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I’m also having trouble with the contact form. I just signed up for mandrill. Do I have to change any DNS settings?


You can comment out this line in send.php; $mail->IsSMTP();

like this; //$mail->IsSMTP();

Just add // and try again please.

Hello! Is the wordpress version exactly the same?


No, Wordpress version has some extra features. Blog pages, Portfolio details etc.

How can I go about changing the font?


You have to edit functions.php and style.css files. You can send me a PM for more information.

Hi! Mobile menu isn’t supposed to be closed after clicking on one of the items?


Send me a PM please. I’ll send you some code. :)

hi this is what i get when installing (copy/paste):

Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-8896700-one-wordpress-responsive-personal-resume.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.


can you please fix this? send me a new zip or something?


sorry… it works fine


I am unable to send any message through the website based on localhost server, although I have followed your instructions successfully? By the way, several stmp configs have been tried,


I guess your local server causing the problem. You can try without SMTP maybe.

Hi – I just downloaded the html format thinking that it would be easy/user friendly/ready to use. I’m a Filmmaker/Designer so no coding skills at all :( Could you please show me a way to just input my info and customize it? I need to build up my online portfolio quickly. Please help!

I’ve just answered via PM.

Hey, man there is two problems and I need you to fix it: Mobile menu isn’t supposed to be closed after clicking on one of the items? And the stylesheet is missing. Please fix that very soon or give me my money back.

Hello Thiago,

I guess you’ve purchased the wrong item. This isn’t a WordPress theme.

If you want your money back you can contact with Envato. Maybe they can help you. And also read this please: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460-Can-I-Get-A-Refund-

You can purchase the WordPress theme here: http://themeforest.net/item/one-wordpress-responsive-personal-resume/8896700

What?! Are you saying to me that it is not a Wordpress theme? Is there any way to make this temp work in WP? Please, help me to fix that.

Hey, man! There is two problems and I need you to fix it: Mobile menu isn’t supposed to be closed after clicking on one of the items? And the stylesheet is missing. Please fix that very soon or give me my money back.

Hi. Love the theme and have had zero problems, However: Been learning about SEO and would like to ask how to use/input meta words /keywords? Other buyers welcome to comment. Thanks a lot, Mike


You need to edit the theme files or you can use a plugin.


Great theme. I’m having trouble setting up the email portion. Can you assist me?

Sorry, Gmail is not a good solution. Which step did you stuck on?

I setup the mandrill app info into the code, yet I am unable to receive any messages when testing. I’m sure it’s an issue with my mandrill settings. Are there any other services you can suggest, or is mandrill the only way to go?

Please send me a PM with your send.php file and mandrill account details.


First of all, congratulations for the awesome template.

I was able to customize almost everything for my needs, but I have two last itens where I’ll need a bit of assistance. Could you help me?

First, it would be really important for me to have visible captions on the images in the “Portfolio” section. How could I achieve this?

Second (and much less important) I would like to have a new section that would be an carrousel with messages fro my clientes. Is it possible without much html / css knowledge?

Thank you so much for your time.


Thank you and I’m so sorry for late replying.

Item support doesn’t include changes like this. Maybe you can hire a developer for that.

Sorry I couldn’t help.


I would like to know how to link one item from the gallery to a Youtube video instead of image. I’ve tried to just replace the URL, but i didn’t work.

Than you.

I’ve solved myself. :) Its has to be the embed url.

I did create a mandril account, set the API key and user on the send.php and commented the $mail->IsSMTP(); line. Sill getting “Message sent” but the message never arrives. What could I be doing wrong?


In send.php please add // before $mail->IsSMTP(); line and try again.

Hi. I can´t install the theme in wordpress. The error is “style.css is missing”


Unfortunately you bought the wrong version. This is not a WordPress theme.

You can find the WordPress theme here:


But i already bought this version. Can i paid the diference to by the Wordpress version?

I think you can open a support ticket:


Hey, it’s weird and it’s killing me. When I first hit Customize on my site, I see a full list of features, then in a second, bam, it reduces down to a set of useless ones. Been trying to find out if it is auth code stuff but can’t figure it out.



What is your WordPress version? Do you use any plugins with the theme? If so, try again after deactivating them. Maybe some of the plugins are causing the problem.

Hi. Can I use Gmail as SMTP?

Yes, you can use any SMTP service.