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hi i want to buy but i need to know how look the admin panel of this theam or it’s same like defult??


Hi, Mostly it is Opencart default and one that we have developed, can be seen on this image: http://www.mojoomla.com/demo/opencart/omart/themeforest/13_omart_admin.png

hi i buy and it’s full make error u can see at http://demo2.oversite.co.il/

Visit profile page and email us FTP and admin details. We will check it.

Hi, I have these issues:

- dont know what image sizes have to set in store settings - broken product page, take a look here http://www.bmwtech.sk/produkt-1.html - broken characters in default font – I need to change font to arial

How can I replace theme horisontal menu with default categories horistontal menu ?

Please let me know. Thanks.


1)You can change product image size from admin pane System->Settings->Image-> Additional Product Image Size

2)For Change Header Menu You have to edit ”\catalog\view\theme\default\template\common\header.tpl”

Hi, OK but there is still problem with broken product page. Elements are not at right positions. I mean horisontal lines over text.

That issue occurred because you have defined this css some where else. p\Please find this css and remove it

“product-info, .product-info .options { overflow: visible !important; }”


HI, Nice work very good indeed i have one question before buying can i have the demo in spanish ready i have a project to do for a store and it need to be in spanish. thx and again very nicely done

OMart already available in Spanish Language please check demo link

Hello Admin

I have a problem on my website. I want to change my Meta Title for internal pages. But this is not possible. Their is only Title tag in Header. If I change the title then it change products title on the website. I want to update my Meta Title and their is no option for Meta title. So please help me so that I can update SEO friendly Meta Title on the website without changing products title. My website cms is opencart.

Thank you

Open cart Only Provides Meta Tag Description and Meta tag Keywords with product and Category. So from opencart admin you can set this.

Yes I can change Meta description and Meta Keywords but the thing is I want to add Meta Title tag in source. Webpage title is a different thing and if I change title then it creates an issue. By changing title it change the website onpage title, which is not a good thing. That’s why I want to use meta title. so please guide me.

Thank You

Opencart doesn’t provide such type of functionality like meta title.

So we cant do anything in this case.

You can try Opencart Extensions if available for different meta title for different pages .

Is this template compatible with the new opencart version uses mysqli?

Ok i have a small problem I m trying to change the the main nav menu just to replace with categories and I cant find where to change it or create more buttons on the nav. Please help me to find the right code page or settings.

Also i need to set the vat tax to 21%


Visit profile page and send us FTP and admin details.

I send thru your profile page all the data is still giving me the same error especially when i m trying to enter in the wishing list or my account

ok i fix it

How do I center my items in yaslider , My graphics are not centered. I can sent you a screen shot

please visit profile page and email us screenshot.

Please follow this link to see a screen shot: http://closetexclusive.com/error.html

Please reduce size of image from yaslider module.

I have two issues i want to address:

1. I want to remove some steps from the checkout . The final goal here is to make the first Step 1: Checkout Options default the Guest Checkout option and remove the register account and then remove some of the other steps. I have found the code for the checkout in the checkout.tpl. What i cannot find is the location of the html in the div class=”checkout” where for every step in the checkout process we have div class=”checkout-content”.

2. I have used a custom php script created for opencart for the purpose of extracting the products in my store in an xml format and then reimporting them in another store other that opencart. The script work fine the problem is that i get a different price for the products than the price displayed in my store . I get the same currency but different values.

Thank you


1. In ”\catalog\view\theme\OMart\template\checkout\” Directory you can find other files like login.tpl,register.tpl file. contents in “checkout-content” class comes from that files

2.May be you forgot to set that currency’s initial value?

I using template omart .one of my menu selection is not working . it works fine in browser, but does not work on hand held. menu selection :”Advance Your Faith” webset: www.closetexclusive.com


Menu “Advance Your Faith” working properly. When you select this menu page it redirects to “https://closetexclusive.com/index.php?route=module/blog” but because of responsive design issue of this page its content not display. so you have to work on responsive design of this page.


