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1. Does the theme works on tablet and mobil phones?

2. Does it adapts itself automatically?


Could you suggest what type of hosting or server configuration would you recommend for this type of theme if I was expecting to have around 10,000 users?




My demos are on the – http://www.hostnine.com/hosting/shared/ ($5.95)


Good morning my name is Ricardo Triana, I´m a front end developer and web/mobile designer. Im looking to purchase a template for my startup company. What Im looking for is:

-User registration/sign up -User can edit their profile (avatar image and data) and publish. Profile can be viewed by all registered and not registered users. -User geolocation. Can user have a geolocation option when creating profeile. -Advanced search app -Responsive and extremely mobile friendly -Chat aplication or some kind of comment aplication so users can interact in a private/public manner. -User can create a post/page with custom fields, and will only be published after admin authorization. This post/page can be tagged so that it can be easily found by a user when using this tags as search filters. -User can create and share a post/page with custom fields that will only be viewed by certain users. User should be able to associate this post/page with a certain user that is registered in the site.

I know these might look like a bit too much, but it is my best option, i need some kind of minimum viable product to be online in a few weeks, that is why Im taking the template option as my last resource. And I know that some of these functionalities can be achieved with plugins and son on. But Id really like to know if plugins can be installed without any trouble and that your template will be able to install these plugins with no conflict.

Thank you so much for your time, and I hope you guys can help me out.



I see the same comment under every Buddypress theme. Login is not available.

Hey! The template looks good, i justa have a few questions before I make my decision:

1. Can I have users rating other user? 2. Can a user comment on another user´s profile? 3. cAn the user create posts that can be monitored and published by the admin. 4. Of Im not 100% satisfied will I get my momney back?

Thank for yout time, and sorry for all the trouble.



1. http://spoonjab.com/bp-wp-profile-reviews/

2. No, buddypress doesn’t support it.

3. Probably yes, it’s not a theme-related question.

4. No.

Hi this theme is giving server stressed by Admin-Ajax.php

Its making the server too slow and site too slow. How can we fix this?

It’s caused by ajax search plugin.

http://www.demo1.diaboliquedesign.com/4/changelogs.txt Removed pre-cache for Ajax Search plugin which caused very high CPU usage on server (requested admin-ajax.php file too often).

Great thanks,

Suggestion can you include the logs or version change in theme description page? (http://themeforest.net/item/onecommunity-buddypress-theme/3713046)


I already did it, click on v1.3.5

I really like this theme, but can you share documents?

Thanks :o)


All the author images are broken for new register and old once. How can I fix this



It’s a crash of gravatar.

How to fix that?

If you need any help, please visit my Support Forum

Registration process is automatic so you don’t have to wait for an account activation.


Two questions please :

1) Where can I change the URLs of the blocks in the header (“membres”, “activite” and “a propos” in red)? Because the URLS are false and I have 404 errors.

2) When a new member want to register, he don’t receive the mail confirmation. Whare can I configure it ?

My website : http://www.v-ferrata.fr/

Thank’s !

I’m sorry, in this theme menu is managed by WP dashboard so slug of page you can change below title editor – http://www.s3blog.org/screengrab/images.html?id=10d9c8eaa75f31e0692933649ad750a8

I find the problem. It was the translation. I put the good fields in english and the link are good now.

For the email, The problem is only with the MSN and HOTMAIL adresse. Not confirmation in the webmail and spams. Where can I search ? My host ? Buddypress ? BBpress ?

Thank’s for you support and sorry for my english…

You can use gmail to send confirmation e-mails. This plugin can do it – http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-mail-smtp/

Hello What a lovely theme!!!

A question if I may. Is it possible for me to have paid registration via paypal? I wish to have 2 or 3 levels of registration. therefor 2 or 3 payment options.

Also If I am a member and I wish to send a private message to another member is this possible?

Many thanks


Yes, there is many plugins which can do it.

Also If I am a member and I wish to send a private message to another member is this possible?

Yes – http://themeforest.net/theme_previews/3713046-onecommunity-buddypress-theme?index=20&url_name=onecommunity-buddypress-theme

Hi, I have bought the theme, but is there a user manual?


It’s in the Help folder. Probably you downloaded theme only.


i see the ajax-search pro plugin included is version 1.81. the “stand-alone” plugin is already at 3.0 now (2014.08.04)

i’m experiencing problems with entries filled in in the extend profile fields not being found.

also custom post type selectors do not seem to be saved (you can drag them from left to right), after saving if you go back to the screen the original settings (not the saved settings) are shown.

is this a misconfiguration from my side, or will a update of ajax-search pro fix this, and can you include an updated version of this plugin in the new theme release?

thank you

Not yet.

any eta?

I don’t know. They changed many things.

Hello, Why isn’t the Users profile pictures not getting showed at the user picture tab? http://i.imgur.com/PLVEVfq.png

If you need any help, please visit my Support Forum

Registration process is automatic so you don’t have to wait for an account activation.

Don’t forget to use a search function.

Does this theme supports RTL language like arabic?

Yes, there is a special topic about it if you find some problems – http://support.diaboliquedesign.com/forums/topic/rtl-right-to-left/#post-5216

Hi I would like to know if I purchase the theme, will all the next updates be available for me or should I pay again in the future?


All updates are free.

does it support different language?

Yes, WPML.

Thank you for this update :)

Great theme, I may do a Youtube “how to use it”, in the meantime, I have this text at the top right hand of my live pages, [wpdreams_ajaxsearchpro id=1] You may see it at http://www.myprosm.com Also when I go from admin to site, I don’t seem to have the option to go back to admin unless I type the url again unlike other themes. Please help my site has gone life, I need to sort before users are scared away.

Thanks I done it but now it messed up my frontpage1 I have read the document but i cant understand why. i will send you the screenshots please help me.

All i want is a pro search on header to search list of member, please tell me the setting i need. Am sure you have done these severally, i have read the documentation severally and i still done understand it.

I didn’t receive an screenshot.


Beautiful theme,

Is it RTL compatible?



Yes, there is a special topic if you find some problems – http://support.diaboliquedesign.com/forums/topic/rtl-right-to-left/

I cant enter support, is there a possibility to chose in the admin dashboard a RTL css style or should i modify it manually?

Thanks again,

Awesome themes.

You have to paste short code and this is how it looks – demo1.diaboliquedesign.com/4/rtl.png

Hi Just purchased the OneCommunity and its nice! But after the installation, all the widgets can’t be displayed. I have set up as per the guide! Do you have any idea?

My url is: http://www.articlepoint.info/


You uploaded too big logo.

Just downloaded thinking that the PSD files of the actual pages would be included as it states ‘layered PSD’ files included….Do you not provide the full page PSD files for this design??


No, there is 15 PSD files included with single design elements only.