Support for OneCommunity - BuddyPress Membership Theme

Support for OneCommunity - BuddyPress Membership Theme

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Missing style sheet error when installing the theme

A common issue that can occur with users new to installing WordPress themes is a "Broken theme and/or stylesheets missing” error message being displayed when trying to upload or activate the theme. This error message does not mean that the theme you have purchased is broken, it simply means it has been uploaded incorrectly. Luckily, there is a very easy fix.

How to update Youzify plugin?

Update for bundled plugins isn’t provided by Envato or plugin authow but by theme author and update isn’t available instantly after new version of plugin release. More info about bundled plugins can be found over here –

Update is possible if you remove the old version of plugin, then you should see on the top of each page the plugins installation wizard which you should follow ->

I have trouble installing this theme.

If you see following error:

    Unpacking the package…
    Installing the theme…
    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.
    Theme install failed.

then you are trying to upload whole file downloaded from ThemeForest. You have to unzip downloaded file -> compress OneCommunity folder to ZIP format and upload. Inside the Help folder you’ll find a documentation – make a double click on the index.html.

Why when someone register on my site, they don’t get confirmation email in order to activate their account?

Solution 1: Make sure IMAP is enabled on your hosting configuration ->

Solution 2: Add following code snippet in the theme functions.php file:

add_filter('bp_email_use_wp_mail', '__return_true');

Solution 3: Probably the IP address of your server is blacklisted. You can check it here – There are 2 solutions: buy unique IP address or use some external e-mail like Gmail, you can do it using this plugin –

How to change size of logo?

You can change logo size in functions.php:

add_theme_support( 'custom-logo', array(
'height'      => 93,
'width'       => 296,
'flex-height' => true,
'flex-width'  => true,
) );
Top spacing:
header#main .logo {
  margin-top: 12px;

How to hide right sliding panel with members for logged out members?

Go to Appearance -> Customize -> Additional css and paste following CSS:

body.logged-out #sidenav { display:none!important; }
body.logged-out { padding-right:0px!important; }
body.logged-out header#main { padding-right: 0px!important; }

How to remove left column on the single blog post?

Go to appearance -> custimize -> additional css and paste following CSS:

.single-post main#content aside#left, .blog-post aside#left, .single-event aside#left { display:none!important; }
.single-post main#content article, .single-event main#content article, main#content .blog-post article { float:left!important; width:100%!important; }
If you want to remove it on mobile view only then you following CSS
@media screen and (max-width:760px) { 
.single-post main#content aside#left, .blog-post aside#left, .single-event aside#left { display:none!important; }
.single-post main#content article, .single-event main#content article, main#content .blog-post article { float:left!important; width:100%!important; }

How to increase height of header?

Use following css:
body { padding-top:75px; }
.header-top { height: 75px; }
.top-bar-messages-container, .top-bar-notifications-container, header#main .user-top-menu, .header-search { height:67px; }

How to remove the right sliding panel with members from the mobile view only?

Use following CSS for example under Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS:

@media screen and (max-width:760px) {
#sidenav { display:none!important; }
body { padding-right:0px!important; }
header#main { padding-right: 0px!important; }

How do I add social login for my users on the login popup?

You can use this plugin –

and insert social login button in the wp-content/plugins/onecommunity-shortcodes/inc/general.php file after

<input type="submit" name="wp-submit" id="shortcode-login-submit"..../>

How to add border radius to all elements?

Use following CSS:

.box-blog-entry .box-blog-thumb a img, .group-box .group-box-image img, .product .product-thumbnail img {
    border-top-left-radius: 6px!important;
    border-top-right-radius: 6px!important;

