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Hello 1) where can I change the background color? 2) I changed all colors in the color-scheme-4.css, but the new colors are not displayed. What do I have to change? 3) I use the plugin “SI Captcha Anti-Spam”. If I want to login via the LoginWidget, I will be redirected to a second login (wp-login.php). Here with CAPTCHA query. Can the CAPTCHA query be installed into the login widget?

Thanks for the support Rolf


1. Use following css
body { background:#cccccc; }

2. Open page, view page source (right click) and check the color-scheme-4.css file. Can you see changes in this file?

3. If you want to fight with spam then you should install captcha on registration page, login page is not required. Take a look on the popular popular website.

Hi, When am clicking on Plugins or Updating Wordpress, it is showing as Page Not Found. Is there any problem with the theme?


I don’t think so, you can activate a default wp theme and check it out.

hello pls how can i create/customize the registration page

honestly @ diabolique, i have not still gotten the way to customize the registration page

How do you want to customize it?

need help at Diabolique

Hello, 1.) in the footer, I see [one community-addthis]. How do I insert the SHARE button? 2.) how can I reduce the size of the div.page-title box and change the color? 3.) in the private message tab the PNs are displayed. The date has a color background and hover. How do I change the background? 4.) I use the new wpforo Fourm plugin (https://wpforo.com/) and no bbpress and I need a real 100% wide site for the forum, look here http://meisterkuehler.de/wordpress3/community. How can I create an additional “full width” template for the forum? 5.) In the group overview, I see all groups. If I click on a group, an additional / forum / is attached to the URL. How can I change this: Example: http://meisterkuehler.de/wordpress3/gruppen/

Thank you very much Rolf


1. Just activate onecommunity shortcodes plugin 2. Open style,css and change following line

.page-title { font-size:65px; margin:-26px -26px 4% -26px; line-height:75px; padding:3% 4%; color:#ffffff; text-shadow:#9c9c9c 1px 1px 0px; background:#ffa726; }

3. style.css -> span.activity

4. Theme aleready has a one column page template so you should just select it under page attributes.

5. https://themeforest.net/item/onecommunity-buddypress-theme/3713046/support

Hello Support,

1.) is it possible to install widgets in the footer? 2.) how can I reduce the Avatar size in Buddypress “active user” and “who is online” widget?

Thank you very much Rolf


1. Try this plugin – https://wordpress.org/plugins/footer-mega-grid-columns/

2. Open style.css, remove style below Sidebar – Online Members Widget and paste following block of style here :http://diaboliquedesign.com/demo/onecommunity-theme/wp-content/themes/onecommunity/style.css

below Sidebar – Online and Recent Active Members Widget

Demo http://diaboliquedesign.com/demo/onecommunity-theme/contact-us/


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1.) the plugin is not reposiv and not tablet or smartphone suitable. Are there other alternatives possible? 2.) I can not find the css entry, where I can reduce the Avatar size

1. Try Elementor page bulider with this extension – https://wordpress.org/plugins/header-footer-elementor/

Also try this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4H5JrfRIck You can change divs width in css/responsive.css

2. It’s because of cache, here is current stylesheet – https://pastebin.com/YG8w3PHE


hallorolf Purchased

Hello Support, 1.) what data I need, to register here. http://support.diaboliquedesign.com? 2.) I would like to use the font “qicksand” as default font for everything (eg post & Pages text). what do I have to change? 3.) How can I locally host the Google Font Quicksand to improve load speed? 4.) You have on your demoseite in the header a beautiful mouse over effect, a line with a cursur point. How can I use it? 5.) I want to enlarge and center the logo. Where can I change this? 6.) The group view has no heading: http://diaboliquedesign.com/demo/onecommunity-theme/groups. How can I insert a headline?

Thank you very much now Rolf


hallorolf Purchased

5.) no, i want only enlarge and center the logo


hallorolf Purchased

1.) I can not find any access data for the support forum. What is the Username, which password should I please use? 5.1) if I want to have the page title and subtitle title instead of the logo image (large and centered), what do I have to change? 6.) The heading is displayed, but without background color and with the wrong font

1. Create new account on the support forum.

5. Open functions.php and increase size here:
    'height'      => 93,
    'width'       => 296,
Also paste following css:
#logo { margin-top:0px!important; }

6. If you want orange heading the use following code:

<div class="page-title">Groups</div>

hello, I want to know if I can use it with Learndash LMS plugin and not the LMS plugin included into the theme ? Thanks. Ludovic


Yes, of course. Generally theme should work with all plugins.


After Login to Wp-Admin Dashboard, Fatal error is showing up as below,

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted

I have changed the Memory Settings in Cpanel but still it is not working. please help me with the same.


Paste following code in .htaccess (root)

php_value memory_limit 512M

Hello After the demo content installation, I get a white page in the Wordpress backend. Is there a solution?

In this case you should use backend editor.

OK. The problem is where can I set the revslider for the home page? The problem is that I can set this only in Visual Composer?

There is a special widged area where you can insert different slider for logged users and guests.

Hi, how can I add few menus in Footer, when I added the Menu in Footer locations it is not coming in webiste.


Here is a full tutorial – https://dandelionwebdesign.com/footer-menu/