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Clean design! Good luck with sales :)


Good Work Tansh :)

Thank you link2kashif.

Great looking theme!

Hello robsarj,

Thank you.

I was about to answer your previous comment, that you have modified now…. :)

Let me know if any problem during customization.

gr8 work…

On Chrome, the slider only seems to load up at random times.. not only on my site but the demo as well. Any ideas as to what is causing this?

Hello remedybeatz,

Need one line change.


$(document).ready(function() {

in function for nivo slider (in header of index.html) with following

 $(window).load(function() {

This will solve it.

I’m uploading update for it. Will be available for download in a day or two.

Thanks, Tansh

This is a beautiful theme, but I’m having a hard time installing it. I unzipped the file and zipped just the “oliv_blue” folder. First, Wordpress said it was missing the style.css file. I moved it from the “CSS” subfolder into the main oliv_blue folder, rezipped it, and tried again. Now, it says it is missing “index.php” and won’t install it. I don’t see any index.php file so I’m not sure what to do. Any suggestions would be helpful – I’m eager to get rolling on my project!


Sorry to hear, but it is HTML /CSS template, not a wordpress, as mentioned in item description (and is placed under site template category). It can not be installed as such with wordpress.

Thanks, Tansh

Hah…well, I guess that explains it! I overlooked that detail.

Hey There,

I love this theme, I am working on it as we speak but I have had to make lots of changes to render correctly in IE7 . One bug I cannot seem to fix is the “header_bottom” div on the home page is loading at the bottom of the page until I mouse over it, then it returns to the correct place. I’ve never seen a bug like this and I’ve tried everything. If you look in IE7 at my site www.sterlingdesignuk.com/paragon you will see


Seen it with developers tools’ browser mode. The demo template is working good with IE7 (though excluded from compatible browsers :) ), so not able to figure out the solution.

Try adding following properties to header bottom
#header_bottom {
*display:block; //for IE7
Drop me mail through profile page if any further query.

Thanks, Tansh

Hey I tried this but it doesn’t fix anything. It’s actually the inner ” ” and the three sections of content that is moving, the header_bottom stays put. I added the HazLayout fix and that didn’t work either as ie7 sometimes has problems with the zoom CSS function. I’ll E-mail you now.

I fixed the previous problems however on your demo and on my site, the slideshow sometime loads all the slides in a row before loading the animations. (you can see all slides in a straight line down the page) It takes 10-20 seconds to load the animations.

This only happens once every few page loads which is weird but it happens in all browsers. If you try the demo and refresh the page you will see the slideshow not loading.


’’#slider” (in ‘nivo-slider.css’) is updated, it works in the normal way.

You may check it in demo. Sending you updates through mail. Updating template on themeforest too, but it will take time to get approved.

Thanks, Tansh

Thanks for your E-mail Response, It fixed it! I appreciate your expedience and good service. Thanks again!

Hey! Great job on the theme. I have built my site however am having an issue with the appointment page. I keep getting empty emails so I guess the form is being sent unfilled somehow? Do you recommend any type of easy-install captcha that I can include near the submit button? My guess is maybe this is happening kind of like spam? (just so you know when the form is filled out it works perfect, the problem is only that it is also allowing messages to be sent to my inbox that have no form content.) If some of the fields are required how is this happening? Thanks!


Validation should avoid blank mail (if any field with validation attached). Drop me your link through profile page, will have a look.

Thanks, Tansh

Hi Tansh

Frist of all great template. It was very clean and easy to get back into html. I just have a question about the blog page. Did you code it with a certain CMS in mind or is it really just a visual template? I did not plan for the blog section initially and look at the moment for an easy solution for others to post. Any pointers would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Hello kindlecreative,

Glad you liked the template. At moment blog page is just a visual template. Just provided the styles / layout if somebody plans to use template with any CMS .

Thanks, Tansh

hello i recently purchased your theme and everything is working fine except for the responsive navigation, it does not resize to fit mobile like the demo. Is there any way you can help me with this?


Drop me your link through profile page.


Kind of crappy. I was searching Wordpress templates and this template pulls in the search query. I assumed because it pulled in the search query it was Wordpress friendly.

Needless to say I bought it and now realize after reading through these comments, I cannot use it because it is not Wordpress compatible. It should be well noted that this is NOT a Wordpress template. $15 down the drain…sigh.

Hello petemig,

Unfortunate for you. Template is placed under site template category, not a wordpress, still I’ve already mentioned that it is “Responsive HTML / CSS template” in features.

For someone who is fairly new to Theme Forest, it was not obvious whatsoever. I did a search, 99% of the results were Wordpress themes, and your was displayed along with them. There is nothing stating it is not a Wordpress theme and after reading through the comments, I am not the only one this has happened to.

While you do state it is a “Responsive HTML / CSS template”, I assumed it meant the Wordpress theme was simply written in HTML and CSS . Nowhere did it state it, in a sea of Wordpress results, that your template was NOT Wordpress friendly.

So yah, “unfortunate for me” I guess. God forbid anyone understands how easily this can be overlooked. Live and learn, shoulda known no one would understand and offer a refund for the template I cannot use.

Don’t spend my $15 all in one place. Maybe you can take it and find the time to simply list under your “features” that your template is not built for Wordpress. How hard would that be? If you did that, you wouldn’t be able to take peoples cash like you did mine and I and the others who overlooked this detail. We wouldn’t want that to happen now would we…

petemig, to my knowledge the template authors are not responsible for transactions on this site and in no way can issue you a refund. I’m pretty sure its in the terms when you signed up but i could be wrong. I understand your new to this but reading a little extra when you sign up / search a site BEFORE spending hard-earned cash will go a long way. Try contacting an site admin you might have better luck rather than attacking the author. Good luck!

Wow, just read that this wasn’t a Wordpress theme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks petemig missed that until I read your comment.

How do I get rid of the captions on the main slider image? I thought I deleted the correct thing, but there is still a small black box on the bottom left.

Hi, remove title of slider images. Thanks.

Hi Great theme!

I have been testing the template on my mobile device and ipad and the site re-sizes to the screen but has a padding or buffer on the right. It does not display the full width of the screen.

Can you please have a look at this and let me know if your experiencing the same problem.


Will take a look and let you know.


Hi, it is because of social counts in footer :)

Some bigger div (like ‘eight columns’) assigned to social solves the problem.

Changes in style.css are as follows:

1. Replace css for social_buttons with following

/*----- social buttons -----*/
.social_buttons li {
    margin-bottom: 10px;
    background: none;
    list-style-type: none;
    display: block;

2. Add following in media query for ipad (section no. 3.1)

#footer_bottom {
 padding: 15px 0 !important;

Will update main download file for this, but it will take some time. Meanwhile you may drop me mail through profile page if you need updates earlier. Thanks.

Thanks for the quick replay, I will make the changes to the style sheet.

I have a really dumb question…how do I change the validation for the phone number field on the book an appointment page? Currently, if someone enters a phone number with dashes or ( ), the form will not submit. I’ve tried getting rid of the validation for this field but have had no luck. Thanks!


Remover – class=”number” – given to the phone input field (in HTML). This will remove validation. Thanks.

Hello, Sorry for beginner question, How can I cahnge the Blog? I type each time or some blog application is using?

I’m not a programmer but I want to make my salon home page in your design. Thanks Naoko

Hi Naoko, as it is a HTML template, you have to write posts by hand each time, by copying HTML for post. Drop me mail through my profile page if any further query. Thanks.

Hi, Many thanks your quick reply, I understood that I have to write every time my blogs. Thanks!