.box-blog-entry .box-blog-details, .box-blog-entry .group-box-bottom, .product .woocommerce-listing-item-content {
    border-bottom-left-radius: 6px!important;
    border-bottom-right-radius: 6px!important;

main#content .thumbnail, aside#left .author-bio img.avatar, .comment-avatar img, #submit, .shortcode-login, .dd_single-event-image img, .offers-container .offer, .buddypress #members-list li .item-avatar, #sidebar .rtmedia-container ul.rtmedia-list li.rtmedia-list-item div.rtmedia-item-thumbnail img, #sidebar .bp-user-groups li img, #sidebar .bp-user-friends li img, .widget_bp_core_recently_active_widget .avatar-block .item-avatar img, .widget_bp_core_whos_online_widget .avatar-block .item-avatar img, .gallery-icon img, .header-top-login, .header-top-signin, .single-headers #item-header-avatar a img, #item-header-content .member-header-actions .login-popup-action, .single-headers#item-header .group-button, textarea, #sidebar .bp-profile-fields, img.avatar { 

How to hide the left column on the single blog post page on mobile devices?

Use following CSS:
@media screen and (max-width:760px) {
.single-post main#content aside#left { display:none!important; }
.single-post main#content article { float:left; width:100%!important; }

How to make bbPress replies threaded?

Open wp-content/themes/onecommunity/bbpress/loop-single-reply.php remove everything and paste it ->

Open the wp-content/themes/onecommunity/js/functions.js file and paste following code at the very bottom (instead you can paste it in the child theme):

jQuery('.bbp-topic-reply-link').click(function (event) {
  // or use return false;

Go to WP Dashboard -> Settings -> Forums -> Enable Reply Threading

How to create another user profile tab?

Paste following code in the theme functions.php ->

If you want to create another tab again then paste code above and change the 1 number in the next part od code.

How do I remove specific entries from activity stream?

Add following code to the botom of (child) theme’s functions.php file

function dd_activity_dont_save( $activity_object ) {
    $exclude = array(
    if ( in_array( $activity_object->type, $exclude ) ) {
        $activity_object->type = false;

add_action( 'bp_activity_before_save', 'dd_activity_dont_save', 10, 1 );

How to add the ad code on the top of the activity, groups and members pages?

4. Add your ad above or after:

<div class="breadcrumbs">

in the following files: wp-content/themes/onecommunity/buddypress/activity/index.php wp-content/themes/onecommunity/buddypress/groups/index.php wp-content/themes/onecommunity/buddypress/members/index.php

I don’t see recently registered members

In BuddyPress user is visible on the pages when he will be logged in at least once.

Can I post group specific ads? Like different ads on different group page.

Open wp-content/themes/onecommunity/buddypress/groups/single/group-sidebar.php and paste following code -> before </aside><!-sidebar ends->

Groups ID can be found if you go to WP Dashboard -> Groups -> click on the group then in the URL there should be gid= parameter which displays the group ID.

How to redirect users to the activity page after successful login?

Open wp-content/themes/onecommunity/js/login.js and replace



window.location.href = '';

Can I set the dark mode permanent for everyone, users and guests alike?

Add following code in the functions.php file:

add_filter( 'body_class','my_body_classes' ); function my_body_classes( $classes ) { $classes[] = 'dark-mode'; return $classes; }

How do I edit the text on frontpage-3-elementor for shortcode-features?

You should edit text inside html –

If you want to change icons then in this folder exists a set of icons – wp-content/plugins/onecommunity-shortcodes/img/category/

Open wp-content/plugins/onecommunity-shortcodes/css/shortcodes.css and change this part of style:
.shortcode-features ul li.feature-1 h3::before { background-image: url('img/category/rolodex.svg'); }
.shortcode-features ul li.feature-2 h3::before { background-image: url('img/category/exitfullscreen.svg'); }
.shortcode-features ul li.feature-3 h3::before { background-image: url('img/category/imbox.svg'); }
.shortcode-features ul li.feature-4 h3::before { background-image: url('img/category/picture.svg'); }

If you want to use this style in the child theme then you should use full URL to these icons:

.shortcode-features ul li.feature-1 h3::before { background-image: url('https://www.YOUR-URL.COM/wp-content/plugins/onecommunity-shortcodes/img/category/rolodex.svg'); }

How can I change the footer background color?

Use following CSS:

footer { background: #000000; border-top: 1px solid #000000; color: #ffffff; }

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