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Really Nice Design so please inform me so this design provide HTML…

i am waiting for this design HTML…please contact me..

I am not sure but around 2 weeks maybe.

Thanks. i am waiting for HTML.

Nice, and HTML version soon?

Yes planning to, thanks :)

creative design mate.. good work!

much appreciated :)

The most beautiful design, i have ever seen!

Thank you very much :)

nice design :) GLWS

Thanks :)

Great design, Good luck with sales :)

Thanks :)

Well done job. :D

Thank you :)

Superb work, GLWS :)

Thanks :)

Unique work. Really creative :)

Glad you like it :)

Nice design. Why there are no pictures in the layout?

Please share a link to a particular photo

This is the image for the “What we offer” section… the bg images are from this same author.


Thank you, a link to the main background

Hey any news regarding HTML build????

Will be shortly coded. Stay tuned… thank you!


Very nice modern design, thank you.

Hoping not to be annoying you in any way, but you said 9 month ago that HTML will be out in 2 weeks or so, and I understand that it is taking you some more bits of time. Please tell me if it is going to be out ever, to wait or not to wait? :)

I am sorry, but it is not in my near future projects.

Hey any news regarding HTML build????

Hi, not yet sorry.

When there will be html ? it seems you have been saying it about more than a year now?

Working on new projects for ThemeForest.

If you promise something you need to finish that, before doing new projects, otherwise this will get your product stars down like this one!