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Hello. This theme works for wordpress?


Yes, of course.

Hello have you receive my email with theme forest contact form.

How can I add a new topic on the support forum??


I sent you following reply:

1&2. I think you should generate language file in this case. Please check “IX. How to translate theme?” tutorial in theme documentation. You should do the same thing for plugins.

3. As fas as I know it’s possible with rtmedia pro – http://community.rtcamp.com/t/how-to-limit-max-number-of-images-per-profile/3943/2

4. Does it work when a default WP theme is active?

5. Use following css with changed field number: body.registration .field_7 { display:none }

6. Try this plugin – https://wordpress.org/plugins/bp-profile-search/

You have to register on the support forum.

Is there a way to make the bars (in the demo) across the bottom (under the slider…for posts and groups) a bit shorter?

Just wanting to scale the site down a bit, overall. Any help pointing me to which file and where it is, would be much appreciated!!

Aliasing of fonts is caused by low resolution of monitors. When you view your website on smartphone then all fonts will be smooth.

Also, I’d like to create space beneath the block-menu/logo, and beneath the slider. Basically I want to create some white space above and beneath slider to help space things out a tad, visually. Where would i locate this (is it margin or padding?) Thanks so much!

Paste following css:
header { margin-bottom:50px; }
.slider-box { margin-top:70px; }

Bless you. I guess I’ve run into something else. I’ve changed the color of the tile menu, but it seems to be connected to the color of the bars beneath the slider.

Any way to have them changed separately? God bless you.

Use following css:

header .tile, header .tile2 { background:#cccccc; }
header .tile:hover { background:#cccccc; }
#item-nav, #object-nav, #object-nav2, .object-nav-container { background:#dddddd; }

I have an odd request/question: One feature we are looking for is a front page “User Spotlight” that other users can PAY to nominate someone into the spotlight.

The idea is to have an interactive joke controlled by users that can generate revenue. Another example: A front / top page Spot that says: “Darwin Award of the Day” - Any user could pay 00.99 cents to “nominate” another user into that spotlight, and the user or his friends would have to pay .99 to nominate someone else in order to get out of the spotlight.

Can this be done?

Unfortunately I never heard about the extension with such feature.

Hi nice theme – I am looking for a Forum based theme that will offer private communications between lawyer, admin & clients. It will need to be 100% secure so each communication setup only authorised people will be able to view.

Different people will have different login & function permissions.

Lawyer managers will be able to create separate logins for multiple law practices.. and specify specific permissions.

Will your theme allow those abilities.. And if there is anything not in your theme how much would you charge for coded customisations ?

many thanks Daniel

You can use bbpress forum only too, there is possibility to create private forums.

thanks for the replys. also if a person posts in a group chat can it email and text notify all people from the group?..


It’s possible with this plugin – https://wordpress.org/plugins/bbpress-notify/

In buddypress there are following options – https://imgur.com/zSLis76 and such customisation possibility – https://buddypress.org/support/topic/can-we-send-email-notification-of-new-posts/

Hello, I see that this theme handles several aspects of a project that we want to create, the idea would be to have a web where a group of people can register and post info from a predefined form (text basically, like a document check list) and this info can be kept private or public as the author chooses. Would I be able to achieve this goal with this theme?

if I can change all the colors in your website a black and white image.


Yes, you can change all colors.


sociowash Purchased

how can i change home page popular,active,alphabatic,newest to my according title

Open plugins/onecommunity-shortcodes/onecommunity-shortcodes.php and change it here – https://pastebin.com/LcWgbWZF