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Great theme! Couple of questions:

What modules am I supposed to add in this installation line: “NOTE-3: Please Add modules in Content Left and Content Right Layout”?

Also, I am unable to access the Omart configuration page, and I’m not able to find “catalog/OMart file” permission in the “System ? Users ? User Groups ? Top Administrator”. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Help?


you might made mistake in Step 9.

Step 9: in “OMart_Package.zip” there is “admin” directory,this directory has files of omart configuration menu so you have to upload this “admin” directory at you root directory of omart.

if still you have issue with “OMart Configuration” then please send us your FTP and Admin Panel Credential.


I did that with no luck. I’ll send you my ftp info. Thank you for your help.

Thanks for your help, btw! Great theme!

Please explain how can I disable cloud zoom on the product page and can use basic popup (opencart’s) image zoom option ?

Hi ibneanwar,

What I mean was third party plugin.

As per documentation we used cloud zoom plugin, you can find this plug in from OpenCart’s official site http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension/info&extension_id=4455&filter_search=Zoom%20Magnifier&filter_license=0 if you have problem with disabling cloud zoom just find these lines "<?php if ($thumb) { ?> <div class="product_image"> <div id="productMainImage" class="centeredContent back"> <a href="<?php echo $popup; ?>" title="<?php echo $heading_title; ?>" class="cloud-zoom" id="zoom1" rel="adjustX: 10, adjustY:-1, zoomWidth:360"> <img src="<?php echo $thumb; ?>" title="<?php echo $heading_title; ?>" alt="<?php echo $heading_title; ?>" id="image" /></a> </div> </div> <?php } ?>" from "\catalog\view\theme\OMart\template\product\product.tpl" and REPLACE with these lines " <?php if ($thumb) { ?> <div class="image"><a href="<?php echo $popup; ?>" title="<?php echo $heading_title; ?>" class="colorbox"><img src="<?php echo $thumb; ?>" title="<?php echo $heading_title; ?>" alt="<?php echo $heading_title; ?>" id="image" /></a></div> <?php } ?>"


Let us know if you still face issue.

It fixed the issue, thank you!

Hi, I have same issue of sarbanharble: cannot access OMart configuration page and cannot find catalog/OMart in System->Users->User Groups->Edit Top Administrator. Follow is what I did: - installed opencart 1.5.6 using the original script; - uploaded OMart Directory to /catalog/view/theme/ via FTP (step3); - made OMart as a default theme from System->Settings->Store (step 4); - copied the content of “Modules” in root directory, without overwriting the existing one (folders “admin” and “catalog” were already there of course) (step 6); - installed the Vqmod, installation successfully; - NOTE-1 After installing Plugins, don’t forget to add theme: what does that mean? Where do I need to add theme? What theme?; - followed NOTES 2 and 3; - uploaded OMart.xml in right folder; - step 9: Find ‘admin’ directory and upload at root via FTP for enabling admin panel theme option. Isn’t it same procedure as per step 6? I found “admin” folder in Modules folder only, which I already processed in step 6; - imported the sql file in the database.

Any help? Thanks

I got another issue: with vqmod and your admin/index.php file I cannot access the “view order detail” from the dashboard order table, an error occurs:

Fatal error: Call to a member function modCheck() on a non-object in public_html/site/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_engine_controller.php on line 56

I removed vqmod and replace your admin/index.php file with the Opencart original one and it worked. How to fix?


to solve definitively the above issue, just upgrade vqmod to version 2.4.1 in your theme package


Where is “Get in touch” modules on admin panel? I cant find it. Twitter Modules setting page?


“Get in touch” is not a module its a part of footer. you can change “Get in touch” information from Admin Panel’s “OMart Configuration” Menu.

Also Twitter is not Module. if you want to change it you have to Edit core file. you can change twitter module by editing ”\catalog\view\theme\OMart\template\common\home.tpl” file

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/tacpromo/public_html/demo/system/library/cart.php on line 43

what is this error?

you might have missed any step of OMart installation.

Please download our latest updated package and install it according to installation instructions.

