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Using the OneUp theme and the background YouTube video is presenting small random text ads along the bottom of the video. Is there any way to disable this?

Hi, No, ads and whether they display or not is set by the video author via YouTube. You can’t edit this using the theme.

Oneup child theme display issues. I have created the child theme and activated it successfully however there seems to be a glitch with the parallax page and slider. The slider offsets after the initial display and the “Services” (on the current theme) are now being displayed vertically one below the other. Do I need to add anything further to the css or functions.php?

If I revert back to the original theme then all is well once again.

never mind I resolved the issue.

it was a conflict with events calendar plugin

The best translation plugin for Thread- Multi Purpose One- Multi Page Theme is??? Still WPML? Thanks for your help.

If you have questions on another theme, please post them in the comments section of that theme.

where do I find it? some link?

Hi! The video light box does not work on any mobile devices. Do you know how to fix this issue? The image light box does work but video does not.

Thank you for your help.

Hi, Can you paste a link to your page where i can see this issue?

How do I stop blog view from displaying ALL posts. I have selected – ‘Display post as masonry’ and selected the ‘Category’ but when I view the results I see all post being displayed. I need to have a few categories that will display posts for only that category and these need to be displayed in masonry format.

Once you have selected the category or tag you wish to use as the filter, you need to click “add new” only thereafter is this applied as a filter. Have you performed this step? I’m assuming you are doing this is a “View” right?

When is the shortcode feature going to be possible so as posts can have page builder?

You can create a new “view” who’s layout is created using the builder module, then use the view shortcode to insert that into a post. Have you tried this?

Please can someone explain the Post’s feature in a little more detail. I like the blog-masonry-load-more feature which I am using to a page to load all posts that have the same tag. I want to use the same blog feature on another page loading posts with another tag.

My issue is that it seems like I cannot use more than one blog masonry feature for several post’s tags

An example of my issue

Starters | Mains | Dessert (all pages using the blog masonry feature) - Several post describing various Starters - Several posts describing various Mains - Several posts describing various Desserts

When I load more I can get to view all the posts created and not posts allocated with specific tag…

Hi, the url is http://ocean-adventurer.com/oa3/logbook/ – I had to remove the pages (submeanu items) and create a single page here. If you navigate to the link I had each of those main links as a menu item linking to categories but for some reason it was calling all the posts created.

So, let me get this straight. You had 3 masonry grids, each grid’s content is from one category only, and the grids use a “load more” button to show additional content in that grid. When you had these grids on separate pages and you clicked the “load more” button, the posts which loaded were not only from the chosen category, but were from all categories? Also I’m not really understanding what’s wrong with the current setup? Anything?

yup, that right. As it did not work with the above mentioned I re-looked the the navigation and went with what is there currently which works fine thanks.

This is with regards to the Text editor provided with the theme. What if a users has no idea about HTML, how would they manage content for their website? There is no provision for font styling and links in the editor.

Under each text field in those type of blocks is a link to input field content using the “html editor” which is in fact similar to the default WP editor, with toolbar button for things such as links, media insertion, justification of text content, bold, italics etc.

I realized this after posting and unfortunately was unable to remove my comment. Apologies for wasting your time.

How can I add multiple email addresses to be contacted when the contact form is submitted?

To clarify: I am wondering if there is a better way than going to theme options -> contact form -> and listing “email1@example.com, email 2@example.com

Hi, Unfortunately not. Unless you set up an email filter in your inbox. Something like, when an email is received from the site, auto forward it to x, y & z.

Hi , i couldn’t change text colour in OneUp theme. Any Help is greatly appreciated.

the paragraph text is coming very light .. i need it full dark . link: www.ozap.in

the paragraph text is coming very light .. i need it full dark . link: www.ozap.in

Paste this into the custom css field in the theme options panel:


I set up a Portfolio View to display projects as Portfolio Preview but my featured images for each project are not centered once clicked. The projects are set to standard format and I don’t see a way to center-align the featured image.

Appreciate the help – love the theme!

Scratch that – I figured it out!

However, what is the best size image to use for the portfolio grid thumbnails? My projects all have different sized featured images, so on the portfolio section they do not all have the same size/some are cut off. Thanks!

Check the aspect ratio of the grid thumbnails in our online theme demo. Then just keep that ratio, if your images are large they will be scaled down by the theme, but once the aspect ratio is suitable, then no cropping will happen.

I want to keep images as titles in tabs option . any help is greatly appreciated.

Your website is not using our theme so you’re question is irrelevant here. Your website is also showing 35 errors ranging from javascript errors to server errors. This would be a good place to start.

i am using OneUp theme

OK, Let us know once those errors are fixed and we’ll take a look at the problem you mentioned. The errors need to be dealt with first because they could be the cause of the rest of your problems.

Anyone knows how I can get rid of the links on the titles of my Posts? The Post webpages have a link on the titles to their same webpage. How can I remove that link? Thanks in advance.


Please head over to our support forum for this theme, open a new thread about this issue and include a link to your page. One of our guys will take a look.

You can find the forum for this theme here: http://support.pixelentity.com/forums/42-WordPress-OneUp

Hi, we activate “load more” on the blog, but displayed the full post. What must be configured to load more? You can see the example in http://atrilevents.com/en/blog-atrilevents/ Thanks

For load more to work you first need to set a “max” number of posts to show, all posts above this max will then be loaded only when “load more” is clicked.

To stop the full posts showing on the blog list pages you will need to include a “more tag” in your posts to tell the theme where you want the post preview to finish. In the editor toolbar the “more tag” icon looks like a “page break” icon. Place the cursor in the the text when you want the port preview to finish, then click this more tag button. This will insert the “continue reading” button at that point and the full post will no longer be displayed.


This theme was succesfully running on our server for 3 months now.

We migrated to another server, but we’ve maintained the same domain and urls. We simply pointed the domains to the ip address of our new server. Database and all wordpress files (with permissions) have been moved successfully.

Wordpress works fine, but this theme always returns a blank screen on the new server. wp-admin works and all other themes all work fine. But on activating this theme again, the blank screen shows.

I’ve deleted the theme and reuploaded the same, activated it and it still showed the same issue. Can you please advise as to why this theme is not working on our new server?

Hi, We’ll need to see your website, send us a mail vis our profile page contact form containing login info and url please. You can find the profile page here: https://themeforest.net/user/pixelentity

Hi Team,

when can we expect WP 4.6 and php7 support?


Hi, WP 4.6 support has already been added. PHP7 is not supported and is unlikely to be added due to deep incompatibility with out framework. PHP5 is still the standard in the vast majority of hosting providers and will likely remain like this for quite a long time.


fbefera Purchased

Data Type – Post NO LONGER in the list. As a result my Blog masonry load more is not working any more. Can you assist?


fbefera Purchased

Note: running latest version 1.6.13 and latest version of WP.

Hi, Please send us your login info via the contact from in our profile page and we’ll take a quick look back stage. You can find our profile page here: https://themeforest.net/user/pixelentity