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Dear Tanya,

thanks for this template. I have already purchased it. I have also found a serious problem. When I view the template through the Themeforest frame (clicking LivePreview button), I see that it is adapted for iPad and displays correctly. But when I view the template through your demo site (demo.virtuti.info), I see that this template does not have this adaptation. Could you help me to solve this problem?

Hello Alex, many thanks!

I put viewport meta only. In fact I had not in mind to structure it for anything but desktops. It has fixed layout, I think that on tablets with resolutions 1280px it should be displayed correctly but I do not know since initially it was not prepared for tablets and mobiles and was not tested. Well, in order to adapt it for tablets and/or mobiles a different approach is required (I mean recoding and restructuring). I think that with this layered structure it might be more complicated and may be yet good portion of experimenting will be necessary.

Best, Tanya

is posible to make an autoscroll on the featured items ….if is can u tell how can i do this…. thanks

If you mean local scroll, you can apply it to any block of content. Thank you.

Hi, Well done, love your template! :) What font did you used for buttons ? example ’’view products’’ button

Thanks in advance.

Hello and thank you very much! It is Myriad Pro bold condensed. If you have no such the font on your computer you may replace it with Oswald, I think they are pretty similar. Though the font is by Adobe, should be in any Photoshop version, right? Thank you!