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Hi guys, how can i remove the icon (sound bars) from the menu, to have just the text? Thank you!

Hello, at the moment that offices are closed because is Sunday I have anyway to please ask you to us the helpdesk because we don’t provide tech support here. We want to make sure that our a sweet are for paying customers as you, otherwise people who did not purchase the theme may find their answer for free. So even to value more your license and provide better service to legit customers like you, I have to please ask you to open a request. You find the instructions at the support section of the manual. Thanks


inpq Purchased

Hi! 2 questions:

1) i see that in your demo if i click to other link into the website, the radio continue running. In my website with your theme, if i click to other link into the website, the radio stops, and i need to play another time. What i need to do to solve my problem?

2) is it possible set a play button to listen the radio into a page? i want to create one page with that button because i’m sure it could be people that don’t know to use the top button.



inpq Purchased


1) i Access to the website without the login, i have QT Ajax Pageloader plugin installed, but i have the same problem, when i change the page into my website, the radio stops.

2) i write you a ticket, and i’m waiting it.


Hi, I think your topics are answered regards


inpq Purchased

No!, the point 1 is not solve, i’m going to write you another time into support.



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I buy this Theme more then 6 month ago, and is not complete I buy because DEMO3 once we try to import always come up DEMO1 , I feel like I was tricked , even CHILD don’t response never come up Color red.. If the Advertising say DEMO3 ready to import , it shod be ready.. wHo can help me?

Here I am, just tested and it works perfectly. The demo 3 installer installs, as it should, the demo 3. I just performed the process and took a screen recording, to proof what I say:


So I kindly invite you to please double check both your process and the results before saying that it is not working, because all works very very fine.

The color red is in the pictures used as background. If you want them, even though not provided with the theme because not parto of the product, you can get them from our demo.

https://qantumthemes.xyz/onair2/demo3/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/bg-player2.jpg https://qantumthemes.xyz/onair2/demo3/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/footer-bg-20182.jpg

There are only 2 differences: the primary color, which you can anyway change in customizer, and the player to be set in header (which you can see in the video takes a click). But the demo you import is, as matter of fact, the demo 3.


spacedvb Purchased

how to enable on front page “SHOP” https://imgur.com/a/o1D2tu6

In page builder you have some WooCommerce shortcodes, there is a product grid. Add it via Page Builder to the home page to display those elements.


Hey did you notice in your demo when music is playing and you click on shop page it stops, kind of a bummer it basically screams don’t buy from our webshop since music stops if you know what I mean… can you fix this? I’m considering buying this theme but music have to keep on playing no matter what…

Ok, Thank you! *(When I said Popup I meant the “popup-player” “http://www.qantumthemes.xyz/onair2/wpdemo/popup-player/”)

Sorry, I do not understand the entire phrase ” I know there is the popup option but that is different”

never mind…

Hi, is it possible play own mp3´s in the pop-up player / player right above with the play button?

Hello, Yes it’s possible, till they are publically accessible (example uploaded in the WordPress media library).

Hey love your work !

Have had this theme for a while for my page + your older websites also, the events page shows the oldest event first, so in my case i have 18 pages of events before someone can see the new event. Is there any easy way to change to descending ? New events first ?

Hi, make 2 categoris (eventtypes): past and upcoming events, and link separately to them. This is the only correct way to manage it. Reversing the order would result that the event happening tonight would be after any event happening in the next months, making it pretty useless for the visitor.

Ahhhhh thanks heaps!

Hi guys – has this theme completely replaced the original On Air theme?

Hi, is a completely other software, just poor imagination for the name. Functionalities are similar but onair2 is another age of theme, many more functions and is completely customizable with page composer.

Thanks! :) Are you no longer supporting the original On Air theme at all?

Yes and no, it depends on the issue. For 3 months we offered free upgrade to onair2 but this was 2 years ago. For issues with the Onair Classic you can write via email to info@qantumthemes.com. anyway switching to the new theme is not hard because all the content migrates seamlessly, you need to only make a homepage and customizations.


netmagik Purchased

The ‘live’ content on this theme (shows) and is great but it means we can run any kind of caching system would you agree?


netmagik Purchased

So just to double check. If we used w3 total cache and set that up correctly would this ensure that the current shows and blog posts are displayed at all times?


netmagik Purchased

If so, is the caching configuration something you could supply and add to your support docs as I am sure it would be useful to others too.

