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Great template… this is what I looking for this days.. good luck with your sales.

thanks Bro :-)

First I’m fallin in love with this template when I got free PSD out there. After bought the item, that feeling is deeper, hahaha. Clean and well commented code also easy to understand documentation. And the other thing that makes me amazed is your support, less than 5 minutes after I send message, I got a reply.

(6 stars) for Ominibiz. :D

Can’t wait for your another item. Good luck with sales, fella!

wow wow wow…! this is greaaattest item on envato marketplace..!

5 Minutes into the purchased material I already felt that it’s the best $15 I ever spent keep it up..!

Best, andymonstART

Big Thanks bro :-)

Really love this template :) Powerful features and very complete :)

It takes a very long time to load the pages. I am removing as much un-needed stuff as possible, but it still takes forever.

Great Template, 4 thumbs up, good luck with sales :bigsmile:


I saw you updated the theme. What shall i do if i already implemented the first version of your template ? Just update the css / js files or something else?

Then i just found blue color (stretched) when i downloaded. Are there new colors in the update or there are just different colors in “boxed” version? Thx and nice work :)

Hi, 7 new colors for boxed and stretch version. Update the Css :-)

1) Ok, so your modifications are just made on css files, not in html or img ones?

2) I didnt find 2 files “boxed” and “stretched” in the new version. How the new template deals with this ?

3) Thx for your answers :)

- 8 Gorgeous Skins Colors-——Css – 12 Backgrounds alternative-—-img – Fixed Bugs in Ipad – Single Project Slider Light Box – Lightbox in home page at our works section – Adding new Icons in portfolio

Send me message on the author box :-)

Hello. How to insert favicon?

Here you go

Adding Favicon:

Add line below inside <head> markup (anywhere before </head>)

<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”your_favicon.file”>

Change the href attribute value to your own uploaded favicon file (file extensions supported are: .ico, .png, .gif, .jpg).

Can you tell us when the wordpress version will be available?

We are still working on it now, please subscribe to my email, so i can let you know, when it is available

wordpress pleaseeee! any date estimation? Xtmas maybe :-)

Hahaha, we have submitted the wordpress version, but only for the coming soon page, still waiting the review. For the complete one, hopefully can be done 3 weeks from now

Hello. You have given to add to the template button – “Back to Top”.

we will add that later, still working on the wordpress version

sorry for the late reply, we just back from holiday

happy new year!

looking forward to your upcoming awesome wordpress version :-) please do it smart, elegant & reliable


Theres another way to pay ? Im from Mexico and i dont have cards

paypal bro :-)

hi.. i just bought your template..i just wondering how to apply the Style Switcher? terima kasih :)

hi.. i just bought your template..i just wondering how to apply the Style Switcher? terima kasih :)

yes…can u provide the psd files? the reason why i ask for the psd files so that i can change the world-map-bg.png. i want to make the arrow pointing at my location.thanks

hi again…where to change the google map coordinate at contact page?thanks


i´d like to buy your theme for my client, but i tried the demo, and the your template doesnt work in the last version firefox 19.0.2 and the I explorer 8.0.6 . the menu doesnt work and the links on it doesnt work. and the slider jquery doesnt work images are being showed wronk Please, can you fix this issues, because I´d like to buy this template, thanks a lot.


I visited the demo a few hours later and i found that it is working again, i dont know if the problem was a server problem, i want to report the demo template is working know. Thank you.

ok great thanks :-)


i want to buy your theme and i’d like to know if the images in it, like ones the demo are showing in the sliders, slide5.jpg for ie., comes when i buy your html omnibiz theme, because i need the theme for my client. thanks.

No, the images is not included in the themes, it is only for the demo and can not be re-sell

ok, thanks for your answer. How can I get some images like these. Because the theme is uncomplete without the images that are representing the idea of the business. Thanks. Sorry to bother.

you can buy that at or

Hi, i would like to edit the default location on the google map feature on contact-2.html… How can i do this? i don’t find where it is specified.

replied you in the email :-)