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Hi, also the sub menu items are not visible on the mobile device. Please help with the same.

Hi, can you please post your uRL?

Hi, The mobile menu symbol doesn’t stay static at top of the page but disappears when v scroll down. Please provide a solution for that.

Also the main menu(navigation bar) has sub menu items which r not visible in the mobile device, so please provide help for the same.

Hello. The menu symbol should stay at the top of the website, the menu isn’t sticky.

As for the sub menu items, they work fine on my mobile phone, check

Hi, I have included a new generated Instagram access token in the simpleInstagramFancyBox.js but it still gives me the same error “Invalid access token”. Please help with the same.

Hello, make sure the access token is valid (there are various websites that generate it), I replaced mine on the demo and it no longer shows that error

Hi, this is probably a dumb question, i just purchased a license and installed Oldal template in my local web browser (no modifications made yet), the page looks good but I keep getting a popup window every time I refresh any page, the message says: “The access_token provided is invalid”.

Do I need to install a license code or something? Thanks!!!

I found another person asking the same question in this same forum, I think I’m not going to need it so I will delete anything related, however it may be a good idea to add a note in documentation about this feature… thanks anyway

Hello, ok, glad you managed to find the fix :)

Hi I have purchased html template of Oldal. Question in this template slider is not moving automatically with time. can you please let me know how to make this slider moving from one slide to next slide automatically ( without clicking arrows) let me know asap