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jogjascript does not currently provide support for this item.

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This is not working at all. I bought the theme, but its core plug-in is missing (Jogja Core). I get:

“Downloading install package from http://cdn.jogja.xyz/jogja-core.zip… Download failed. cURL error 52: Empty reply from server”

Would recommend downloading another WP theme. To the author: you have disabled support. I would like a response to this as soon as possible.


Sorry about the delay. I just upload the update for Jogja core link. This is still waiting for approval by reviewer. Please wait until you get notification about this update.

Thank you. :)

hello , i read in comment that them have some problem , are all thing clear now ? and now bugs ? are i can buy theme now ? are the theme option have setting to change the Main color from yellow to anther ?

i made the chane like this : <?php get_template_part( ‘content/home’, ‘vertical-nav’ ); putRevSlider(‘vertical_fullscreen’, ‘homepage’); get_template_part( ‘content/home’, ‘about’ ); get_template_part( ‘content/home’, ‘portfolios’ ); get_template_part( ‘content/home’, ‘features’ ); get_template_part( ‘content/home’, ‘testimonials’ ); get_template_part( ‘content/home’, ‘contact’ ); ?> but i have face problem the the like of nav point which in right fixed header not working

do you have live URL for checking?

sorry for late relpy our url is : http://mediapointads.com/

hello bro how are you ?

i have something need to do and i need your help please

i need to make a javascript particles shape in first page silder ( first page Slides ) the shape i need it to input to my site in this link of video


and also you can see it here


thanks so much In Advance wait your reply

hello bro / sister please need some one reply to me

i have two problem

first :

i need to hidden ( Previous / Next ) which display under slider homepage because css of it very very bad

second : i try many times and in two different hosting to import demo but it’s failed , so i just need the right code to import contact form which you put in your demo

my website is : http://mediapointads.com/

wait your reply

thanks so much , first is solved but second worked in css and html but not sending email

this is the code

[text* name class:input-text placeholder=”Name”]

[email* email class:input-text placeholder “Email”]

[text* subject class:input-text placeholder “Subject”]

[textarea* message class:input-text placeholder “Type your message”]

[submit class:btn placeholder “Send Message”]

but the error is : 1 configuration error detected in this tab panel Unavailable names (name) are used for form controls

hey how are you ? https://ibb.co/busciv please i need to delete this wordpess which they have a red box from contact page

i made it in Home Page but i can’t make it in page builder which i include contact in i made that for a home page from home-contact.php (content/home-contact.php) <?php esc_html_e( ’ :’, ‘oilumeo’ ); ?> <?php echo ’’. $jalan; ?>

Hi there, I try to install the One Click Demo Import and I got all this errors:`

[ERROR] Failed to import “canola2” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “dsc20050315_145007_132” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “dsc20050727_091048_222” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “dsc20050813_115856_52” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “dsc20050831_165238_332” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “dsc20050901_105100_212” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “Bell on Wharf” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “Golden Gate Bridge” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “Sunburst Over River” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “Boardwalk” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “Yachtsody in Blue” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “Rain Ripples” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “Sydney Harbor Bridge” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “Wind Farm” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “Antique Farm Machinery” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “Orange Iris” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “Rusty Rail” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “Sea and Rocks” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “Big Sur” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “Windmill” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “Huatulco Coastline” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “Brazil Beach” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “Boat Barco Texture” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “dsc20040724_152504_532” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “dsc20050604_133440_3421” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “I Am Worth Loving Wallpaper” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “Image Alignment 150×150” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “Image Alignment 300×200” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “Image Alignment 580×300” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “Image Alignment 1200×4002” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “Triforce Wallpaper” (Media) [ERROR] Failed to import “Unicorn Wallpaper” (Media)

There is another way I can Install this….

Also I have troubles trying to install Jogja Core…

Can you please give me some support Kind regards


I’ve uploaded the updated version. Please wait until this update is approved by reviewer.

Thank you.

When I click “Import” for the One Click Demo Import option. It says “Importing, please wait!” and I’ve been waiting for it to say it has been imported for nearly 30 minutes. Is that normal? Do I need to keep waiting or is something wrong? I have all the plugins installed and activated as far as I know. I then logged out, restarted my router, and then logged back into Wordpress to redo the process. Once again I’ve left my computer for 30 minutes to find that it’s still saying “Importing, please wait!”. What is going on? Please help. I love your theme!

Thank you!


That’s not normal. Could you give me temporary admin account? I want to check it.

Thank you.,


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