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Hello. Great job! I want to buy, but I have a question: contact form working?

yes, working contact form, btw after you buying it, please you do not mind give rating and testimonial. Glad to know you Vadim :-)

Awesome template stephanus, glws mate! ;)

Peter Zickler..

Thanks Csspress :-)

Well what can I said, this is the must complete clean template in TF, Everything is perfect exept for the slow menu when opening sub menu, Is posible to change to fast sub-menu view. Thanks and good with with sales.

your feedback is good for our improvement, it is very possible, we can update or giving alternative in the future, if you love our product, please subscribe to, so i can let you know when there updates :-)

you can change the speed in the omnibiz-custom.js line 1262, change the speed value

This is it !!!! Quick response with a solution. You are the man…. I´m happy star working with this template…and of course with an autor with that attitude.


is it possible to add to the single project slider a thumbnail preview ? If so , I think I’ll buy this really great template.

Regards Peter

Yes, of course it is possible :-)

updated, with what you wished

I agree with Claudia. Long time to load

you can change the speed in the omnibiz-custom.js line 1262, change the speed value

Nice Design stephanus :)

Makasih Celcius :-)

Great theme! Any plan on doing a wordpress?


yes we are planning on that :-)

Buyer Ratings are Precious to Us :-)Some of buyer may confuse how to rate the item, you can follow this simple way here

nice design and well commented script.. definitely will buy this… will give 5 stars if PSD file included…

sukses ya bro…

Psd akan dikasih bro minggu ini, lagi dirapiin :-) mohon bintang 5nya ya hehe

You Can Download the PSD Here

VERY GREAT PRODUCT ! rated it 5 stars already.

just 1 question though, I cant seem to make the testimonials part appear on homepage 3. or the homepage 3 slider on the services page.

how do I make the testimonials part appear on the homepage 3 file? thank you

Hello thank you for the quick response!

I got another question:

on this page I need that to work like a likebox effect like if you click on anywhere on the hovered square it loads the bigger picture just like clicking on the eye icon over here is that possible? thanks

it is possible, we are going to update it soon, please wait

Just updated with what you wished :-)

Help! How do I change the map of Google on the Contact Us page? I live in Russia

omnibiz-custom.js there is contact 1 in line 902 and 903 change the latitude and longitude value according to your location, if you want to change contact 2 then you go to line 933 and 934. Do not forget also change the longitude altitude of the markers

Great template, how do I change the dimensions of the logo. My logo is 60px high and the width can be the same. Thanks

you can change it at style.css in header logo section in line 220 and 221

you can change it at style.css in header logo section in line 220 and 221

one of the most complete features template with great documentation, very nice stephanus, best of luck bro, godspeed

thanks Bro

Hi Stephanus, thank you for the template you created, I like it very much. One question, I deleted the search field in the nav and now the last tab, which I have as Contact Us has a divider line to the right. That line overflows outside the nav bar. How can I delete it?


please add this code in style.css (

.header-alt2 #main-nav.nav2 li:last-child::before, .header-alt2 #main-nav.nav2 li:last-child::after{ content: none; }


Thanks Stephanus! Worked like a charm!

you’re welcome, don’t forget to give rating :-)

nice and clean template, neat documentation, keep me posted on the next product

Thanks Henry :-)

thanks for the update mate… cheers….

you are welcome :-)

Great Template, Really like the complete features

One more question, is it possible to have “include” just like in php code, but for html or css?

what do you mean? include just like php code? you mean you want to change it to php?

what I mean is if you have multiple pages using the same menu, is there a way to change that menu once without having to go through all the pages to make changes to the menu. So in php, you have an include file that contains the menu. Then every page just calls up that include file. So I’m wondering is there an alternative in CSS or HTML that does the same thing.


Hi, just purchased and look forward to working with this theme. Is it possible to easily disable the responsive functionality? Thanks

it can be disabled, but lots of modification needs to be applied, you do not like the responsive features?

I do but my client is not as keen. No problem, I will take a look. Great theme though