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Congratulations Wow, Awesome work, Good Luck bro :)

Thank you very much!!

The home page is designed with good planning, unique design and unique creation for any magazine website.

Hi, thank you!

Beautiful work! Good luck dude!

Thank you very much!

I was in a need of help and tried to use your support pages but when I tried to register, it said that “No valid purchase codes where found.” How is that? I typed in the code I got from Envato and it is correct.

My question was that at least in my version I’m not able to find the social icons you guys are using. In the instructions you said that one can active them in Theme Options/Social Links. But in my version I bought I can only see Theme Options/Social Profiles and there’s nothing about the icons. Also genericon-search is missing, so it seams that all the icons are missing. I was wondering how is that and can you help me?

, sorry the forum is activating today so maybe it was not activated when you registered, please ty now.

To view the social icons you just need to write your social url in any of the fields in theme options.

Please try now the forum. Best Regards

Great there is a forum, but no answers… I’m waiting answers to go on the building of my site and I can’t go on… You say there is an update ? where ?

I’m a little bit upset…

Hi, the update is available to download here at themeforest, in your downloads page.

I have answered you in the forum.

Best Regards

Having the same issue as Paha (above). I cannot register for the support forum and I’m having trouble figuring out a few things… mainly how to get the Titles of posts and the social buttons on them to display on the blog page without needing to hover over them… right now you can only see the title of a blog post after hovering on it. #SOS

Also – is there a information packet or a how-to document with this team? Most theme come with an instruction document but I can’t find one here.


please send me the user you have created at forum to give you access.

In Theme Options you can control the color of titles and social icons, Top Styles tab

The color of titles in Typography options

Download the full package from Themeforest and find the documentation in documentation folder.

If you have any other issue please include it in the email.

Best Regards

Nice theme!

I can’t figure out if posts have social share buttons – do they?

Many thanks!

Hi, they are not included but the theme has been developed with special emphasis in plugins compatibility, so i think you can use whatever plugin you like :)

Best Regards

Theme looks nice! I have a question. On the blog page with the infinite scroll; is it possible that the images have a vertical(portrait) orientation as opposed to the way they are set up now?

Hi, yes, this can be done easily only uploading vertical oriented images, the themes uses the images sizes you upload :)

Best Regards

There are some problems when preview the website? Seems there is going something wrong as there are huge white empty areas on the site? As well there is no big slider as in the screenshots? Can you please have a look?

also another thing: I tried to view the website on my samsung galaxy but it did not switch to the handy layout. When I open the website here and resize the browser, it works perfect.. hm?

Hi, find the slider as a widget, you need to publish it wherever you need.

Do you mean the Wordpress Preview?

Let me see the theme in a samsung device, i tested it and was working perfectly.

Please send me an email to support@mimothemes.com to continue the conversation.

Best Regards

Thanks for your prompt answer, just wrote a mail

Hi there—

I’m confused on how to sort the posts by category— on the example of the theme they are sorted by feature, artists by category, blog, etc. and after I installed it I’m having trouble getting the theme to mirror that. What is the best way to do so? Thanks!

hi, sorry for delay, you need to use the carousel widget, it has a field for the category slug if you need to show one or certains categories. You have another field for the post format if you need it.

The most liked carousel order the posts directly by most liked.

Please let me know at support@mimothemes.com any other issue.

Best Regards

Ok thanks! I will try that out. One more thing - I’m having trouble getting rid of the preview text on my home page - even when I put the break it says “more”. How would I get it so that it just shows the post and no text preview at all?

Hi, sorry for delay, please send em a link to the issue to support@mimothemes.com so i can take a look.

Best Regards

Is there any way to take off the thing at the top of the pictures on the post?

Hi, please tell me to which theme are you refferring to?

I can’t connected to your forum help me please

Hi, you can find your purchase code here in your downloads page, next to One theme.

Best Regards

hye, I test with this code but it’s does’nt work i think i am stupid. I try all codes i have but no results. http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=654946666.jpg

Hi, please look in your Downloads, next to the theme it may be a link to download your purchase code.

Please send me an email to support@mimothemes.com if you continue having this issue. Have you been registered in the forum before without a purchase code?

Best regards

hello, we wanted to buy your theme “one”, but the link of your “cart” sends to another your theme “plus”. For this reason we bought, by mistake, “plus” theme instead of “one” theme. Could you send us the zip of the theme “one”? Is it possible? Thank you very much Best regards Giulia

Hi, please contact me at support@mimothemes.com and send me your purchase code

Thank you

Hi, I’ve now tried uploading the theme through my FTP several dozen times and it’s not showing up in my admin panel. I’ve also tried uploading directly through Wordpress and get the following error every time “The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.” I’ve submitted a troubleshooting ticket, I’ve messaged you guys directly, please help!

Nevermind, just realized I was uploading the .zip to FTP. Thanks.

I’ve now installed the theme folder for FTP, and the fonts don’t work out of the box and the layout is semi-styled (most-visibly it runs vertically in one column instead of horizontally by category). It appears as though a style sheet is missing. I’m using Wordpress 3.9.1. Any insight into why I’m having the issues I am?

Hi, sorry for delay, have you managed to solve this? If not please email me to support@mimothemes.com, it seems some files are missing, maybe a bad/corrupt download/upload of theme

Best Regards

Not solved yet. Will email you right now.

Hello, will there be any updates?

Hi, sorry but there are no coming updates for this item by the moment.

Best Regards

Okey, but does it work well with Wordpress 4.9.1? I’m planning on updating my Wordpress.

Thank You


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