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Hmm.. Odd my IP was blocked. Is there any reason for that to be happening?

Also, is this compatible with the latest Wordpress update? I cannot seem to find the shortcodes when editing posts. And when I use “insert more tag” it works but I also see ”#more-200” class=”more-link”>Read more”. How can this be solved?

Hmm.. Odd my IP was blocked. Is there any reason for that to be happening?

It happens when you make 150 pageviews on the live demo or when you test live search intensively. I need some protection against the bad robots because the can use 100% of CPU. You can always unblock your IP address filling this captcha – http://diaboliquedesign.com/unblock.php

Also, is this compatible with the latest Wordpress update?


And when I use “insert more tag” it works but I also see ”#more-200” class=”more-link”>Read more”.

I don’t see any problem on the live demo – http://www.demo1.diaboliquedesign.com/4/blog/

There must be following code inside blog.php

the_content( __('Read more','OneCommunity') );

Does everyone get banned? I haven’t viewed 150 pages, nor have I used the search function on your live demo… And I am banned again.

I have that piece of code inside the blog.php, yet it is still doing that. :/

What about the shortcodes? Are they or aren’t they supposed to show up in the editor? Because I cannot see them.

Does everyone get banned? I haven’t viewed 150 pages, nor have I used the search function on your live demo… And I am banned again.

I’ll take a look on it if there will be more clients with this problem. Right now only you have this problem.

I have that piece of code inside the blog.php, yet it is still doing that. :/

Reupload all theme files and disable child theme if you use it.

Shortodes list is inside decumentation.

If you need any help, please visit my Support Forum

Registration process is automatic so you don’t have to wait for an account activation.

Hi, i got an Update of Buddypress 1.9. Now i have issues whit the new Tab `NOTIFICATIONS` in the Group-Settings. See my shortcut, The Menue becomes repeat. How and where can i fix that? When do you post an update of Buddypress 1.9?

Regards, eberhard


I’m just working on it.

I just uploaded new version.

Hello, i uploaded your new version – 1.2.9 + BP 1.9 and still it doesn’t work properly. (same problem)

Update wasn’t approved by themeforest yet.

Oh, ok. I’m sorry.


I want to modify the theme, I understand you are not using CSS framework, I want to add new divs and grids, how can I do it?

Have you got documentation on your css?

I want to add new divs and grids, how can I do it?

You have to paste it into PHP files. I suggest to use Firebug and you will see whole html structure as blocks.

Have you got documentation on your css?

All elements are documented in style file – http://www.demo1.diaboliquedesign.com/4/wp-content/themes/OneCommunity/style.css

Style of forum is inside – css/bbpress.css


I’m interested in your theme. Is it possible to make it a RTL theme? Hebrew language. If so will you please give me tips how to do it?

Many Thanks.


Yes, just paste following code into myStyle.css

body { text-align:right; }

and all text will be right-to-left. If you have more questions then there is a special topic about it – http://support.diaboliquedesign.com/forums/topic/rtl-right-to-left/#post-5216

Great, many thanks!

How to change standard text being sent to new users, notifications, etc ?

Thank you for helping out!

Thanks! This is good for Content on the site, but what about emails being sent to new Subscribers? How can I customize the account that sends those emails ? etc.

As I know it’s in the language file of buddypress too.

Hello, I purchased your theme yesterday and I signed up for a support account on your site… I never received an email. Is there anything else I need to do?

got it now…


I just purchased your theme and I believe I have followed the instruction to install. I have been facing challenges getting the forum to work.

Here is what I get when I click the forum link:

Index of /forum

Parent Directory

Apache/2.2.25 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.25 OpenSSL/1.0.0-fips mod_auth_passthrough/2.1 mod_bwlimited/1.4 FrontPage/ Server at www.ngscholars.com Port 80

I cannot create a group too. When i click the create new in the admin dashboard, it just takes me to this link (http://www.ngscholars.com/groups/create/step/group-details/) – which only displays the menu

Also, when I log in, I only see menu on the homepage – no other widget shows.

I need assistance please.

Thank you

Okay, I’m sorry about to bother you on that day. I’m seriously stuck an I must confess I was lost I had to uninstall the theme. Is there any help you can render? Best Regards!!!

Send me login to your WP dashboard via e-mail. I’ll be on-line within next 5 hours.

I have done that since. Thank you

hi i would like to purchase the regular licence i want to perform the following operation in this theme let me know is that possible to perform these operations with regular licence (60$ one time fee) 1. i want to use the theme for one domain (my own purpose ) life time 2. i want to include my own logo also let me know is there any chance for any additional payment in future ,in order to use the theme after 1 year with the above conditions

is that possible to add customhtml codes using plain text tool?

Yes, of course.

