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First off, beautiful theme! I just purchased the other day (April 2014) and the 404 is still missing! Please advise.

Thank you! Did you set it up by selecting of custom 404 page on your hosting? It will not work otherwise.

Ok, Ill check that out.

Hi, I like your theme. I have a couple of questions

1) How difficult would be the main menu be on top instead of bottom?

2) How difficult would be menu in mobile resolutions be collapsible & expandable?

Thank you

Hello, thank you for the interest! If you are comfortable with html/css it will be easy to relocate the menu and top bar. To make collapsable menu is pretty easy as well, but again, certain knowledge of html/css/js is required. Thanks!


I am unable to make the home page to have the “Home” template in rtl mode. In the english version it is working fine, but not in RTL it is not

Hello, thank you! If you followed instructions of Help document (i.e. replaced css) you should get this:

What exactly does not work for you?