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you should charge $12.00 extra just for the informative video

great template

Thank you! Nice to hear that.

Hello again,

if you do not want to use mailchimp can you use just the html generated and if so when I send a mass email do i just paste it into the window include all the addresses and send

Well, it’s not that easy… Of course you can just use the raw html generated by the builder. Use the inline version (gmail and maybe some other clients strip out embedded css and the whole email is no longer formated). I don’t know which ‘window’ you mean. For pasting the code you need a client which supports raw html input. Thunderbird is one which can do that.

One problem could be that your ISP will block you when sending to much email at a time (looks spamy). You have to split it! Next when inserting all emails into the ‘to’ field, every receiver will see all the other receiver’s email addresses

If you familiar with php check out phpMailer but always use the inline version or your mail will have no formats. (Or use premailer to inline CSS later)

I totaly recommend mailchimp because it takes care of all the circumstances and you don’t have to worry about any problems. They have also a free plan with 5000 recipients a month. (I don’t get paid from MC ;) )

Thanks very much..

Like it. Great design, well documented – very well. Thanks!

Great that you like it! Please don’t forget to rate it.


The demo is not working.

I had a downtime on my server approximately 5 hours ago. Demo should work as expected

demo still not working

I had some problems with IE and the encryption in the livepreview. I’m working on that. Please, use a different browser meanwhile.


Everything should work as expected now

What a great template!

I never imagined how easy it could be to setup a newsletter for mailchimp.

Please provide more templates with the builder ‘cause it’s a very handy tool!

I’m glad you like it. Next template will come, for sure.

Please don’t forget to rate!

I am trying to get the template to work. I have the API setup, but it is not working with MailChimp. Do you know if the API will work with the free start account on mailchimp.com?


Hi Jeff!

Yes, it works with a free account! Can you give me more info about your problem?

Write me at envato[at]revaxarts.com

When I put the API code into the template, but it just sits there and turns and turns. I have tried it from three different browsers (IE, Firefox, and Chrome) and get the same results.



  • Did you upload all data to your server?
  • You need at least PHP 5 .2.1 for the json_decode/json_encode function
  • You need the CURL extension as well

Make sure your server fulfills all the functions. If you still have problems, please contact me!


anl Purchased

Super template, i highly reccomend it

This thing KICKS BUTT … You could sell a lot of these templates for Mailchimp!

I just went through the whole process, and plugged into my API , and had it uploaded to Mailchimp in about 10 minutes.


Keep up the amazing work!


This looks like an absolutely fantastic file, but I’m having difficulties with the template builder for mailchimp – it all looks so straight forward, and I’m sure I’ve crossed all ‘to dos’ off the list – correct API , correct URL to where the images are being stored etc. – but when I click ‘Get the HTML ’, I get the following message:

Oops, something is wrong here…

One of this problems occurs: 1.You are watching the preview on Themeforest 2.You didn’t upload the template files correctly

Anything you can suggest – sorry, I know the possible reasons could be infinte, but am at a dead end here. If it makes any difference, even when I’ve got ‘Just the HTML ’ ticked (i.e. not for Mailchimp), and ‘Absolute URL ’s’ also un-ticked, I get the same message…

Thanks in advance!

sorry – please ignore – have it sorted. Awesome work!

Great job.

but i got the same pb thanjon_b.

One of this problems occurs: 1.You are watching the preview on Themeforest 2.You didn’t upload the template files correctly

Thanks to answer

Hi fredericdugourd!

Thanks for purchasing!

Please upload all the files to your server. The Template Builder doesn’t work local.

Regards, Xaver

I bought the mail template and have been trying to use the template builder. I even tried the purchase button but theme forest tells me I have already purchased it. Please tell me how to fix this… I am on a deadline and would really like to use this template that I purchased.

Thanks so much!

Hi paulastuphclothing!

If you bought the template you don’t have to bought it again (unless you will use it for more clients)

PLease upload all the files to your webspace and go to the templatebuilder directory.

Check the docs as well!

Hi. I use the Volusion email service for our email newsletters. Would I be able to implement this template or do I have to use MailChimp? Thanks!

Hello proctorsurf!

If Volusion provides html newsletter templates you can use this template. You get a html code which you can copy and paste into any program which accepts html.

Mailchimp offers a free plan to. Maybe you want to give it a try

Okay. here it is. I’m an extreme newbie to the email marketing world but really feel like this is the way for me to go.

I’ve purchased this newsletter but am having some trouble getting it into mailchimp. On the video, you have it to where you login and immediately your API shows up. Well, after creating an account, I login and nothing happens. I go to the dashboard.

Obviously it appears I’m going to have to have that stinkin API number to do anything.

How do I access this?

....a little help for a NEWB would be greatly appreciated.


Hi revcannon!

Mailchimp had a relaunch a few weeks ago and not everything is working properly until now. I talked to them and they will fix that soon.

Yeah, you need that stinky API to do something ;). It’s like a secret password, so keep it secret!

To get you API Key go to “Account” in the top bar and click “API Keys & Info”. You find yours under “Valid API Keys”. Maybe you have to generate on.

As ever,


Thanks man. That led me straight to it.

Next NEWB question: Do I need to upload the entire file I downloaded with this purchase to my server? How exactly does that work?

Sorry for the newbi-ness….

Yeap, upload all the files to your server. Go to the _templatebuilder directory after the upload.

Read the docs for further instructions

hi revaxarts,

love you work and I trying to install the template builder into my wordpress site, I have uploaded the file via filezilla into my wp-content directory but no images etc are appearing. here is the link to my page -

Can you let me know what I am doing wrong!

Thanks for your help in advance.

Cheers Chris

Hi bigbambi!

Please upload ALL the files to your server.

I had to flag your comment because of the link.


How would i get this to work sending my emails out of Outlook 2007 and 2010?

Do i need to upload all images etc to my FTP and then reference the new locations in the code?

How easy is it to add new colour schemes to the template and to the builder??

Thanks :-)

Hi pbul2004,

unfortunately Outlook is not a good program for sending html newsletter. I really recommend a service such as mailchimp.

You have to upload all the images to a server in order that they are available for your campaigns.

Of course it’s possible to add a new color scheme but it requires some Javascript knowledge. open the custom.js in the _js folder and modify it. You have to prepare a version## order as well

I have a mailchimp account, and the newsletter already setup on my site. Just need to read up on how to use it.

I was just wondering what you would use for your every day to day emails that you want to apply the template for? For example, just replying to customers, if you want to use the template?

Not that good with javascript to be honest, for a novice how hard would it be to do? I was just after a yellow colour scheme?

You can go over a word template but that want look and actually don’t is the same email template. (word – and outlook will mess up the code)

generate a html file with the contents of the template builder output open it within word ctrl + a to select all open outlook and paste it into a new email form

I don’t have much experience with outlook and I think that it would look different.

Furthermore you can try to send a mail to yourself and reuse it with the forward button

Hope I could help you