Olympus - HTML Social Network Toolkit

Olympus - HTML Social Network Toolkit

Wordpress Version

Developer update Now with blog posts! 41 HTML files + The Best Features Complete Socials Elements SVG Iconography Included 2 Pages Design: Profile + Fav Carefully Created and Well Documented Code Music Player Included Weather Widget and Dashboard Calender and Events Section Shortcodes Page Added Statistics and Analytics Carefully Designed Widgets Messages and Chat Elements Full Mobile Version App Functional Popup Window Forum layouts and standard header + footer Please Rate It

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Update 03.12.2018

-added pre-loader feature for pages
-added search to the corporate pages header
-added search to the corporate pages header
-added sticky header functionality for mobile
-improved header background styles for Company Home page
-fixed  responsive issues for player
-fixed  login form label
-fixed missing files that are referenced
-fixed mobile scroll lags

Update April 26, 2018 

Update from February 6, 2018
- Migration to Bootstrap 4 final 
Full changelog can be found by this link https://crumina.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000505392

Update from December 6, 2017
- Migration from Bootstrap 4.0 beta to Bootstrap 4.0 beta 2;
- Reorganization of the GULP streaming build system:
-- the project is divided into 2 branches;
-- usage of Handlebars for partials;
-- minimization and concatenation of JS and CSS files;
---vendor CSS prefixes;
-- images optimization;
-- SVG optimization;
-- HTML validatorAdded custom input type = "number" 
-Added custom input type="number";
-Author avatar on IE11 (pages 12-15) - bug fixed, fixed small bugs, etc.
More extensive changelog is here https://crumina.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002909872--6-December-2017-Developer-Edition-Update

Update from October 20, 2017
- Added new company layouts
- Added form validation rules
- Fixed bug with user name and avatar
- Fixed author avatar in header
- Fixed notification dropdowns on hover
- Added file upload button in contact form 
- Added icons reference

Update from September 25, 2017
- Migration to Bootstrap-4.0.0-beta
- Added sticky header function
- Updated documentation

Update from August 17, 2017
- Fixed user name in profile section if the name is too long
- Fixed text distance in the form input fields
- Added tooltip on the camera icon
- Fixed calendar widget
- Fixed jumping effect while switching tabs
- Added chat window as in Facebook
- Fixed animation in textarea
- Fixed popup window v2
- Added single post and blog pages

Update from July 6, 2017
- fixed profile menu display on mobile devices
- fixed bug with double open of the header photo popup
- fixed scroll issue of the notification boxes on mobile devices
- fixed post-additional-info buttons and elements positioning on mobile resolutions
- fixed form inputs animation on page load
- fixed horizontal page scroll on IE EDGE
- fixed height issue in select elements
- added small styling fixes in responsive mode
- added standard header and footer
- added buddypress forum layout
- updated documentation

Update from May 31, 2017
- Fixed element height in Widget form dropdown
- Fixed post buttons on mobile resolutions
- Improved background animation load on CPU
- Added tooltip for left menu when collapsed
- Added scrollbar to notification boxes

Update from May 22, 2017,
- Added new feature - Profile settings display on responsive view
- CSS improvements in badges elements
- Added new feature - horizontal tabs for login/registration form on mobile resolutions

Update from May, 17, 2017
- Fixed content paddings on smaller resolutions
- Fixed datapicker

Update from May 12, 2017
-Added ability to have multi-level menu
-Replaced script for scroll
-Reworked and updated Bootstrap styles
-Updated documentation
-Style bug fixes

Update from May 10, 2017
- Fixed responsive breakpoints
- Changed modal windows to native bootstrap script
- Style bugs fixed

Update from May 8, 2017
- Added full responsive version