Discussion on OneCommunity - BuddyPress Membership Theme

Discussion on OneCommunity - BuddyPress Membership Theme

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Please help: 1. I’m trying to change the link to the ”Register” button it is currently linked to www.domain.com/register. I want it to be linked to my pricing page i.e www.domain.com/pricing so users can select their member plan before Registering which is now controlled by Membership Pro.

2. I’m trying to removed Docs and Buddydrive from BodyPress member navigation.



1. Please open the header.php file (theme folder) and change the /register slug.

2. Paste following css under appearance -> customizer -> additional css
#object-nav #buddydrive-personal-li, #object-nav #docs-personal-li { display:none; }

Open wp-content/plugins/onecommunity-shortcodes/inc/general.php and change this slug


How do I block register from this page https://steamy9ja.com/members/admin/

I the solution, I hided the Register tab using CSS. I need to point the Register(New to this site? REGISTER here!) in this test to my pricing page, how do I do that?

oh i see the plugin that controls it using the dev tool, i traced the id: bplock-user-register and a javascript is controlling the link. here is the location of the script wp-content/plugins/lock-my-bp/public/js/bp-lock-public.js

URGENT HELP. I need to remove the REGISTER button on top menu. I use a plugin called Digits for login (using smartphones) and these plugin controls my login workflow. So I don’t need to show the register button, but I do need users to register because this is done on the checkout of Woocommerce. So, how cold I hide the Register button?

Also, the Login button should be hidden as well… or even better… is there a way to make the login button to show the shortcode of the Digits plugin? The shortcode shows a modal pop-up.

Suggestion: you should put these kind of controls under the frond end to make easier to users to control the most basic aspect of the community: login and registration.

Thanks for the great theme.

Login and registration buttons are in the header.php (root of theme)

<a href="<?php echo home_url(); ?>/register" class="header-top-signin tada"><?php esc_attr_e('Register', 'onecommunity'); ?></a>

<?php if ( is_front_page() || is_page_template( array( 'frontpage-2.php', 'frontpage-page-builder.php' ) ) ) { ?>
<a class="header-top-login header-top-login-jump login-popup-action"><?php esc_attr_e('Login', 'onecommunity'); ?></a>
<?php } else { ?>
<a class="header-top-login login-popup-action"><?php esc_attr_e('Login', 'onecommunity'); ?></a>
<?php } ?>

Also, I’m using Youzer version of your theme, and all the footer social media icons are broken. Please, take a look: www.academiacriativa.com

There is missed image https://www.academiacriativa.com/wp-content/themes/onecommunity-youzer/img/icon-instagram.png


A few things:

1. Can you add “search” function within the Forum section so someone can search a particular topic or forum category? 2. Can you add “Login with Facebook/ Twitter” etc. ? 3. How much “content locking” is achievable with this theme? For instance, if i only want registered users/members to see certain things like ‘members’ or certain content that i want previewed only to members..

please advise

thanks Chris


1. I’ll note it and take a look on it, right now there is available such advanced search only – http://www.demo1.diaboliquedesign.com/4/searching/

2. You can use my theme with this plugin – http://wpmu.org/login-with-facebook-on-any-wordpress-wpmu-or-buddypress-site-using-wp-fb-autoconnect/

3. It works like a Default BP theme – you can hide specific groups + you can show some text for registered members using shortcode. You will find more powerful plugins and use it with my theme.

Hello, i made a logo, the same size than yours, but it does not fit to header: https://streamchat.de

How do you hide the Admin/User Panel on top?

Install the Hide Wp Admin Bar plugin. I thing the problem will disappear if you hide the admin bar.


I’m on a very early stage of live website and dont allow anyone to register or login. How i can disable the register and login button on the right top.

Thank you


Please go to WP dashboard -> settings -> general -> disable “Anyone can register” option

i would like to add a register-link to the login-page.

There is shown remember me and password recovery. Additional i would like to display “or register linked to the register page.

Is this possible?


I do have a question. Now that I set everything up for registering and login. I only want users to login with their social media accounts. So how do I turn off the login and register page ? do I just not assign these pages to buddy press and then add the short code to the social media system i have. ?

Is there a way that havkers can still register through another registration source?

Regards, Lonny


Go to Settings ? General and uncheck Anyone can register.

I can’t find a FAQ or code-snippet to make the register button use the Youzify Register Popup. Can this be done? I have the login function working properly but can’t get Register to work.


We simply added this and removed the code for the register button so if you click either login or register it pops up the youzify login.

I went to (Settings>General>Anyone can register) but the option of register is not showing up on the homepage. It is only showing Login function. Pls advice. thanks.

hello pls how can i create/customize the registration page


I sent you an e-mail few hours ago. Please check it out in theme doc:

1E. Go to Pages → Add New and create pages called Register and Activate. Now go to Settings → BuddyPress → Pages and make all settings like on the following screenshot:

Hello, We need to know the posibilities about to hide the function and the tab of Document in the site of Profile Members when users does not logued in into the Comunity Members. In the same way, we want to hide the settings section for the guest users that do not logued into the comunity.


Document? Do you mean BP Docs?

to hide the settings section for the guest users that do not logued into the comunity.

There are not any settings available for guests

Hi there, how can i change the register url in the menu?


It can be changed in header.php ->


I can’t register new user. what’s problem ?

I use your demo page test register page the same problem. Is register not working.

Can I shutdown email check register

can i hide the “popular members” & “active members” on frontpage from guest?

Hi there, just another question, would the members be able to hide their friend list? Like one of Facebooks features? Thanks!

Hi Support Team, How do I change the url of the Login and Register (Button/Menu) page in the menu bar on the right side of the header? I can’t find it to change. Looking at theme customization, I didn’t find any options. Help Me Please. Advanced Thanks

How can i use captcha for non registered user? The bots will come!

thanks but the buddypress-nocaptcha-register-box dont work, it works only with sign up but not for Guest comments in forum/blog etc.

There is no any mention about comment or forum forms – https://wordpress.org/plugins/buddypress-nocaptcha-register-box/

Looks like it works on the registration page only.

Go to wp dashboard -> settings -> discussion -> check the Users must be registered and logged in to comment option.


I’m creating a website with OneCommunity and have everything ready to launch.

Just one issue:

In the registration page, it says “registration disabled” (LINK: http://bmw.wpweekend.com/register/)

But when I go to Settings > General, the “Anybody can register” option is checked.

Any ideas where can i enable registration?

thanks a lot.

Thanks! Another quick question:

How can I approve manually each member that registers.

Just until I approve it, the account should be active.

thank you so much!

Hello. Some user tried to register but he had never recieve the activation mail link. By the way i tried to add him manually but WP says “the email is already registered”. Anyway i can’t see that user in the user board, neither delete or add him in any way.


I’ve searched for this here. Nothing. For some reason I can’t access the support site. I just want to know how you hide certain posts and pages (and maybe other content) from unregistered users. Thank you.

Registration form is here – http://support.diaboliquedesign.com/wp-login.php?action=register

Make sure your browser allows pop up windows because there is antispam protect. Also you can send me your e-mail address so I will create a new account.


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