What is “responsive design”? I used your template to creat the menu selection.

The theme is responsive but you have used third party extensions for blog which is not mobile friendly without proper integration with current theme and that is why you are facing this issue.

how to edit horizoltal menu? forum support? how to insert a content in content right? please support me now!

sorry, i have stop my project, i have wait next version then i’ll continue. tks. i hope to have update version in the shortest time. Everything easy in layout admin without edit code tpl file in Omart theme as “edit menu” or “twiter option”... custom layout with two sidebars for product page and another page (contact, about us,..) like homepage? This beutiful in design theme but it have alot error and hard for use.

Have updated the package recently. Please check it.

oh tks very much.

Hey , I would like to change the images in the slider on the home page to have different images other then product images and prices. However so when i do this the theme become non responsive. I do not want to put product on the banner i want to do promotions on it such as 70% off with stock images.

I have used the opencart default slider, but this is not compatible with your omart template.

Can you tell me how to do this?

I think the best way to do is you modify the slider for responsiveness.

Existing yaSlider module don’t have such type of functionality.

For Promotion images you can use banner. We are planning to extend slideshow feature in next couple of weeks.

Yes i understand that but Banners do not fit well when working with the responsive theme. This is a big problem and I cant promote any thing like events or group deals

I understand that in this theme we can place a product in the banner. In the banner you have 3 place holders the Image of product, the description and then price. Can u give a module where all 3 places holders are there but the user can upload whatever he or she wants in them.


i want add mini cart in header. please help me, what i do.

Sorry, you can’t add any Extension directly to header. You can add mini cart extension below menu in any page because top to menu is a part of header.

Hello I bought this and I have several problems, when I ask to reset the password I get an error, I can not edit the menu and change the names and when I make a purchase also gives me another error .. how can I do to help me solve these problems.

1)Visit profile page and email us screenshot of an error when you change password

2)You can edit menu from ”\catalog\view\theme\OMart\template\common\header.tpl” file.

3)Please give us screenshot of an error when you try to Purchase.

My page is this http://autoparteslaguayanita.com and as I set the module tweet when you buy the theme did not bring me any handbook or anything

You can edit twitter from ”\catalog\view\theme\OMart\template\common\header.tpl” file

Why this happening ?? Notice: Undefined variable: child in /home/admin/artzaad.com/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-catalog_controller_module_category.php on line 67Notice: Undefined variable: child in /home/admin/artzaad.com/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-catalog_controller_module_category.php on line 67Notice: Undefined variable: child in /home/admin/artzaad.com/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-catalog_controller_module_category.php on line 67

Check your Email xml should be there. since it was attached in email.

How can I change the frontpage modules “New” “Special” “Featured”. I want the “Special” to be first.

Please send us your admin and FTP Details

Thank you – Everything working as wanted now :)

Hello I re-ordered the tabs Featured and New, but now I want to make Featured to be the default tab that shows the product when going into the homepage. Is it possible? Thank you

I am not able to verify your purchase.

It was not purchased by me. It was purchased by the company’s previous developer, who resigned. Is it possible to verify the domain?

hello.. this is me again, i want to make my web in localhost but i found this warning.

Warning: domdocument::domdocument() expects parameter 2 to be long, string given in C:\xampp\htdocs\omart1\vqmod\vqmod.php on line 230

what should i do? thank you

hello.. where are you?

Sorry for the delay in response.

Please enable extension=php_domxml.dll from your php.ini file.

You can find php.ini file in you Apache directory.

Hello, I bought this theme some days ago and I have a problem. I already sent email to you (author) but I still didn’t receive any answer. So my problem is if I change language to slovak, site doesn’t show properly.

URL: http://ironwork.royalmedia.sk Can you help me please? Thank you.

Sorry, I read documentation, all works perfect now! :-)

Hi, I have problem- list-style-type: disc; is blocked.

Share your site url