Let us know if you still have this issue.

i was change my language english. problem solved. but, ? want to work on turkish language. how?


I’m having an error of ‘undefined variable: store in vqmod/vqcache/vq2-catalog_view_theme_OMart_template_common_header.tpl’ and one for ‘search’ in the search bar. I’m on opencart 1.5.4.

I also can’t find how to list products on the front page like your demo. Whenever I use the featured module it lists products in the default feature module instead of yours. Is there a solution for this as well?

Hello, For First issue we need your FTP and OMart Admin Panel’s Credential. There are three category at Home page 1)Latest:This listing comes automatically when ever you add any product latest added product comes in Latest category you dont need to do any thing 2)Special:This Listing also comes automatically when ever you make any product special it will display in this category 3)Featured:For This Listing we used Featured Module.


I completed the quick install, however I cannot get the ya slider to show up. Did I miss something in the documentation. It all shows enabled

Please Email us your OMart Admin panel’s credential.

Hi, great theme.

I’m developing an e-commerce website without using any CMS, so Is it possible to buy a normal HTML version of this theme?

thank you

Sorry to disappoint but we do not have HTML version.

I sent you private email. sen me answer please. question1 : how to change top menu to turkish language and where is menu add settings page.? thanks

Hi; mainpage product images set 80×80 . I have not change this settings from admin panel. I changed this setting but not change. where is other settings files?

This is an enquiry email via http://www.mojoomla.com/ from: jhon <contato@sexomusic.net>

hello good afternoon bought this template http://themeforest.net/item/omart-mobile-ready-opencart-theme/5492569 of you via ThemeForest, however has an error in the product description as follow photo sample error (http://imageshack. us/photo/my-images/707/rul7.png /), need help to fix this, thanks

Visit profile page and send us FTP and admin details.

Where do I send the data access, I can not put here. thank you

Visit profile page and email us

Regarding the latest products in your footer area, where do you get the product’s data? With print_r function on $products array, it prints the array without price, the array item I need. Please let me know the file where data are extracted.


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I have already done it

Hi, can i use pav-blog module with this theme and some seo xml(vqmod) are will this get a conflict.

Thanks marco

You can use any module and seo xml in OMart Template which compatible with Open cart 1.5.5 and 1.5.6.

if you will have any issue we are happy to help you.


9. Find ‘OMart_config.sql’ file and import it in your OpenCart database

How do I import the sql file in OpenCart database? Can you help me

Please login in your database server and select omart’s database which you given at omart installation time. After selecting your database there is menu named “Import” from here you can import OMart_config.sql file.

I want to buy this item.. I see the demo and if i want to buy something, i can’t see the chart basket. where is the chart basket? thank you..

if i delete some language i have notice like this.

“notice: undefined variable: child in /home/alkeshar/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-catalog_controller_module_category.php on line 69”

how to fixed this?

all fixed.. thank you..

That’s good.

is this theme based on bootstrap 3.0?

hello… how to change the navigation menu bar?

thank you.. :)


Just Remove below code block from ”\catalog\view\theme\OMart\template\common\header.tpl” file "<?php $color='#4B5668'; $a='slategray'; if (isset($_REQUEST['clr'])) { $themecolor = $_REQUEST['clr']; $_SESSION['themecolor'] = $themecolor; } if (isset($_SESSION['themecolor'])){ $a= $_SESSION['themecolor']; $color; if($a=='blue') { $color='#3692CA'; } else if($a=='cyan') { $color='#008080'; } else if($a=='brawn') { $color='#322416'; } else if($a=='green') { $color='#509B00'; } else if($a=='navyblue') { $color='#23054F'; } else if($a=='red') { $color='#A52223'; } else if($a=='slategray') { $color='#4B5668'; } ?> <link href="catalog/view/theme/OMart/stylesheet/mj-<?php echo $a; ?>.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"> <?php } else {?> <link href="catalog/view/theme/OMart/stylesheet/mj-slategray.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"> <?php } ?>" and simply add <link href="catalog/view/theme/OMart/stylesheet/mj-red.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">


thank you….