Hi Diabloque. Happy new year. can you please help me out here, i am having a hard time styling the search box on the bar and center it in the middle. i went throw the css tried to remove the border-radius nothing happen. what i would like to do is just to have a squire search bar on the center the style code will go into my child theme style.css

Text you can add via Search plugin options panel.

They is a problem with the search ajax, the text shows, but when u click away from the search box the text disappear and dasn’t show again? could this be a bug or something went wrong from my end

Thank you

Yes, it’s a normal thing.

Dear Sir This template includes default settings file? Such as DEMO http://www.demo1.diaboliquedesign.com/4/

Thanks? Eddie

So how to settings such as demo?

There is XML file with forums, posts, pages, topics and users only – http://www.demo1.diaboliquedesign.com/4/export.xml

Thanks Diabolique Many thanks for your help!

is it possible to create 2 types of users with this theme, 1 paid and 1 free and set site permissions dependant on which client is using?

Hi I thinking to buy your themes but I don’t now how to install and setup this plugin can you help me with this ?? thanks


There is detailed documantation. Anyway I can always tell you what you are doing wrong.

I am about to purchase this wonderful product but need to know if there is a way to install the theme with all the demo content already installed, this will help me input my content

There is XML file with exported data (forums, posts, pages, topics, users): http://www.demo1.diaboliquedesign.com/4/export.xml

Unfortunately buddypress doesn’t allow to import/export whole content.

Hello Diabolique! We are choosing between his three themes, the Cinematix the Xphoria and One Community. If all goes well here is not only a theme, many will be bought. But the key to our project is the compatibility of the theme with plugins wpmudev.org mainly the Membership plugin, because we need to close urls, pages, menus. His themes work with this plugin? And you can help us if we want to change the theme colors? thank you



Theme should work with 99% plugins, other members use my themes with some membership plugins. Also there is a topic about how to hide specific areas for users – http://support.diaboliquedesign.com/forums/topic/managing-strangersguest-level-to-not-see-forums/#post-1687

Are they any shotcodes for tabbed information Thanks M

No, but this plugin will do this – http://wordpress.org/plugins/tabs-shortcode/


First I wanted to thank you for this great theme! The design is great. Unfortunately you made changes to fonts slightly more complicated… I want to make the necessary changes to functions.php and style.ccs in a child theme, but I am having issues to create a child theme. I followed your comments in the support area and copied the following files: sytle.ccs, functions.php and options.php

Then I added the child language to style.css and replaced the functions.php content with the following: <?php

/* * Custom functions for OneCommunity child theme should be added here. */ wp_register_style(‘Lato’, ‘http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Lato'); wp_enqueue_style( ‘Lato’); wp_enqueue_style( ‘Oswald’);

wp_register_style('Oswald', 'http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Oswald');


Now, when I activate the child theme I get the folloqing error message: Warning: require_once(/home/nubs/webapps/community/wp-content/themes/onecommunity-child/admin/options-framework.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/nubs/webapps/community/wp-content/themes/OneCommunity/functions.php on line 787

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ’/home/nubs/webapps/community/wp-content/themes/onecommunity-child/admin/options-framework.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/local/share/pear55’) in /home/nubs/webapps/community/wp-content/themes/OneCommunity/functions.php on line 787

I actually need to go into the database to change the theme setting again as the whole wp-admin crashes.

Can you please help me? Or any other recommendation to change fonts without touching the initial files? I don’t want to do the changes post any updates…



You have to upload admin/ folder from OneCommunity/ into onecommunity-child/

Thank for this. One additional question: The registration process seems to be different in your theme then what I was used. In an other theme there is no activation required and the user simply receives his username and password by email. I have been trying to use WP Welcome Email Editor to change the registration emails, but it is not working. Where can I change the text in the core files? Or do you know a plugin that will work with your theme?


User can choose password filling registration form – http://www.demo1.diaboliquedesign.com/4/register/

then he has to click on the activation link, that’s how buddypress is working and you can’t change it without huge customisation.

Very nice!

First of all.. sorry about my poor english !

Questions : Is it possible to have multiple membership level and some parts of the website is managed by them? For example, advertisers could create activities (only they could create activities being viewed by those who are registered on the site), moderators that could moderate the forums, etc.. If this is not possible at first glance, would you pass available for a helping hand?


When i say activities.. i mean events… :D

Yes, it’s possible. There is a special topic about it – http://support.diaboliquedesign.com/forums/topic/managing-strangersguest-level-to-not-see-forums/#post-1687

Also there are special plugins for users management.


When I go to my bp profile and click on the media tab I go to a page which says Create empty page called `Home`, like when I had to create my home page. What am I doing wrong?



If you are talking about RTmedia plugin then visit this topic – http://support.diaboliquedesign.com/forums/topic/rtmedia-not-showing-anything/