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Hello, I dropped an email yesterday but I didnt receive any reponse until now.. Can you check it please? here is my email dynamicproducer@gmail.com My issue is regarding the latest topics on the forntpage.. Nothing appear. I have latest WP and Buddypress installed..


I sent you a reply few hour ago. Do you have any topics in groups?

sorry it went to spam; yes and replied w/details

How do you edit the ‘All rights reserved….’ footer area? I’ve been loking for hours and can’t find it in the admin.

Search again, it is under theme settings panel.

My registration page in IE is screwed up. Please see take a look at tradersculture.com and advise thank you

Are you talking about IE7? It’s not supported. As of May 2012, estimates of IE7’s global market share were 1.5-5% – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Explorer_7

The header part of my site is screwed up in IE any help would be greatly appreciated…

I feel like a moron that was the issue for me ty for being so helpful…

Do you know why this would also be happening on all mac books?

Do I need to get a custom css or reduce the size of the page to 800 ?

What is the screen resolution of mac books? If below 1280px then there will be loaded 960px layout. So there is only 960px space for logo and tiles.

you were right again. I reduced the image to a width of 359 and it loads correctly on Macs thank you

Is there a way to change the collor of the theme?


Of course. There is very detailed documentation.

How to update the theme? Only overwrite all files ?

Rewrite all or few files, here are changelogs – http://www.demo1.diaboliquedesign.com/4/changelogs.txt


it’s a great theme you guys have made here and I would like to purchase it. Just one question: are users able to post blogpostings from the frontend?

Thanks in advance, V.

they would have to be set free as a writer and would have the usual wordpress backend

No, WP settings will be hidden.

to what extent is the color scheme changeable?

There is a detailed documentationwhere is explained how to change colors.

is there a store – ecommerce option integrated?

WooCommerce – http://www.demo1.diaboliquedesign.com/4/shop/

Thank you Diabolique, and sorry for asking so many questions. In this order of ideas, can users have their own shop?

As I know it’s not possible with wordpress.

Just downloaded and installed this theme, it’s got a very nice feel to it. I am wondering how to change the home page to display the latest posts rather than groups? I feel like it would be better for us to highlight the community aspect at the top of the home page with the great navigation and our content in the section where it displays groups.

Also, is there an easy way to update the colors using CSS without needing to create a child theme? If I have to modify CSS it will be overwritten any time you offer an update for this theme. Thanks!

So at the end of the month I will be upgrading this theme so I have more options for the home page layout?


I will include special css file where you can paste your own style.

Great thank you. One additional note – On my home page some of the group names are long and cause the grid of groups to come out of alignment – http://www.blog-trends.com/2013site/ – is there a way to cut the name off with ”...” or something so that it fits properly?

I bought this theme yesterday and I think I have set everything up okay but I have one main problem. When I am logged into wordpress and into my site as a user I can browse the site. However, when I log out of my site I just receive this message:

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/andy8586/public_html/cnuchat.com/wp/wp-content/themes/OneCommunity/frontpage1.php:7) in /home/andy8586/public_html/cnuchat.com/wp/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 876

I’m not sure what I have done wrong. Can you help me?

Reupload following fresh files:

Recent posts widget? Go to theme options panel.

If you post an update in buddypress with youtube video, it does not display correctly as responsive.

I’ll fix it by the way. Install this plugin in the meantime: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/responsive-video-embeds/

This theme looks terrific. One question before hitting the buy button, is :

Is it possible to change the color schemes ? Is it possible to change the Orange to another color ?


Of course, there is a detailed documentation about colors customisation + support.


I’m ready to buy this theme (very nicely done BTW) I just got some simple questions;

1) I’m not familiar with this type of font replacement system (for the headers), is there any penalty whatsoever SEO wise? Is the theme optimized for SEO?

2) Is there any way for me to implement a leaderboard (728×90) banner on the top of this theme, at least for the biggest responsive cases

3) Last but not least, is there a way to implement another home style based on blog posts? My site primarily centers on content (for now) and I’d still be able to provide that as my first option for my readers. Check my site and you will know what I mean: blitz72.com

Thanks in advance, and again congrats on the theme


1. Font-face and Cufon is SEO friendly.

2. If you buy my theme then I will tell you where to paste it.

3. I’ll add alternative frontpages until the end of the monts.

I see you answered “yes” to this question… http://themeforest.net/item/onecommunity-buddypress-theme/discussion/3713046?page=4#comment_3071760

Where can I download the child theme?

Thanks! Awesome theme! Excited to start using it!

Hi, is it possible to highlight the links in the activitystream, that others see this is a link ?



Add following code into the style.css:
.activity-header a { font-weight:700px; }

is it possible to set the link in orange ?

Add it:

.activity-header a { color:#ffae00; }

Avatars seem to show very at very low resolution and blurry. Would you mind taking a look. My site is http://www.beautifulart.com/


do you know why the same photo works on blog-trends.com/2013 ?

I don’t know but I didn’t add any script which makes avatars blurry. Also check in google “wordpress blurry images”.

Upload 150×150 avatars.

Sorry for more questions, however my blog does not display excerpts like it does in the demo. Instead it displays the full posts. I have set it to display excerpts in the “read” settings just in case that matters. How might I fix this?

You have to insert more tag into post.

and I told him that he should get moving or I'd be
on him like a limpet.  He looked at me with shock on 
his face and said


There is no way to modify the blog template to do this automatically after a certain number of characters? I am not building a new website I am redesigning one that has over a years worth of content, it would be extremely difficult to add a “more” tag to every single one of these posts.

You can open blog.php and replace the_content for the_excerpt, more info – http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/the_excerpt

I just bought and activated the theme for the first time and I get this error:

Fatal Error : Call to undefined function messages_get_unread_count() in… on line 105.

I’m pretty sure this is line is the one in the header.php file. Only the header is displayed and no other content loads.


I checked it on another 2 test sites and no problems. Also only you have this error.

The error appears when private messaging is disabled in buddypress settings. Is there another function that can call activity mentions and friend requests instead of private messages?

I’ll take a look on it.


Are you available for custom work if purchased?

How can I get a quote?


Sorry but I don’t offer any services.

This is a very nice theme, i really like it, it is somehow making me happy to look at it. It will be a pleasure having my community to run on this theme. I will definitely purchase This one by the end of the month :)

And also good luck with the sales :)

Thanks, I can’t wait :)

I have purchased as promised. Thank you very much for this great theme :)