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Hi, couple of questions;

I am gonna use only 1 language on site, but when I add new category, it requires me to fill all the language input. How can I remove other languages from homepage to be shown as an option and also from admin panel on category page.

How can I display my categories on main menu? as it currently displays info, contact page and all

How can I remove accept cookies pop-up?



Below code block is for displaying Category in header.tpl file "<li id="store"><a href="#"><?php echo $txt_menu_store; ?></a> <ul class="nav-child unstyled1"> <?php foreach ($categories as $category) { ?> <?php $category['children'] ?> <li class="submenu"><a href="<?php echo $category['href']; ?>"><?php echo $category['name']; ?></a> <?php if ($category['children']) { ?> <?php for ($i = 0; $i < count($category['children']);) { ?> <ul class="nav-child unstyled2"> <?php $j = $i + ceil(count($category['children']) / $category['column']); ?> <?php for (; $i < $j; $i++) { ?> <?php if (isset($category['children'][$i])) { ?> <li><a href="<?php echo $category['children'][$i]['href']; ?>"><?php echo $category['children'][$i]['name']; ?></a></li> <?php } ?> <?php } ?> </ul> <?php } ?> <?php } ?> </li> <?php } ?> </ul> </li>" Thanks.

all the languages are set to disabled except the one I am using. but still when I try to insert a new product it requires me to insert a product name for all languages.

how to solve it?


You have to delete other Languages. deleting other languages will resolved your issue.



I changed color to red via editing common/header.tpl as u said up there.But now, id=”mj-topbar” color changes to white after scroll down but not returns to red when sroll up back to top position. How to fix this ?

And it is not readable as white ! It should stay at red, that will be better.

fixed after adding this line <?php $color=’#A52223’; ?> to ”\catalog\view\theme\OMart\template\common\header.tpl” before $(function() { $(window).scroll(function() { }); </script>

if($(this).scrollTop() > 25)
                $("#mj-topbar").css('background-color', '<?php echo $color; ?>');
                $("#mj-topbar").css('background-image','url("<?php echo $base; ?>catalog/view/theme/OMart/image/topbar-bg.png") repeat scroll 0 0 transparent');
                $("#mj-topbar a").css('color', '#FFFFFF');
                $("#mj-topbar div").css('color', '#FFFFFF');
                $("#mj-topbar li").css('background', 'url("<?php echo $base; ?>catalog/view/theme/OMart/image/topbar-arrow-white.png") no-repeat scroll right center transparent');
                $("#mj-topbar li:last-child").css('background', 'none');
                $("#mj-topbar").css('background','url("<?php echo $base; ?>catalog/view/theme/OMart/image/topbar-bg.png") repeat scroll 0 0 transparent');
                $("#mj-topbar a").css('color', '<?php echo $color; ?>');
                $("#mj-topbar div").css('color', '<?php echo $color; ?>');
                $("#mj-topbar li").css('background', 'url("<?php echo $base; ?>catalog/view/theme/OMart/image/<?php echo $a; ?>-arrow.png") no-repeat scroll right center transparent');
                $("#mj-topbar li:last-child").css('background', 'none');
if($(this).scrollTop() > 400) {
} else {
$('#backtotop').click(function() {

hello… I see the image product size in home is 80×80.. i want to change into 150×150.. how to change it? thank you.. :)

thank you.. one more… how to remove cookie policy?

it can’t change.. i use modul-> latest for change the image.

one more.. how to remove cookie policy?

1)If you want to change size of Footer’s “Latest” Please go to ”\catalog\view\theme\OMart\template\common\footer.tpl” file and edit below line " <a href="<?php echo $menu['href']; ?>"><img src="<?php echo $menu['thumb']; ?>" alt="<?php echo $menu['name']; ?>" title=" <?php echo $menu['name']; ?> " width="67" height="80" /></a>"

2)Please Open ”\catalog\view\theme\OMart\template\common\header.tpl” file and remove below lines from this file "<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="catalog/view/theme/default/stylesheet/cookie.css" /> <script type="text/javascript" src="catalog/view/javascript/support-opt-in.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="catalog/view/javascript/require-opt-in.js"></script>"