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Hi Marco, it’d be great if you could get to my issue sometime soon. I replied to you on the support page almost three weeks ago. Since then, you’ve responded to nearly everyone else, including those who have only just opened a ticket.

Hi ASQuarterly, i’m sorry for late answer… please add me on skype for one-to-one special support. ” nardi.marco (AT) ”

Thanks, but I don’t think I need a whole Skype session. I just want my article headlines smaller without it affecting the sidebar headings.


we are using your OLD PAPER Theme for our website Unfortunetly the Navigation Bar is not displayed properly when you view the site in a “Safari” Browser (see Screenshot) is there something you can do about this problem? We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you for your support. Carsten

Please respond.

i’m sorry for answers delay… i’m resolving all support ticket…

Hello! I would like to create a landing page without the header, or at least without the menu. Is it possible? Thanks!!

HI armoner, you can’t with oldpaper.. but you can make a custom template and hide header manually…
Regards Marco

Hello – I submitted a support request 8 days ago regarding outdated Woocommerce files – could you please get back to us?

Replied on support forum… Regards

this theme is beautiful however it has several problems to translate into other languages, it’s a shame that it is not compatible with other languages other than English, so even translating it still are several words that do not translate and even editing .php of the theme he gets ROBLEM with stress.

it’s sad because I would buy this theme

HI azbar, in the theme there are a .mo .po files and you can translate it in your own language… How do you know if you haven’t purchased it? Regards

New featured images don’t show up on posts from Nov. I can’t find out what the problem is.

Hi kyounghee, please open a support ticket here:
Regards Marco

Hi, i need some more info about your template: right now i am working for a public company and i have to show “old paper” to the boss. Please can you give us a temporary access to the admin panel? Waiting for your soonest reply. Thank you. Best Regards. Edoardo B.

Hi Edoardo, i can’t give you access to admin panel.. i haven’t any “sandbox” to help you show it…
My Best Regards

Hi, thanks for your fast reply. I have just two other answers: 1) i would know if is possible to translate the entire website in italian, especially the backend for the administrators 2) Are there any child themes to install? Waiting for your reply, Regards.

Ciao Edoardo, puoi impostare la lingua italiana in Impostazione (backend) e cambierà su tutto il sito (non è questione di template), si c’e’ il child theme dentro il pacchetto .zip che scarichi da themeforest.
Fammi sapere se ti serve altro…
Un saluto

Hi Marco,

love the oldpaper theme – how do I increase the number of posts that appear on the homepage blog roll (rather than limit it to 6)? I love how they fade in as you scroll, I just would like that to keep going.

Thanks, Max

Hi Max, you can increase posts from wordpress, just go to Settings -> Reading and increare posts from here…
Let me know…Regards

A client is running this theme and I am trying to get it so the experts show on my home page for each blog post. I am using this code to call it: [postsincol category=”family-friendly-activitiesevents” col=”3” count=”3” excerpt=”show”]

thank you for your help

Hi enine, you have to open a support ticket on


jen66 Purchased

Hi, I’ve tried longing into Thunderthemes to post my support question but it’s not letting me reset my password after several tries.

Thanks Jen.

Hi Jen, what’s your username ? i’ll reset your password…

Hi. First of all fantastic theme. Is it possible to remove the featured image? So that it turn up on the post page but visible on the front page?


Can somebody please give me Demo Data.xml for OldPaper theme? It did not come with the download files. Nobody is replying in support

Hi JMS, you can download Sample data here:
Let me know
My best regards


I’ve read that the theme is not compatible with WPML.

Your theme is good, but I need a multilanguage theme.

How I can do?



Hi Andrea, we can discuss about custom work, please write me at nardi.marco (AT)


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I really need help. I have been asking for help for over 2 weeks with no reply. My client is wondering why I can’t figure this out. Please help!


drea002 Purchased

I have searched the support forum and do not see any reply about my problem. Can you tell me where in the support forum you wrote? thanks

Check now Andrea, i’v removed private reply… regards.


drea002 Purchased

Thanks but the issue is still there. I will send a screen shot and repeat the question in the forum.

Good afternoon! A month stopped working section the authors . Do not tell me how to solve this problem or what can be the reason?

hi mate, have you already opened a support ticket ?

No, I did not open

I am sorry but could you help me with my website. The support link:

Trying to login into the ThunderTheme website and reset my password but it say I am not allowed to do that, any help Marco?

Having trouble with the theme creating an insane amount of Post Meta and bogging down our backend.

Hey Marco, can we expect an update for the theme? Is it something you guys will eventually look into? Thanks for your time!

Waiting 8 months now for a reply on my support thread. Is anyone still there?

Also, the lost password feature is not sending any emails out to users either…