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Can the footer be customized. Right now, in the preview, I can see only one liner footer. can the footer be customized like this without coding? http://themeforest.net/item/mingle-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/235056

No, it’s not possible.

Thanks. where exactly can I then put shortcuts/icons for social networking links, like twitter, FB, etc ?

Well, you can paste it everywhere.

can you make it in both language Arabic and English?

please reply as soon as possible

Theme isn’t compatible with WPML in 100%, but I’ll fix it very soon.

could you send to me any website url using your theme in arabic language?

I’m not tracking clients’ sites.

There is a topic about how to make text RTL – http://support.diaboliquedesign.com/forums/topic/rtl-right-to-left/

How do you reduce the size of the thumbnail in the blog posts? I tried in the Media settings and the images are still big M

Please create a new topic on the support forum and I’ll tell you how to do it.

If you need any help, please visit my Support Forum

Registration process is automatic so you don’t have to wait for an account activation.

Don’t forget to use a search function.

Can you tell me whether the topic is completely translated in Bulgarian? Does the admin panel can be a Bulgarian?

Can you tell me whether the topic is completely translated in Bulgarian?


Does the admin panel can be a Bulgarian?

Yes, you have to install foreign version og Buddyrpess – http://codex.buddypress.org/user/translations/bulgarian-%D0%91%D1%8A%D0%BB%D0%B3%D0%B0%D1%80%D1%81%D0%BA%D0%B8-bg_bg/

Hello – I am looking to buy this theme and had a few questions. In general, the design and functionality of this theme looks great but I am designing a business site (so more linked-in than facebook). Questions are: 1) Can I change the name of buddypress elements? Eg. change “friend” or “add friend” to “contacts” or “add contact”? Same for “group” – to something like “ideas”? 2) When lists of groups or members come up, make that text-based (i.e. display the name) rather than show the large profile picture? thanks

1. Yes, you have to edit buddypress language files.

2. Name is already displayed so you just have to remove avatar, so yes it’s possible.

Hello guys, I have only bought your team about 2 hours ago after saving for it for over 2 months. It’s giving me lots of headaches already. I have tried going straight to your support forum but can you please help me with where to find my activation licence stuff it is asking for. I have checked the few text files in the documentation folder and cannot find it. The site is www.letsgist.com; the widgets that are meant to be on the left including ad codes and Facebook like box are showing at the buttom and I’ve checked virtually everywhere I can. Please help me as soon as you can as this site is a regularly visited one. I was hoping to get it ready for the new look by Sunday morning (London Time)

I would like to purchase this theme…immediately. One question, is the theme compatible with any ecommerce plugins?

Hello theme creator, I’d like to know if SEO was considered while creating this theme. I also want to know if I can bring the Forum Design (CSS) to be exactly like the one on the demo site? Thank you

As I know the <title> tag is the most important for search engines.

h1 tags can be easy added.

How can I send you a message via email. I need to send you a message regarding this SEO of a thing. I don’t want to start writing them here, unless you are okay with that.

I would need an update for WPML, to translate it! I have a project to finish and i need the theme in 3 languages. When do you fix this problem?

Regards, ebi.g

It will be done when I finish my next theme. Generally there have to be replaced all strings such as:
<?php echo of_get_option('t-24', 'FORUM' ); ?>


_e('FORUM', 'OneCommunity')

and add it to functions.php:

// Localization Support
load_theme_textdomain( 'OneCommunity', TEMPLATEPATH.'/lang' );

$locale = get_locale();
$locale_file = TEMPLATEPATH."/lang/$locale.php";
if ( is_readable($locale_file) )

This theme is no where “near” Responsive layout .. It has just a mobile version … but no landscape … :(( How can i controll the menu with the thumbs ? (Forums,Groups..etc)


Hi. Wonder if you can tell me how to add a button to the top of each topic …clicking that should the user right to the bottom where they can write the reply or add new topic .. Its very odd to have to scroll always … All the way to the botom to find the form …

There is no space below tabs for such button. You can add button above tabs but it will be displayed on all BP pages because Buddypress uses the same page template for Group pages.

