Discussion on Onair2: Radio Station WordPress Theme With Non-Stop Music Player

Discussion on Onair2: Radio Station WordPress Theme With Non-Stop Music Player

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Hello Guys, I have a top video in the main page and run good, but on the mobile (Cell Phone) the video does not appear on the mobile, of course for obvious reasons, How can I put the cover of the video on the mobile?, I broke my head :) Thank you!!

Hi, mobile don’t support background videos, sorry. Only themes made with elementor can in some cases support it, but still on many devices like iPhone it’s blocked for security restrictions.


Why my purchased code not working? First it was worked, but when I reset WordPress and reinstall it. And I input my purchase code then it’s not working. Why? How can I reset my Purchased code or How can I fix it?

Hello, your code is working perfectly and has been used to activate the license on the website bmcliveradio.com

It seems you may have a second code that was used on an expired domain and it has been reissued via email a few minutes ago.

All should be fine now, if you still need help, please use our form


best regards

Hello, the player seems to be experiencing a new problem recently – I am not sure if this relates to Wordpress / theme being updated but all other players (VLC, winamp, Sonos etc) are playing the stream OK. Our site is www.releaseradio.net – the player starts for a couple of seconds then stops. Any ideas? Sometimes you can get it to play by refreshing the page but very rarely.

Sir this is not a player issue, is a streaming issue. Unless some plugin or website setting is breaking the player somehow.

If you want any help in troubleshooting the problem, please contact us via helpdesk

https://www.qantumthemes.com/helpdesk/ thanks

We restarted our icecast server and this issue is resolved thanks!

That’s excellent! I’m happy your radio is rocking again ;) Have a good day!

Hi, on the schedule program, i dont want the time to show AM or PM but rather 17h00 instead of 5PM. Where can i change this please ?

Appearance > customize > Radio settings and you can switch format ;)

Hi, please every link after WP update on with this theme is going to black screen. Could you please help ?

Hello, please contact us via helpdesk for technical information. You’ll need a valid purchase code to request support.



I bough this theme about 9 months ago, I just use it for blog, now when I finally configure the radio station I have manny problems 1- BLOG, CONTAC, VIDEO’S page don’t load on mobile, 2- The audio player keeps loading in mobile until y press and stoop twice 3- On air track never display song names, I think there is something you guys have to take care i see manny coments about the loading problem here. I would like to buy a second license but I need to make sure thi problem is gonna be fixed

Hello and thanks for contacting us, but support is not provided here, you need to please use our helpdesk with a valid support period, we will be happy to help you fix any issue one by one.

Please find here our helpdesk access


Your issues appear to be most likely caused by misconfiguration and/or outdated theme or plugins, You may already want to use the manual to see the correct update procedure.

thanks and have a nice day!


foxfm Purchased

Hello, I have been using this tablet for a long time and I have an idea that will serve the listeners we have all over the world. It would be great if the visitor could write or choose his city and automatically change the time in the schedule to see when he will listen to a show in his own local time and day . For Example if i play a show in 4am in Greece Friday is 10pm Thursaday in New Your . Is possible to do that ? Best Regards Ilias

Hi, is a nice idea but it is not possible because changing time, it would also change day for some time zones, and that would modify entirely the output of the texts in the page, so is really not possible at the moment, sorry.


Dig_Inov Purchased


I have bought this theme months ago and it seems getting updates which is great. I am having a trouble with one of your update where you added a feature that STOP the stream, instead on PAUSE it.

After some time, without changing anything but CSS and other styling things, it seems to stop working. Moreover, I have noticed that it may work once or two, but if you click stop, play stop play stop, play 4 or more times its working wrong.

Could you verify that this is an issue?

My website is www.joinradio.gr

Many thanks for yout time. - A happy buyer.

Hi, this feature attempts to trick the browser default behavior. By default the browser never does a new connection for the same source, instead it reuses the previous one, so the music resumes.

The “full stop” features attempts to bypass this browser feature, but not always it works. That’s 99% controlled by the browser itself at a low level, and if doesn’t work, it means on that browser it can’t be bypassed.


LUKKY Purchased

Hi. I bought your theme and installed it on rp.radioplanicie.com

I have a problem that is the following: when I click on any part of the site, a kind of black background appears with an X to close the window. after that nothing else happens and I have to refresh.

What could it be?

Hello, the issue happens because of outdated theme and plugins, an update will fix. Please check the pages about theme and plugins updates procedure in our manual and it will fix immediately.

