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Looks really nice. Love it.

I need some customization on your template. Do you offer paid customization?

Please let me know.

Kindly, Jason Beattie

Thank you! contact me at for details

How does this do with SEO? Is it readable?

THanks JG

yes…the site is in a valid and html5 code, with use of h1,h2,h3..etc….give a look to the code

hi, before buy this beautiful theme, i have a question: i need to do a website for a gym but they asked me to update courses timetable by themselves. Is that possible? I mean i need to create a private area for them… Any suggestions? Thank you Tony

The online version is OK at the IE9 (and earlier) but the version that I downloaded has problem with the background images. The site is OK except the bg images. Please advise. Thx A

not visible the background images and the transition….and i just find out the the newsletter “pop up” is not working neither.

to tell you the truth this was my first purchase and i am bit disappointed.

my apology…the js was blocked…i am very sorry…my mistake…the template is perfect

Any chance this will ever be available for Wordpress?

no…i am sorry

I would like to know if the contact form is prepared for spanish characters, like ñ, á, é… etc.

yes …latin characters are supported

Hey, I love the theme! Well done on a great design =) I am just trying to figure out how to change the colour of the menu. I’ve already used your site for but now I am designing a sister site using the same theme however can not get the colour theme to change via your instructions included. Any help?

Thank you :)

in your instruction pdf it says to change colour use base.css

so all colour theme change should be done through layout.css?

in base.css you will find all concerning the typography and fonts, buttons, forms and tabs. in layout.css other styles about the layout…like the menu for example

awesome thank you! :) I wish to make this an ecommerce site. can you recommend any ecommerce integration systems? thanks again!

when trying to install i get this error: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

i unzipped the theme purchase file and then zipped the HTML folder and tried to upload and install.

still nothing works.

please help!!

Hello, Olimpia is an html site template not a wordpress theme. regards

Hi! Your theme is great. I read that your newsletter box is Mailchimp ready. Can it works with constantcontact . com ?

Thank you

hello…a misunderstanding…provided with the theme there is a newsletter template compatible with mailchimp. the newsletter form works with a php script that send the subscriber’s email to your email not to mailchimp…so does not works with regards

Ok i understand. I thought that once we enter our informations in the newsletter, the email adress would be recorded in your Mailchimp account.

But it’s sent to our own email.

Thanks for the reply!

Shame this theme has such a limited single level menu. I’m sure there are websites which only 6 nav items on their main menu…..but not many.

Hi Ansonika, i want change the “explore-content” bg color. blank in green.

is possible ? Thanks David

sure….open layout.css and change this line
article{ background-color:#000;}
article{ background-color:#fff;}

Thank you for purchase my item. please take a moment to rate it in your downloads page. grazie

how do I change the color of some of the elements on the pages? for example, at the bottom of the pages, the brick of yellow. I can’t really find anything that is giving it away. or, i’m just blind.

Hello…for example if you wont to change the black containers open layout.css
article{ background-color:#000;} …line43
or the yellow box on bottom
#highlight{ background:#ffcc00 url(../img/option.png) no-repeat center center;}   line99

i suggest you use a “find/replace” function with your html editor for a fast change

Hi my friend, please tell me how to replace site name with logo image. Thanks.

Never mind I have figured it out. Thanks

How do i add a Drop-down menu!?

Hi, the theme comes with one level navigation. add a second level is not a fast implementation. you can hire me for this customization…or you can place you second level navigation inside the innerpage. for example here near the title “join to Olimpia center”