Discussion on OM - A stylish blogging theme for WordPress

Discussion on OM - A stylish blogging theme for WordPress

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Hi whats the best slideshow plugin to use with OM for a photography portfolio with this theme?

Hi there,

We do not have special support included for any slider in OM, although OM is supposed to work fine with any reputable slider plugin which has slider widgets or blocks to apply on pages.

Hope this helps :)

An auto update for Stag tools gave my site a critical error, Brining my traffic from over 400 visitors in a day to 0!!! Developer informed me it was this plugin which caused issue.

Hi there @mrcanning,

We had pushed an update the very next day with a patch for the same, you could always reinstall it if you’re having issues updating it.

Let us know if you have any problems doing so, we would be happy to help :)

I believe I tried to update some two days later. I downloaded the plugin nd manually updated with the same result. I cannot understand why it forced Google to derank my site. My traffic went to “0” for almost a day until it was fixed. I already had a major issue with my migration that saw my traffic drop by 60%. Then this sub par plugin update does even more damage to my sites reputation. Now you want me to update again and risk it again? Pay a developer again if it happens again? You shouldn’t be releasing plugins with bugs, that is the issue.

Sorry to hear that @mrcanning,

That must have happened due to some other reason, we didn’t have any other customer reporting any such issues but yes there was a bug that has been fixed. In our past two updates 2.3.4 and 2.3.5 there were only two minor improvements, first is the removal of a deprecated code from the JQuery library and the second one is a typo fix at Instagram widget.

Also you can always contact us if you’re having any such issues at https://codestag.com/support

Hope this helps :)

Thanks for your theme!

Glad you like it!

Hi, I purchased supported but it won’t allow me to login to the support page. The login page just refreshes?

Forget it, I reset the password (which I had just setup) and it worked. I have asked for support there, thanks.

Glad it worked out!

Hello, is this theme woocommerce compatible? And has it been tested on the new wordpress version?

Hi there,

No, we haven’t tested the theme with WooCommerce. And yes, it works fine up to current version.


How do we add or change an icon for Stag Tools Social? For example, how to add Reddit (since individual users can now have their own page like Facebook https://reddit.com/user/teresalo/). I was thinking since Google Plus is done, I could just put the link in there, but need instructions as to how to change the icon/image.

Thank you for your help.

Wow! Can you make a record template without a sidebar, just a record in the center?

Why duplicate? Without the blog page to the posts on the main was?

Hello again,

What you see on homepage is actually a widget, not the actual blog page. The See more button simply leads you to the blog page where you can see all the posts.

Thank you! It would be more logical to do ajax loading of records instead of “SEE ALL POSTS”.

Hi, I currently have been using this theme, purchased by my company and the option to change the header has completely been removed from Wordpress. Its not possible to add it to menus either. I have taken over the site from someone else so unsure why its disappeared from theme customisation.

Hi there,

That doesn’t sound possible unless someone tinkered with the site.

Please contact our support with licensing details handy so our team can help you out efficiently. Thanks.

Hi, I love this theme. I’m wondering if it’s possible for the blog posts to be customized so the image is behind the text and encompasses the full width of the page in the same way that the ink and blink theme do. Is this possible with this theme?

Does this theme support post formats?


No, it doesn’t offers post formats. Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks.

Hi – is there a way to adjust the size of the intro text?


We’ve received your ticket at our support and replied to the same.

Hi there, I want to use the custom widget area to customise my homepage but the panel is not showing up on the widgets page?

Resolved: Hadn’t activated Stag Custom sidebars!

Hello, I just bought the theme and have some questions. I register with support, it asks me to add theme license, I add. I click submit ticket and it asks me to choose license, the license is not there. I reconnect to evato, do everything again and same result? I have two questions. Can I embed “stagtools” social icons on homepage if it is latest posts and not static? Also I do not have “custom widget area” in appearance – widgets? It is not there at all? Thanks.

Hi there,

We’re receiving some reports for delayed listing of theme purchases from Envato API and already looking into it. Generally, it’s available there within 3-6 hours of purchase.

Check again and you should see the theme listed there, please submit a ticket there and one of our team members would love to help you out.

To quickly answers your questions as well: 1. Yes, head to Settings > StagTools > Social and grab the shortcode from the top right corner on that page. And insert it within any post and it should work. 2. Custom Widget area requires Stag Custom Sidebars plugin. Make sure you have it installed and activated. Once done, head to Appearance > Widgets and you’ll see the right settings.


Hey! I updated wordpress, and the theme is no longer letting my media library load in new posts. Any chance of the theme being updated in the future?

Hi there,

There is no such known issues with Om and its compatible with current version of WordPress. It might be a conflict with any 3rd party plugin throwing any errors.

Please create a ticket at our support site and we’ll be glad to take a look at it.



Need a piece of information before buying.

Does this theme support load more posts function in the blog page (front page) and in the category pages?


Hey there, unfortunately not, these pages come with traditional pagination: https://cl.ly/k8PY

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with, happy to answer any questions


Any change log for the update?


Sure, it can be viewed here – http://demo.codestag.com/om/wp-content/themes/om/src/changelog.txt

The same link can be found at the end of the theme description. Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks.

cool, thanks!

Nice work! I wanna get this. Just before getting this, I wanna ask you. I will have use this for our team magazine site. We have some editors who post articles in the site. In this case can we have author pages for each of editors?? and can we embed the link(to the author page) in author name on a post ??

Hi there.

Author pages are automatically generated and show up like this: http://demo.codestag.com/om/author/john/

Every author who has written at least one post gets an author page. Regarding the author’s page link inside the posts, you may use any of the numerous plugins out there who serve this purpose, or even hard-link it at each post.

Hope this helps!

Let me know if there is anything else I can assist with.



Hi there,

Great theme. Really would like to use it. However, I have a presales question: Does this theme come with the next homepage grid: a sidebar (including popular posts, social buttons and advertising space) with 2 blog columns? Do you have a example of how this looks like?

Thanks in advance!

Regards, Heino (newbie)

yes, I mean the pages where a list of posts is shown. Front page and category pages for example.


okay, thank you!

Let me know if you have any further questions, happy to help.


Hi, would AdSense play nice with OM?

Could you show me a link to a single post page with a sidebar? Thanks!

Hey there!

Here’s a screenshot of how it looks: http://f.codest.ag/mXYz

Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks.


No offense but the response on the support page take a long time! It’s quiet irritating! I’ve already posted this on support!! The Google Maps shortcode is not working. The map does not load on the page. Apparently they require and API now (which I got) but there is no field to add my API in the stagtools settings.

Hi Steve, sorry for the delay, I appreciate the patience. We are working on this and aim to push an update soon.

In a world of everyday changing technologies we make our best to stay in sync. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

cheers John


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