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Good job! Are there any plans for responsive/mobile friendly layout?

Yes. I will add it within few days.

Good to hear! Is there an option for forum replies to be nested? Any option to turn off author, date, tag, etc.? Can the top right be changed easily to include/exclude certain boxes (ie: remove activity, blog, members, etc.)

Are you talking about “On the Forums” widget? You have to remove some code from functions.php – it’s very easy.

Can the top right be changed easily to include/exclude certain boxes (ie: remove activity, blog, members, etc.)

You have to edit header.php but it’s not hard.

This is a very attractive BuddyPress theme! Nicely done. As eticket mentions though, I would be curious to know if there is a responsive version on the horizon. It’s getting harder for me to justify non-responsive projects these days.

Thanks. I’ll add responsive layout within few days.

Cool theme, best of luck!

Thanks man!

Great theme. Also wondering about responsive

Thanks. Give me few days.

I would buy this straight away if it was mobile!

Responsive layout will be available within few days.

Looks wonderful, congrats ! :)


color changer would be a good addition.

Well, there is a detailed documentation where is explained how to change all colors.

can i use loginradius or oneall social connect plugins to allow the users to login to the site instead of default login option?i used these plugins with other buddypress themes its working perfectly.can i use this with this theme?

Yes, you can if they work with Default BP theme.

sounds funny.. but where can i upload a avatar in this theme? can’t find under “Profile-Page” in Buddypress… :D

It’s integrated with Gravatar.com If you want to enable avatars editor on your website then here is a solution: http://themeforest.net/item/onecommunity-buddypress-theme/3713046/faqs/13389

Hi I liked The Theme … very Cool Please I need to regester or login to check end user features . in fact i looking for end user pages that provide them to get those files when they buy my products … is your theme have this option ? Thank you . :)

I will Going to buy it to check all this features and i wish to get a little from you … thanks!!! :)

No problem

Hi but the screenshots you provided doesn’t show setting tab for the end user. Could you send them as well? I’m thinking about buying your great looking them – could you provide us documentation of this theme before I decide to get it? thank you. Nasq

I don’t know much about buddy press – just looking to purchase theme to do something like another site I have: radunits.com – I would install Cart66 and maybe an event calendar if possible. I don’t see any shortcodes listed – are there any? Is this feasible?

Theme works with all plugins and buddypress extensions. Shordcodes will be added very soon.

Hi! This theme looks lovely and I’ll wait for a responsive layout too :) Just a few questions- 1) Would it be possible to have a slider of the recent posts with featured images on the home page followed by olders posts ( a more traditional format)? Do you have a different home page option? 2) I’d like to start a community sharing recipe site and I just want to know if this theme will allow user posted recipes(posts) to feature on the home page? Thanks in advance! Love the look and feel of your theme :) Lakshmi


I’m just working on the responsive layout.

1. Yes, I’m planning to add more alternative frontpages including slider.

2. I can recommend http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/buddypress-docs/ But to display featured recipes on the frontpage requires more work.

Thank you! I look forward to seeing it!!

Great Theme! Maybe will be my new Blog Design if it is Responsive!

Thanks. I’m just working on the responsive layout.

I second the person above me. A image slider would make this an instant buy. Don’t know if there is such a thing already there.

Just curious about that.

I’m planning to add more alternative frontpages including some cool slider.

The third the two people above me on the slider.

I’ll add another frontpage with a slider.

Hey, great looking theme.

Do you know if this has been tested with Event Manager? http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/events-manager/


Works fine for me – http://imm.io/RLnD http://imm.io/RLji http://imm.io/RLjW All standard WP plugins should work with my theme.

This is really cool ! like it :) good job !

The best theme for buddypress so far…!! Just purchased.

One quick question… anyway of having the site logo image as a image option on the Facebook Share… ?

Just purchased too ;)

Thank you very much.