pc windows error later i restarted comp and then it changed you are AWSOME ty ty

sorry another question how i remove facebook or twitter likes on portfolio zoom image(left down corner), i think is my lasty question :D

Hello, Open custom.js, locate
if( $("a.prettyPhoto").length){

Add ” social_tools:false ” there.

You have a list of all options of the plugin here:

Hi great theme. Do you guys consider upgrading it to Bootstrap 2.3 ?

Hello and thank you :) No. If you really need v.2.3, for any specific reason, please send us precise request and url of your project via the profile form.


Curious issue – I uploaded this to a server and was unable to get it to work – so I uploaded it to a different server and it worked… Are there any specific requirements that you are aware of that would make this work on one server and not another?

By not working, I mean the flexi slider does not come up. Then on that template when you hover over the images, in this case, the 3 below the slider, the icons do not come in to play and when you click the image it does not go to the lightbox, it only calls the image up directly (for the photo on the right, the other two are links but you know that already LOL)

here is the non working url

I could get the flexislider to at least come up and show the images by putting

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"> $(window).load(function() { $('.flexslider').flexslider(); }); </script> <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"> $(document).ready(function(){ $("a[rel^='prettyPhoto']").prettyPhoto(); }); </script>

but nothing else in the slider display

Then a question – on the photos where the image pops in to play in the center, like the + or the eyeball or the magnifying glass… I notice on your template the circles are partially visible when the template first comes up, two things are happening… First when you hover – those go away and it wold be nice to not have them showing at all until you hover over the image.

Also the screen flashes and on my friends slower computer, sometimes the text goes away and doesn’t return or if it does, it is longer than just a ‘flash’ – can this be fixed?


Hello, The problem with the server is related to the color picker script that is not allowed to execute. The good news is that you don’t need it:) Please remove the top section of custom.js, where it’s written: ‘COLORS TO BE ERASED WHEN INSTALLING THE THEME’

This will fix your js problems and let you keep working on your project.

For the 2 other questions, please send us more info (OS, browser, version) through the contact form on our profile, and we’ll take a look after the week-end:

Thanxs a lot for choosing our template.


Thanks for the template and the quick responses to my questions!

Good Morning…

Thanks you very much for your time and expertise

What is the best practice for replacing the large icons with images while maintaining the circle, and rollover animation…within:

<div class="bigIconsColumnsWrapper"> <article class="one_third"> <a href="" class="iconWrapper iconBig ch-item"> <i class="icon-heart" /><!--****replace icon with round image--> <div class="ch-info"> <span> more info </span> </div> </a></div>


Best practice is to use icon font, as it is scalable, fast and retina compatible. If you need to put an image, just replace the with a and center the image as needed.

If you need more help, please send us an url of your project through the form on our profile :

Thanxs a lot for choosing our template!:) cheers

oops sorry, the code didnt work in comment, i meant:
just replace the <i /> with a <img /> and center the image as needed.


Any idea why the Google webfont never finishes loading? I’ve checked on your template demo and in Firebug (Net) it’s just like in my site: ‘’ keeps loading and never finishes.

regards, Stef

Hello, we included google font as it should be. What you descirbe looks like a temporary Google server pb (few chances though), or a problem related to your computer or connection or you live in a country with restricted access to Google.. Google fonts are widely used. Majority of templates here are using them, however if you dont want to rely on google to serve the font, you can download it here: and follow the instructions.


thanks for the quick reply!

Hi! Thanks for such a great theme! I am having one main issue and a question.

My issue has to deal with using the arrow icons and social media icons. In Firefox 17.0.3 and IE 8.07 the icons either dont show or come out looking like a square. Is there a way to solve this or to use an image when it fails to render tie character.

Also do you have an example of using a secondary stick navbar. For example the new page

Hello, Please send us an url of your project through the form on our profile : so we can see the problem.

And now, sorry we don’t have a secondary stick navbar in this template. Might adding it to a future update though, in 1 or 2weeks.

Thanxs a lot for choosing our template.


