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Hi there, Are you planning another update please? And if so, when? Thx.

Hi, We have released updated in the past whenever they have been required. It just happens that an update has not been required for a while now.

The icons for services are displayed in black and white on my screen when I set up, but live they are showing multi-colored. How do I fix?

Please share the link to your website, so I can take a look at the icons. Please also include the link or title of the specific section.

http://www.connecthcc.com/#capabilities Title of the section is “Available Services Include:”

Looks like they are inheriting the main theme color you have set in theme options.

You can paste this into the theme options panel’s Custom CSS field and it’ll change the icons boxes background color to black (adjust the hex codes for an alternative color):


hi, i would buy this theme, but i’m seriously worried for the speed of the site. I saw a lot of site in the support forum, and they are so slowly ….How many plugins have installed inside the theme? and how much heavy is the pagebuilder? i use in my actual theme http://psicologaonlinesalerno.it unyson page builder and it’s very very heavy, so i don’t want to have the same problems with this . i use a lot of precautions for increase speed, so i know about, cache, optimize images and so on, i want know about plugins and particularly for the page builder, thank you and sorry for my english, i’m italian :) sorry, is there a test free trial to test in local pc or test-website?

ok. i have another quesion….the same online demo has two different appears…; in desktop version of light skin for example, the image background section ” our process” and the footer section where there are social icons are not scrolling with the text, but are fix, so it has lovely effect gradual diseappearing, while in mobile vetsion, it hasn t. is it a bug?or it is a function not available for mobile? and sorry how many plugins need installing the theme, to have all custom possibilities? can you to list it? thanks a lot

I confirm, in divecies tablet and smartphone there isn’t parallax effect, dissolvence, change slider …so i think there is a big issue for mobile, i verified this with a lot of divices, and i have the same result…with desktop is ok. I tested many of the sites in the forum and in the comments here and the demo, and I have the same result, please explain to us, if this is a bug or is naturaly in the theme, thanks

This is by design, such things are not available on mobile devices.

Good morning: i´m closing to finish my site, but I have a problem with the menu. The buttons are working, but I can see it, it´s like they are invisible. Please see this screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cgaax7migkhi7np/Captura%20de%20pantalla%202017-12-12%2009.41.31.png?dl=0

What can I do? Thanks for your support Regards

Good morning: did you receive my email? thank you!!!!

Hi, sorry for the delay, I didn’t receive anything from you, I’ve just worked through all outstanding tickets and there was no login details. Maybe Envato market spam filter intercepted it. Please try again or alternatively register to our support forum for this theme: http://support.pixelentity.com/forums/42-WordPress-OneUp

Ok no problem, I just created a new topic on this forum. Thanks for your support

Hello, I use your theme in my web site since longtime and I’m very happy, but now I want install woocomerce and when I launch it, my web site isn’t right. have you a problem with woocommerce 3.2.6? I tried in desactivate all plugins, but it’s seem that woocomerce is the problem. I don’t where is the problem, Is it possible that your theme isn’t upgrade for the last version woocommerce ? Thanks in advance for you help.

Hi, The latest version of Woocommerce is not supported unfortunately.

Hello team, Thanks for your answer but wich version is supported ? I try 3.2.6-3.2.5-3.2.4-3.2.3 but any version isn’t supported ! However your plugin is sell who a woo commerce supported. Please tell me which version is supported and when do you think to do an upgrade a new version. Thanks in advance. It’s very important for me to have possibility to use woocommerce.

v2.x.x is the last supported version of the woocommerce plugin

Hello, buy this template and I’m having problems with the contact form. It gives me the following message “Oops, An error has ocurred! See the marked fields above to fix the errors.”

The mail configured in my wordpress is a Gmail mail. I contacted my hosting to see if they have enabled the wp_mail () function and they tell me it is by default. The funny thing is that if in the form I entered the email that I have configured in my wordpress, it arrives ok.

Can you please help me solve it?


Your comment is not showing a “purchased” badge. Support of this nature is reserved for confirmed customers only. If you have purchased this theme using a different account please login using that account before posting a request for support. Alternatively you can use your purchase code to register at our support forums where you can open a new thread about your issue.

Hi, work with WP 4.9.x?

Hi, Yes this theme is compatible.


verit01 Purchased

Thanks :)

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I’m missing httpS support in PeThemeImage::is_url()

If you wish to use https with our themes you will need to do some manual diggin around and adds and “s” to some paths harded coded in the theme, as well as for all your images.

Hello, I bought oneup theme and I have some trouble to add an image in “About us”, in the backend I uploaded it but doesn’t appear in frontend, could you help me ?

Hi, I’ll need to see your website’s about section, where the image is supposed to appear.

I installed the theme and demo content. For some reason I don’t have the ability to add anything to my footer and in my Widget section I only have “default” (no Footer).

Hi, This theme footer is not wigitized, hence the lack of the options you seek.