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very nice! Good luck mate!

Thanks Mate :-)

So clean ,Nice Work ! GLWS :)

Thanks metro themes :-)


Very well done. What font did you use for the logo?

We use exo font, you can download it in google web font. Thanks for purchasing :-)

Considering purchasing but is it easy to get remove the About Us, Latest Photos and Latest Tweets sections? Thanks.

Yes, it is easy, we provide how to documentation about that

Thanks. Nice template. But how do i change the language? I use norwegian language and some word like å, æ, ø not showing up. and on the count down i would like to use norwegian laguage too :) Thanks in advance.

1. Change the html markup language to Norway.

Line #2: <html class=”no-js” lang=”no”>

2. Download jQuery Countdown script localized for your language: Here

Search for your language, in this case Norwegian (Bokmål), the file name is jquery.countdown-nb.js

3. Insert that file below this line (jquery.custom.js):

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”js/jquery.custom.js”></script> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”js/jquery.countdown-nb.js”></script>

Hi people,

I have downloaded this coming soon page, but have worries to uploaded to my wordpress. Please, may you help with some steps how to upload the theme to my wordpress? It is very nice theme, but I would like to see it already on my domain.

Thank you


Hello, we are very sorry, the wordpress is not released yet, if you do not mind you can subscribe by sending me and email at so i can notify you when the wordpress of this theme is available :-)

I just bought this cool theme. Nice simple template. But where is the PSD?

he pirate some template and sell it here, on his own website and

Btw, your ripped theme here isn’t work at ‘contact’ page, cuz he can’t download the /contact/includes/contact-process.php file :D I think he’s trying to fix contact form and maybe after that he will submit your theme for sale here, so keep an eye on it bro.

hahahaha, might be happened like that, but strange the envato support haven’t act for other items that also have been ripped by this user as well.

Excellent work! Is there a way to do that is not static and time counts down? Excuse my English.

Yes! In firefox it shows perfect but Google Chrome does not update the number automatically.

sorry for late reply, the new chrome cause the animation of the countdown does not work properly, you need to download the new version of the jquery countdown that i use in the theme, you can get it here

Excellent, it works!

Hey! I just purchased the wordpress version of this, but I did not end up with the very nice e-mail signup code. When I looked up yours in the documentation, I could not figure out how to make it work with my Mail Chimp code. Can you help me with this?


I followed all the instructions to create the form — I just want to put the form action in there from Mail Chimp. :)

I’m also curious how you got the background image on the footer. I’m working here: & my email address is josh (at) josh daley (dot) com. Thank you so much!!

Hello? Can you provide me with a response please? Thank you!

I have replied your email

Ah thank you. For some reason it was in my spam folder. ;)

Just bought this theme, but the layout seems to be off when viewing the theme with an iPhone device. Any suggestions?

Hello, What do you mean by off?

Hi, is there a Wordpress version of this? I click on the link for the Wordpress version but nothing comes up! Thanks

Hello! I purchased this OmniBiz – Responsive Coming Soon Website Template and when was done customizing it find out that not is not adapted to iPhone, though image at product page tells it’s ok (have not checked other mobile devices yet). To eliminate variation of my own wrong actions I went direct to this page ( from my iPhone 5 (iOS 6.1.4) and saw the same problem. Unfortunately I can’t post here a screenshot but I think it is simple to check. At first site is displayed with the wrong scale and then when you zoom out with your fingers you see grey strip at the right side of the screen. Can you please fix this problem and announce changes in css.

For now please do this 1. Open responsive.css, find ”@media only screen and (max-width: 767px)” usually located at line #316.

2. If you’re using the “boxed” version, change the width of the #wrapper (located at line #329) to 320px.

#wrapper { width: 370px; }

-----— #wrapper { width: 320px; }

After edit :

3. Find an element with a class name ”.container” (by default it located at line #322).

4. Add “padding : 0” to its style,

.container { width: 300px; }

-----— .container { width: 300px; padding: 0 10px; }

After edit :

6. If the display is not to your liking, delete the width style, it will adjust to the browser maximum resolution( only applies to stretched version) .container { padding: 0 10px; }

Thank you very much for speedy and factual feedback. I have applied changes that you mentioned and the problem has gone away.

you are welcome, do not forget to rate us good :-)

I love this theme. It’s quick to load and a breeze to set up – Cheers!

Hi thanks :-) cheers

Hi, some browsers show NaN where the countdown numbers are!

What is the problem?

which browser, have you updated the jquery.custom.js line 20, change the date