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Awesome work man! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you!

Very good, thank you!

PS. As an improvement, I would suggest to add the look of the “public offer” section – it’ll be useful for any freelancer

Thank you! I will reconsider your idea…

All the best meks

Hi. I love this template.

How can I get support for scandinavian letters like æøå?

Thank you for purchasing this template.

Try with adding: <meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=UTF-8”/> to HEAD section.

Please let me know if this is working for you. If not we will solve this problem.

All the best meks

Is it possible to add a blog component to the site?

Yes it is. What kind of blog system do you want to use? Please email me with some more details and I will try to help you…

Cheers meks

There is a 1px line of white space at the top of the theme (newest version of Chrome and it appears other browsers).

A small thing, but is there any way to get rid of it?


Look for line number 63 in main.css file, and remove

border-top: 1px solid white;

Thank you

Love the design!

One problem:

In IE 8 (compatibility mode for IE 9 ). The main menu at the top of the page renders incorrectly (vertical listing of pages instead of horizontal listing). Is there any way to fix this compatibility issue? (I know old versions of IE are a major pain, but I think this is an important issue)

I have tested template in IE8 , too. I can’t reproduce problem. Can you please send me email with screenshot to

Thank you And I hope we will fix this meks


I like the concept of the template and I’m about to buy it, however i have a question: Is it possible to link to a subpage and specific portfolio entries? I tried opening specific subpage ( ), but scrolling becomes iresponsive after that. I would also like to be able to link to a specific portfolio entry, is that possible?

Also, will the page work fine if i have more than one subpage with portfolio-style slider?



thank you for interesting in OnRush Template.

Yes, you can link subpage and specific portfolio entries. Email me on with your requests and ideas and I will be glad to help.

Yes, page will work fine if you have more than one subpage with portfolio-style slider…

Cheers, meks

Hello friend! I need a php programmer and html for freelance work …. I have new projects every week! I pay 50% before and 50% after completion of work. Very serious in payments. Please contact me at Thanks!

I love it! I have an issue though. If I go to and click one of the top links, “Skills” for instance, it takes me there and I can see the different bars but no text. If I click Social it is just white. If I go to it works just fine. This is in Firefox.

I went to try it in IE8 and like someone above posted it renders vertically instead of horizontally.

Help, please.

Hello, thank you for purchasing OnRush template.

Can you please send us address of website to our support email

So we could take a closer look.

Thank you

This Template is available also for Wordpress? Thank you.

I’m sorry Currently it’s not available for WordPress …

There are some future plans for it but our future releases will have HTML version and WordPress version…

Id like to buy the template, but no ZERO about web development. Do you know someone I can hire to drop in my copy/text and upload to my host server?


Corey Los Angeles, USA

Hello Corey,

Just contact us via contact form on themeforest here with your requests and we will help you out…

I came across a bug in the ajax version. There was no answer from the vendor how to fix the bug. Not recommended.


Sorry for the late response. Half of our team was on the vacation last two weeks so we were not able to cover all the support requests immediately. We are all here now so expect an email soon.