This topic is complex and every server is different. We have a professional taking care of this for our websites, if you need help I can put you in touch. The first think anyway is a good hosting. You can get a very good one starting about 10$ a month.


spacedvb Purchased

Slider revolution I fallow step keep getting error plugin to INSTAL:L

Hello, which error exactly?


spacedvb Purchased

i instal Manual, and works

I’m sorry sit but I am not understanding, we test the installation every time before delivering an update, so it is guaranteed to work, are you having errors with the installer wizard? Can you eventually post a screenshot? thanks

No happy. Asked a simple question in your forum and no one is helping me… even though I bought this package with 6 months of support. The colors and “Upcoming Show” elements disappeared – which is probably an easy fix for you, but is holding up our site launch now. Hating the purchase now as I have to reinstall and lose all our data (hours of work) – THANKS A LOT! F-

Hello, I’m sorry if your request did not find an answer, anyway it is now monday morning, if you posted your answer after sunday at 6PM it will be answered today, simply because we don’t work on sunday night. If you posted your request before, please let me know the link of your topic so I can see what happened.

Actually we have about 5 thousabd customers on the forum with about 30 thousands answered requests and the response time is on average 6 hours.

Hello, I had a look at the helpdesk and saw you posted about 8 posts but it was exactly between sunday nidnight and morning 5am, so is reasonable to think nobody was there to answer on sunday night.

You had now an answer in the forum.

Your issue anyway, is that you have no shows to display, which justifies why no shows are appearing.


slickam Purchased

seems that one of visual composer elements go gone and are no longer there well the one i need and im wondering why after installing the theme and whatever plugins that are needed that this happens and this is when i first install the paid visual composer i dont get all of the complete composer anymore would like to use raw js but i cant when i use another theme it works so im taking most of them are disabled?

Hello, some elements are disabled because they are implemented in a way that makes it impossible to reinitialize the function with ajax page loading. This is part of the common adaptations themes have to do to guarantee that the provided tools can work fine together.

Ajax is the plugin required to keep the music going on page changes.

You can reenable the functions you want, but you need to disable the Ajax Page Load plugin or load only selected pages without ajax.

To reenable the disabled functions, edit functions.php at lines 808 and below, commenting the things you want to use adding // before the line of code.


// vc_remove_element( ‘vc_line_chart’ );

Remember that on theme updates you will have to repeat this customization.



slickam Purchased

thanks i knew it was somewhere in that file just didn’t know where

No problem ;)

I can’t see titles.I have tried many times. I’ve set up a WAMP installation and I can see the track titles locally but I can’t see them live using Shoutcast DNAS self hosted.

Hello Johnson and thak you for letting us know about your issue. For this type of requests please contact the technical support, you find the details at the support page of the manual http://www.qantumthemes.com/manuals/onair2/knowledge-base/support/

If you already opened a request it will be answered within an hour


glubik Purchased

This live radio stream will be possible on this theme? Thanks!

Great, I will wait your answer before buy it

No problem, just tested. The audio stream works perfectly. In your icecast feed data anyway there is no song title, so it could be the information is not present or not displayed. Except this the stream is 100 % compatible with all of our radio themes. May I do something else for you sir?

That’s all! I will proceed with the buy. Thanks!


spacedvb Purchased

How do I promote our enable this part SHOP in DEMO3 https://imgur.com/a/o1D2tu6

I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you mean. Can you please open a helpdesk ticket and provide some more details to your explanation? Thanks

hello, excellent topic, a question, would it be possible to integrate a streaming radio player, and still have the functional ability to not stop the audio when browsing the contents?

Also, I wanted to ask if it is possible, that when playing other multimedia content such as a video, the current audio can be canceled while that content is being played?

Thank you!

Hello agenciaid, this is exactly what this theme is about: listening to the radio and keep the music playing across the pages. You can verify this exact functionality wby checking out our demo sites.

http://www.qantumthemes.xyz/onair2/wpdemo/ https://qantumthemes.xyz/onair2/radio-wordpress-theme/ WooCommerce dmeo: https://qantumthemes.xyz/onair2/demo3 (important: for security reasons the shop pages are loaded normally, meaning that music stops in the shop and cart pages)

About your second request, as controlling videos requires to load YT api which is very heavy, we opted for a performance goal and decided to not control playback via API. This means the user has to manually stop the audio of the radio when playing a video. After long marketing researches, it resulted the normal behavior also for the biggest radios tations, because performance is a huge success key nowadays, and loading 300Kb of Youtube api just to stop an audio is not really productive.

If you still hace any question please let me know.

We can also test your stream in advance if you want.

thanks and have a nice day