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nice :-) I like the way you add and remove classes, can I use the same method?

Thanks alialaa :) Sure you can use it if you like!

Seems very good!

Cheers Steve :) It’s worth the buy ;)

Nice design and concept! Love it. Love the portfolio section. Downloading it now and hope it is well organized and easy to modify, cos I’m on a VERY tight deadline!

I’ll come back to confirm and to rate 5* if it is really good! Promise! :)

GREAT theme!

This is a great example how a theme must be designed and coded! Already rated it with 5+ stars!

Nice help, extremely nice coding, if you like some of the skins all you need to do is just replacing the logo and content. It is easy to modify the content too. If you delete a section it doesn’t break the whole layout. Many different pages/examples help you to understand which chunk of code fits best your needs. The css uses logical selector names so you are not lost, the HTML is well commented and gives you a clue about which sections you are going to modify. I mean this theme has countless advantages, not only the visual but conceptually it is very well thought. Working with the portfolio is a breeze. You can delete titles, description, switch them, and the layout flow is behaving AWESOMELY . I am soooo HAPPY !

Simply HOT THEME !

This is a bestseller quality!

I extremely recommend this to everyone looking for a great HTML theme! Buy it and you’ll not be disappointed!

Thank you so much for the kind words gaviinternational!

We are glad you found everything simple to use and follow – We put a lot of effort into making it easily customisable.

We hope the theme treats you well with everything you use it for :)

Yes EVERYTHING is GREAT about your theme.

Here is the result: www.popmanufacturing.com

I built this site for the ground up, using your template for less than 6.5 hours.

thank you very much!


any chance of this becoming a wordpress theme?

A few other buyers have also asked this – It is under consideration at the moment :)

I bought your theme a couple months ago and I absolutely love it! Count me in for a vote towards a wordpress theme! :)

Thank you! We appreciate the kind feedback.

We have a WordPress theme being built at the moment, once that’s done we will convert Omega into a WP version as well :)

considering on buying this theme. One question… Does the contact form work?

Hey Viperay, unfortunately the contact form is just there to show you how inputs will look. It does not function.

I know this is probably gonna be a dumb question but how do you get the google map to center on your location? or what part of google site do i go to too register?

Just to clarify you want your address on the map rather than ours?

simply changes the “src” link to your destination:

http://maps.google.com/ – search your location then click the link button on the left, then “Customize and preview embedded map” copy and paste the “src”.

If you have any problems send me an email through my profile and I’ll give you better instructions.

What a great theme

I purchased this about a week ago and just started customizing it a couple days ago.

I have no trouble making changes to these pages to fit my site. I have made a lot of changes to it and have not been able to break it yet. That’s saying something for me !!

Thanks for such good quality – Rated a 5

Thanks for the comment! It’s great to hear the theme is working the way you need it to.

We appreciate your kind feedback!!


Thanks for this theme. Maybe a dumb question but how can I get my twitter in the twitterfeed? Hope you can help me!


Hi Boelie,

Not at all, in your documentation under Javascript you will see a short instruction to do this:

‘To add your own Twitter feeds navigate to the Twitter scripts folder (/scripts/twitter) and open ‘jquery.tweet.js’. Change ‘Envato’ on line 5 to your username. If you would like to change the amount of feeds showing at a time change the settings in the file ’/scripts/custom-js.js’. ‘

I love this template. the one thing i wish it had was a store page. but other than that this is an awesome template. you have a customer for life here. if you could do a store page though that would be sweet.

Thanks James, we appreciate the kind feedback. We’ll take your suggestion on board and see what’s available for future release.

I purchased this theme a few months ago, and I must say this is an excellent theme – plenty of creative options to take and very stylish!

I have been looking into seamlessly inserting a Wordpress powered blog into the “News/Blog” pages and coding this theme across to the Wordpress pages…how it would make life easier if you guys had a Wordpress Omega theme ;)

Anyway, this a great theme – 5 stars all the way!!

Thanks for the feedback CheersUK! We appreciate the kind words.

Hi there. Excellent theme! Is there a way to just have the nivo-slider use fade-in transitions only, no other random effects?

You sure can, there are lots of options for Nivo animations: http://dev7studios.com/nivo-slider/#/documentation

effect: ‘fade’ should do it.

I still love this theme and if you like to get your hands dirty, it’s great fun to work with. My only reservation, is for anybody who has no interest in getting their hands dirty with a bit of code. It (the theme) probably needs a update, as twitter feeds don’t seem to load (due to the depreciation of the Twitter API V1.0), as can been seen with the live preview here. Still a great theme, worth the money, but probably in need of an update to make some of the scripting current.

Great stuff! Good Luck with Sales;

Hello. Excelent theme. It need some update?


Not sure why all the swatches do not work, is there something I have miss? please check my web: www.link-teck.net, thank you so much for your help.