Best regards


LUKKY Purchased

Hello again. When I customize the website font and after saving the change, the website does not assume the selected font, whatever it is. It always shows the same font.


That’s server cache, that’s not a theme issue, most probably is caused by a caching plugin, for instance wprocket, or w3 total cache, or also server side cache (litespeed or similar). If you didn’t install caching plugins yourself, you can ask to the hosting provider how to clear the cache as they will know how your cache works.

Best regards


LUKKY Purchased

Good afternoon.

I click on the top songs but the song (youtube link) doesn’t play.

the link is: https://rp.radioplanicie.com/chart/toprp10/

what could be happening?

Hello, please make sure to use the full youtube video URL not youtu.be or other shortlinks or playlist links



Hello there! As far as I know, it is permitted to make more than one installation on the same server with a single license, right? I have my original license activated in my server, and due to wordpress cleaning, I need to migrate information to another wordpress installed on the same server. However, I am getting the following error when trying to activate the new installation: Error: your purchase code is already in use on another website, contact our helpdesk to reissue the license.

Hello, licensing terms have changed since a while on Envato. Every public online installation requires a purchase code.

We do allow also 2 local installations, and 2 online subfolders installations.

Different domains and subdomains require separate licenses.

The license is “not” per server, as this would mean you can have 200 thousands websites with 1 license, which is clearly not compliant with the licensing terms.

For more information please check the Envato regular license definitions here -> http://themeforest.net/licenses/terms/regular


LUKKY Purchased


Android devices are not able to hear the radio broadcast.

The link is: https://rp.radioplanicie.com

Hello, the issue is caused by the protocol. Please check the documentation under the radio channel section: how to create a radio channel. You’ll find out more about the issue.

For more.support please contact our helpdesk.

Best regards



angelwebs Purchased

I don’t like the way the featured images are magnified in the post and show header. Is there a way for it to just show the image as it if I have correct dimensions.

Hello, images are used as “cover” background. You can set a custom image using the separated “header background ” image field for the posts, so it will use a custom image.

There is no exact size because it can change proportion depending on the screen and there are endless screen sizes.


angelwebs Purchased

Okay, I got that and thank you for your reply. Can you take away the way it magnifies the image once in the header. It makes it close up and takes away from what I created to be there. That’s the part that bothers me the magnification of the image. I understand I can use the custom background and that WP Bakery cannot override this section.

Hello dear angelwebs and thanks for your kind feedback, I understand that maybe your words were not totally clear to me on the previous message, and I would please ask if you can link me a page where this thing happens on your website, in order for me to see what really the subject of the question was.

Can you please provide a specific link to check?

thanks for your valuable collaboration, and have a good evening!

To what level of multi station can this theme support? I’ve managed to get 2 stations up and running, however is it possible to pass a station name variable the qtmini on air widget in the header player? If I sub domain my stations can I use the same licence? Great to see your player now works with AAC. Your theme keeps getting better and better. Keep up the great work!

hello, there is no such feature, sorry. Sub domains are not within same license, but subdirectories yes. And yes, AAC is supported and many newer streaming servers ;)

We also have new themes for radios with big discounts and even more discounts for QantumThemes customers. If interested, please email us at info@„antumthemes.com and I can provide more info

best regards


mpierin Purchased

Bug: Since the 3.9.9 update, external links and even some internal links don’t work anymore: when you click on a link (in menu or in post), you get a black page with a white cross on the top right. The links worked fine before the update. I report it here, because I’m not going to buy support for a bug. I hope you will solve this problem.

Hello and thanks for getting in touch, the problem is happening because of the outdated theme AND/OR plugins, which are very easy to fix.

1) Please, first, update the theme 2) Once done, please update the plugins (from Appearance – Onair2 activation > “Go to Plugins”)

More detailed info: https://www.qantumthemes.com/manuals/onair2/knowledge-base/how-to-update-the-theme/ https://www.qantumthemes.com/manuals/onair2/knowledge-base/1-5-plugins-update-onair2-v-3-5/

Make sure to use the right plugins update procedure, from the theme activation page: it will fix immediately.

If you still need further help, please let me know,


hello, I already update the theme at last version 3.9.9 and go to Appearance – Onair2 activation > “Go to Plugins” and there was only one plugin to update: QT Server Check. I update it to version 2.0. The problem of a black page is still there. So I try to go again to Appearance – Onair2 activation > “Go to Plugins” But now, it is impossible: I have a message “Sorry, You Are Not Allowed to Access This Page” !!! No more access !!

Can you please provide your website URL and the last 10 letters and numbers of your purchase code please?