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I am not familiar with opencart,but this is really nice theme!,in few weeks i will be opening a website that has to do with car auto parts,i will have a look at open cart,and maybe will use your theme if it fits my needs!, Really clean theme,good job!.

Opencart is very easy to use and with Omart it is very Super easy to setup online store. You can put it online without any coding knowledge if you use Omart.

Really liking this theme, awesome work dude!

Thanks again Vicky

Hi guys, Great theme. There is an error on your FEATURES – CONTENT RIGHT LAYOUT – Otherwise solid performance. Well done.

That has been resolved.

Updated package released.

Great theme! :) Congrats!!!!

Thanks mate.

Hi there,

Just wondering if there is any tim.thumb script used? As I had many issues with this script in the past.


We haven’t used any tim.thumb script in Template.

All Thumb and image processing are provided by Opencart.

So you are advised to use our theme.

i want to get the theme access to admin

Hi Sorry but we do not have mechanism for that. Would you like to see some admin screen instead.

Great theme! Good luck :)

Are there plans to make this compatible with OpenCart 1.5.6?

1.5.6 has some issues and we are still working to bring out stable version of Omart. We will let you know once its done. You should be ok with opencart 1.5.5 version.

Inside the package with have Quick start and Omart theme. The Omart theme works with 1.5.6 but in quick start we have given OC 1.5.5 So we will create new package with has 1.5.5 and 1.5.6 quick start versions.

I am confused by your comment above – is this theme currently stable with 1.5.6 or not?

Yes it is stable. The theme itself has 1.5.6 quick start package. Are you doing fresh install of 1.5.6 or are you upgrading from older version?

I would be using a fresh install, thanks!

Please purchase our product and experience the clean and minimal design.

Can the accept cookie yes/no feature be turned off?

yes you can have this option from admin panel.

Hi there.

I get these error: vqmod/vqcache/vq2-catalog_controller_module_category.php on line 69

Can you help me.

Can you please share site url?


I just installed the theme and I cannot access to omart configuration.

It suppose that I need to go to user group en select all option for admin user but catalog/omart doesn t appear on the list.

Could you help me please, i don t understand what happens

Thank you


For using full width layout and other layout you have to set information page’s link like this


You must have to set this from your template file

information_id=11 this is your created information page’s id.

same way you can use other layout.

For Your Slider issues

I need your admin panel username and password for Testing.

For Omart configuration menu.

if you are installed theme instead of Quick start Package. There is a admin directory in OMart_Theme.Zip file. You must have to upload at your root directory. after uploading admin directory you can find catalog/omart from user group permission.


for the slider error, it’s due to valor empty in Slideshow timeout input

when there is no value an error appear.

now everythings ok.

it’s very confuse at the beginning but now I have understood.

Thank’s again

if you like our support please rate Omart.

Hello again,

How do i to use the full width template for information catalog.

When I create a new design using the path information/information_full_width , is not working.

can you help me please


For using full width layout and other layout you have to set information page’s link like this


You must have to set this from your template file

information_id=11 this is your created information page’s id.

same way you can use other layout.


ok, but you have this in footer.tpl :

<?php foreach ($informations as $information) { ?>

  • <?php echo $information[‘title’]; ?>
  • <?php } ?>

    so, how to put the information_full_width there ???


    If You want to use information_full_width layout in footer,you need to add information pages as Header Menu.

    For Implementing information_full_width in footer remove that ”<?php foreach ” Block from footer and modify as Header Menu.



    Como instalastes el tema en español?

    as you installed the theme in Spanish?

    we have provided Language support but the content is in English only, since you will be adding your own products.


    I would like to have my shop in RED but don’t want able to user to change the color.

    how do i fix on the template ??


    just go to “catalog\view\theme\OMart\template\common” and open header.php file and add css link like this.

    <link href=”catalog/view/theme/OMart/stylesheet/mj-slategray.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”>

    just change css file name of different color you want.

    For Example <link href=”catalog/view/theme/OMart/stylesheet/mj-red.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”>


    can the width of this template be altered? regards

    yes you can with minor modification in CSS

    Hello ! I am trying buy your theme two days ) and still cant get purchase, i dont have paypal! and making order via visa card and when i put my date visa and etc it take 1 dolar and then nothing do ! only take one dolar :( visa card have with 50$ :( every trying order it take one dollar from my visa :(. please anybody help me

    Still this problem ! there is not helpful info ! how purchase :( ?

    I can not do much since we love working here on themeforest and we adhere to their system. You can check this link here: http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/217

    You can contact envato with payment issue

    Is this Theme with Mobile FrameWork? I am new to OpenCart and looking to buy (elegant looking) responsive theme with mobile framework (separate not same display as large screen; m.yourdomain.com) and all features for Jewelry store/ and another one for Collectibles. Please recommend me the right theme for OpenCart v1.5.6 with vqmod.

    yes it does come with responsive design frameworks so you do not need seperate mobile framework. Also you do not need to set seperate domain like m.yourdomain.com It will detect mobile browser access and will show mobile fiendly version. Omart will fulfill your requirements.

    This theme is it effective and enough to Seo? What features are available and extra features for Seo? Is there a feature rich snippets ? Turkish compatible?


    Yes omart is very effective to seo,For each and every products and category have their own “Meta Tag Description” and “Meta Tag Keywords” fields so its very easy for seo.

    also theme has a option of “Use SEO URL” or not.

    right now we have not provided turkish translation but you can do the translation and we will help you add language file.