On the Blog page (done as per guide) would like to display just a small feature image & an excerpt of the posts .However, at the moment it’s showing whole text/article of each post. Where can i set the lengh and the number of the post to show for “blog page” ?

Above post editor is a “more” button.

I have over 200 posts already on my website … I cannot do and add “more” for each one ..this option will work for a fresh install ..

Also very confused how the “blog” page is pulling out the posts … how can i set how many to show .. And what categories ? ...

Also i cannot post on your suppprt forum because responsive layout issue … Cannot see the submit button … Thats why i keep asking here for your help .. Thank you

You can create automatic excerpt – http://support.diaboliquedesign.com/forums/topic/excerpt-in-category/#post-467

Also very confused how the “blog” page is pulling out the posts … how can i set how many to show .. And what categories ? ...

blog.php – posts_per_page=4 posts_per_page=4 replace for posts_per_page=4&cat=1

Also i cannot post on your suppprt forum because responsive layout issue … Cannot see the submit button … Thats why i keep asking here for your help .. Thank you

Hmm, it looks like I have to remove default WP theme and use mine.


My license does not work. It says the code has already been used, though I’ve never used the code.



I can’t find “soopablogga” username. Can you send a license certificate via e-mail?

OneCommunity works very fine but i have one problem, after the registration of a new member the validation email comes in de spambox and sometimes isn’t deliver at all. This happend not only with @gmail, but also other adresses. I heard that more buyers have this problem. Can you do something against this problem?

E-mails are not sending by theme but by your server :) Probably IP of your server was banned because somebody sent spam from the same IP. You can buy dedicated IP or check this solution – http://support.diaboliquedesign.com/forums/topic/users-that-register-verification-email/#post-4849



I have a presales question. If I buy this Theme, can I have a Forum like the Demo?




Of course :), style for bbpress plugin (forum system) is included. You are buying what you see on the live demo :)


How can I change RSS title? I have normal RSS in activity, forums {sitename} >> {all_posts}... But in blog categories RSS I have only {sitename}. This problem only in categories rss. I want to have {sitename} >> {category}.

Well, I don’t know, it’s not a part of theme. WP somewhere generates RSS file and each page contains Blog title, that’s all.

Ok. So, you do not have rss-generator files in your theme?

Definitely not

Hello !

I am waiting since last 10 hours, can you please reply on my small query:


Can you please tell me how can I change the popular member with last registered members.

I could not change the title “Popular Members”

Theme is nice one I wish support was so too.

Why is my question not being answered ? You have replied to every question and have come online twice.

Please help, its urgent.

I posted solution.

Thanks DD for posting the solution. It worked perfectly.

I need the theme in spanish, i can do the translation myself, does the theme offer full integration with WPML?

If you want to have a website in spanish language then install spanish version of buddypress and bbpress – http://codex.buddypress.org/developer/translations/spanish-espanol-generico-es_es-correctedcorregido-by-buddypress-esorg/

Some texts have to be translated via theme options panel so they are not compoatible with WPML but I will fix it very soon.

hello can you tell me if this take subscriptions / membership payments for access or if theres a plugin that is compatible for this please?


You can use theme with this plugins http://wpmu.org/monetize-your-members-powerful-membership-plugin-delivers-custom-subscription-solutions-for-wordpress-multisite-and-buddypress/

There is many other subscriptions/membership plugins too .


I am looking for a theme to work with bbPress but not buddypress. I usually import the demo data to help set up a theme, but I read that I’d need to activate bbPress and buddypress uploading the .xml file. Can I use the theme with just bbPress? Thanks.


Buddypress can be not installed (content of buddypress won’t be imported).

Great! Thank you. Does it affect the design in the top left of the site (little yellow boxes) if some of those pages aren’t used? I am making a schools forum site and want to keep it really simple.

No, you can just change slug for tiles.

2 issues…

Private message another member and it goes to a page “page not found”

Registration e-mails to confirm new user are never received by new members

Just bought this Friday.

Private message another member and it goes to a page “page not found”

This is not a theme issue, check a default BP theme.

Registration e-mails to confirm new user are never received by new members

E-mails are not sent by theme but by your server. Your (shared) IP is in spam box, buy a dedicated IP.