The new update is working great. Best support ever :)

thank you :)

Hallo, I purchased this great template. I have a problem in the Flexi Slider… it works, but i cannot see the controlNav buttons on left and right. The defaut setting in jquery.flexislider.js is TRUE, but it doesn’t works. Any suggestion? TNX :)

PS: I need also to activate the loop for the slideshow…

Thanks very much for the quickly and exhaustive support! Good work!

You are welcome, thanxs for choosing our template!:)

Bye ;)

hello, how can i change the time between slides i think i 7 sec in camera slider, i tried this:

time : 3000, //milliseconds between the end of the sliding effect and the start of the nex one

transPeriod            : 500,    //lenght of the sliding effect in milliseconds

i was thinking 3000 will be the new 3 sec time between slides but it reamins to 7… what i have to do to change the slides time to 3 sec..thank you

Hello, Open custom.js and locate the camera slider part (line 510), add

in the declaration of the slider version you are using (camera_wrap, camera_wrap_nonav or camera_wrap_nothumb).

If needed, please send us the url of your project through the form on our profile so i can be more precise :

Thanxs for choosing our template. Cheers

it works u are great thank you once again :D

You are welcome

I’m used to using Dreamweaver where I can create a template for the elements that will appear on every page (header, footer, navigation). Is there a way to do that with your template so if something changes in the footer I don’t have to change it on every single page?

Thank you!

Hello, I would like to help you more, but unfortunatly, i can’t teach you how to use a software I am not using myself. It’s a well structured HTML template, so if you can make templates part with HTML document in DW, then i don’t see why you couldn’t do it with OHMY. Cheers

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I’m not asking about Dreamweaver anymore. I’m asking if Bootstrap has a way of sharing common sections such the header, footer and navigation so they can be updated in one place if you make a change. If you change your navigation, do you go into every page and change the navigation on every single page or can you go into one place to change it?

Ah ok!... Well, no. I wish it could, would be more simple for us too :)). But BS is an HTML framework, and HTML is static. You would need to use a dynamic language like php and adapt templates to get this functionnality.

I have today purchased this item. I would like to know if there is a possibility of making this very nice template also IE10 compatible. so that a visitor to the website does not need to use the Compatibility View offered in IE10

Hello, thanxs a lot for choosing our template!

I don’t see any issue on IE10 on the demo.

Please send us more detailled request and url of your project through the form on our profile :


hello again, is there any way to modifiy line spacing when sub menu buttons are too many? i would like to make it shorter >>> button “Rame” there are too many and i would like to reduce space between lines thank you…

Hello, Please open layout.css and locate ’#mainMenu ul ul a’. Replace the padding-bottom value and add a padding-top, like this :
padding-bottom: 0.5em;
padding-top: 0.5em;
Btw, you should also increase the ‘padding-top’ on body, so the title fits under the menu.



Thanks you very much for this great template!

I have one question, how can I replace the large icons with images on the homepage while maintaining the circle, and rollover animation?

When i replace the “i” with “img” the rollover animation does not work and the image is not wihtin the circle.

I know that font icons would do better, but I still would like this to work.


Try creating a new class for the i, and put a background image on it.

If you need more specific answer, please send us url of your project through the form on our profile :

Thanks! its working. But now I have another question….

I wish the sidebar on the features page to work on the homepage where I have a slider above it. But when I scroll down the sidebar goes of the screen. I think i have to replace the position of the scrollspy but how can I do that?

Nice :)

For further support, please send us an url of your project through the form on our profile :


Hi, we purchased this template on 19.02.2013. verstion is my age/old? we get the new version?

Hello, Sorry i m not sure to understand what you mean… You can download the latest version in your account (‘Downloads’ tab). Thanxs for choosing our template! Cheers


I have a question.

How do I edit this template? I have Serif webplus X6 (it’s a HTML editor) but I have tried to edit HTML files before and it didn’t work, example I import every single file to the software but it shows blank, not even a pic or text. Is there any other way I will be able to see the actual design and move things around the way I want? Just want to know how do I do it before I buy the template.



Hello, Thanxs for your interest in our template!

I’m sorry i can’t tell you as i don’t know the software you are using. Template is HTML, so a html editor should open it. I know some are using Dreamweaver successfully, but i can’t tell you much.