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On the FRONT PAGE 2 option, how can I show a few summary lines of the body of the post under the title (on the feature posts at the top)?

There will be few hours of work if you are asking for style too.

I just want to show one or two sentences of the post

Like I said there will be a lot of work especialy on the responsive layout.

On the FrontPage2 option, the navigation “dots” below the slider aren’t showing up. Can you help?

Reupload whole theme or just following files:

Thanks. Can you tell me how to get the slider navigation “dots” to always show (instead of only showing on mouseover)?


my activity doesn’t work any idea?


There is no


file code that I removed it? and with that already manages about the activity? thanks

This file activity\index.php must contain id=”object-nav”

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OK so I bought another one of your themes to try to resolve the conflict that you were unresponsive to and it still exists. I am trying to run buddypress with multisite and only your them is broken on the sub site. Any other themes work. It seems your themes clash with each other.

Here I have one community installed:


Here is a sub site with a brand new licensed theme from you community junction

www.the lotteryoflove.com

Any other theme I use works but with your one community theme I cannot run a sub site and use either one community or community junction for the second site. If the user is logged in the pages are blank. When not logged in you can see them. It is obviously a problem with conflicts on your themes since all other themes work and I have tried with all plugins disabled.

On this site (www.thelotteryoflove.com) you didn’t install Buddypress or you didn’t activate some buddypress component http://demo1.diaboliquedesign.com/4/Help/assets/components.png

it’s all installed. Both sites are running on the same wordpress core. it is also multiblog enabled but either way you themes conflict with each other. I have found the offending code. The logged in display info in the header is causing it to fail. When logged in I get a mostly white page with an envelope. If I remove the if user is logged in stuff in the header then the pages will display.

I got it working. I thought that it was code for displaying the user info but its the code for the admin bar. It is def. flawed for using two of your themes on multisite. I removed it and now everything works. It seems to be making a second conflicting call to the admin bar. Here is the code.

<?php if ( is_user_logged_in() ) { ?>

<?php bp_loggedin_user_avatar( ‘type=thumb&width=24&height=24’ ) ?> <?php _e('Hello', 'CommunityJunction'); ?> <?php $theusername = bp_core_get_user_displayname( bp_loggedin_user_id() ); $getlength = strlen($theusername); $thelength = 15; echo mb_substr($theusername, 0, $thelength, ‘UTF-8’); if ($getlength > $thelength) echo ”...”; ?>! <?php echo messages_get_unread_count(); ?>
<?php } else { ?>

Good morning

1. I restart my project, using your theme template (very beautiful)

2. I respect the installation and translate the site and different terms as you explain to avoid missing page : Ok

3. I install ‘rtmedia Pro’ where I bought the license, and I got ‘media’ link in onecommunity member page.

4. I click the link and I got again the notification : ‘Create empty page called Home (Pages ? Add New) with selected Frontpage 1, Frontpage 2 or Frontpage 3 page template and setup Home page as your frontpage. More information you will find in the documentation.’

5. I reput the site in original language and create again member page in english : no change, I still got the notification when I press ‘media’ button Link to make you see : domain = lookarts (to avoid deep linking) a. member page : http://<domain>.com/members/lookarts/ ‘click media button’ b. media link : http://<domain>.com/members/lookarts/media How can I do to solve this fatal error ?

Perfect ! it works, thank you

After a group has been created, I realized I am unable to edit the image which was uploaded. Where can I edit/remove the group image? Thanks in advance!

It can be a hosting account issue, some limit.

Hosting issue? What does hosting got to do with the image? Let’s take your sample for example (http://www.demo1.diaboliquedesign.com/4/groups). Say I want to change the image for Music group, where can I change the image?

There can be an upload or CPU usage limit. If it doesn’t work with default WP theme too then it’s not a theme issue.

I went to (Settings>General>Anyone can register) but the option of register is not showing up on the homepage. It is only showing Login function. Pls advice. thanks.

Ignore this, i have resolved it.

By default a ‘Mystery Man’ will show as default avatar for members but it’s not showing up at all. All the avatar are displaying broken image. Any idea why is it like this?

Default avatar is loaded from gravatar.com server. Does it work when a default WP theme is active?

Seems okay now, probably something to do with gravatar side. resolved now, thanks.

I bought your theme but I red about sample data but your link show page of codes what i know is there is xml file i upload to my wordpress site please i need your answer clear and complete i need it fast please

Make a right click over the link and chose save as.

HI Diabolique,

how can i change the permalink for the groups, please? I want change the link from >forum to >home.

Greetings Paulson

Thanks! :D

Sorry, i´m again.

I became a blank page if i created a group forum. Is that a mistake in my adjustment?

Greetings Paulson

Hi…the problem was not to greate a group. The topics in the group forum are every ending in blank sides.

Sorry. Im tested it with an other buddypress theme. It works only with my first and old bp-theme. So is not a problem with your theme.

HI i upload your demo xml and customize front page 2 but i find the content seems to be in the center and crowded seems some contents not appeared or not int he right place no sidebare and from where should fix my homepage from appearance or pages or where also theme options very limited please clarify in details how to make my homepage just like your demo homepage

Thank you for great support i think i need years just to send queston then you answer yes or no then complete this is my first issue and take all this time what is about tomorrow i dont need all i find other theme better support thank you i dont need your support any more

I suggest you go to psychiatrist, if it’s not too late.

Thank you for your response which reflect you i wish good luck for you your are a good man

I want to buy this theme for photo community website. I want to give my members opportunity to make personal photos gallery. It is possible to do in your theme?

Yes, theme works great with this plugin – https://rtcamp.com/rtmedia/

I translate pot into italian and generate .mo file…I renamed it OneCommunity-it_IT.mo, but nothing changes.

Can you help me?

did it….great theme however

I have some users registered correctly, but they are not shown at the Members Page. Someone knows what could be the problem? Have any of you the same problem? Thanks.

In Buddypress each user must be logged at least once then it will be visible.

Hello Diabolique,

i use widgets editors. But this widgets move the others widgets under the page. Have you a idea ?

Greetings Paulson


Each widget must contain title.

:D Thanks! Great Theme! :)


I would like to use your theme for a haiku forum. That are little poems written in 3 lines. So I would need to change the forum title field into textarea where it is possible to enter the haiku in three lines and display them afterwards in the heading oft he froum title in this form. Can you offer me that change in that theme? How many hours of work probably?


Something like that is easy to do – http://i.share.pho.to/90ad7758_o.png

But to display it in 3 rows in title then probably there will be more work. Unfortunately I don’t offer any services.

Okay, thx 4 your quick answer. I am not searching fore three separate output lines,, normaly the title field is a simple textfield without any breaks. The text in the link you gave me, isn´ t the title displayed in three lines?,Thats just what I am looking for.

I talked about 3 rows in title, not about form.

Hi! I would like to ask you a few questions a) Is it mobile friendly? b) I have wordpress 3.2, is it compatible or is it only compatible for 3.9? c) Can I customize colors etc?


a) yes

b) if the lastest version of Buddypress will work with WP 3.2 then my theme will work too

c) there is already 10 predefined color schemes