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zitac77 Purchased

Dear Support, we bought OneUp in 2014, but the gallery does not seem to work anymore. Does the new version of the theme work properly under WordPress 4.7.2? Thank you

Hi, Have you updated the theme to the latest version? If not, download the theme again from your downloads page and update it manually. Instructions here—> http://support.pixelentity.com/threads/8226-WordPress-3-9-Themes-Update

(the instructions are referring to an older version of WP, but the process is the same).


zitac77 Purchased

Thank you, but gallery is still wrong. When I upload an image it fills up the tables (_postmeta, and posts ),with thousands of data, and sais ‘crunching’, and http error.

What to do? Can u help us? Should we renew our support ?

thank you

Hey, we don’t have any problems here with the theme on WP4.7.2! I’d recommend you check your PHP logs for more details on the cause of the error. Let us know what you find.


qais70 Purchased

In your template http://oneup.themes.tf/new-modules-in-v1-5/# , if you go to the section after about us “Designed with Simplicity in mind”, I could use just .mp4 without the need for ogv file, but I have an issue when I want to put an image for the fallback to make it work with mobile device, the image get stretched, what should be the file format and (width and height) of the image ??!!

Hi, The image would only need to be of a sufficient size to cover the mobile devices’s screen width & section height. Can you show us an example of this issue (share you url)?


49folly Purchased

In its current form oneup theme basically disables wordpress native blog feature. I like the theme but I really don’t see why the native blog feature of wordpress has to be disabled. Are you planning on re enabling the blog feature or is there already a way to enable the wordpress posts blog feature? I realize you have a serperate blog option in your theme but I would like to use the one that comes with wordpress since it has more functionality.

Hi, I’m not 100% sure what you mean by disables the native WP blog features. I’m assuming you are referring to the setup when you navigate to a theme and it opens onto a default blog list page. Is this what you are referring to? If you have imported the demo content with OneUp theme it will have changed the main page from blog to a page. So all you need to do is to reset the default page of the theme back to blog. You can do this in the “settings” part of the main WP admin menu. If this is not what you are referring to. Please give me more details. btw The theme does not disable any native features of WordPress, so no matter what it is you are referring to, it’ll be a matter of finding the right setting somewhere.


verit01 Purchased

Having issues with uploading images to the gallery, for some reason when I add photos they are not uploading or adding to the gallery. Direct upload is not working at all for the galleries. If i go to media and upload images it works fine but have no way of getting those images into the gallery itself. It wont even give me the option to upload photos from media that has already been uploaded. Please help! My theme version is 1.6.14 and WP 4.7.2


Please head over to our support forum for this theme, open a new thread about this issue and include a link to your page. One of our guys will take a look.

You can find the forum for this theme here: http://support.pixelentity.com/forums/42-WordPress-OneUp

p.s Post your admin login details in this thread so we can login to your WordPress installation and investigate the issue via the admin. You can post this information privately in this thread by wrapping the info inside a “Hide” tag as follows:

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Dear support, this theme is awesome, feeling great about buying it, although I just have a couple of issues. 1st one is about changing contact form infos, dunno how to change that sample contact form… and since it seems to be a customization problem, I really don’t know where to find support about it (issue #2), thanks in advance!

Hi, What is it you would like to change? Have you checked the contact form block in the page builder component? Using that block you can add/subtract fields and change other things about the form.

Hello! Can the developer please explain in crystal detail of where to find the “splash option” for adding a video behind where the “contact form” by default? Thank you.

Here is a link to the site: http://covertsecurityservices.com – as you can see on the bottom where the “Contact Us” is at. I need to display a video in that specific background.


Your comment is not showing a “purchased” badge. Support of this nature is reserved for confirmed customers only. If you have purchased this theme using a different account please login using that account before posting a request for support. Alternatively you can use your purchase code to register at our support forums where you can open a new thread about your issue.

You’ll find the support forums here: http://support.pixelentity.com/forums/42-WordPress-OneUp

Hello, I had made three support requests when I still had support with the theme back in April of last year, but no one replied back to my support requests. I am linking them here for your viewing:

http://support.pixelentity.com/threads/15979-Alignment-of-header-menu-item http://support.pixelentity.com/threads/15968-Responsive-mode-showing-a-sidebar-as-home-page http://support.pixelentity.com/threads/15980-Icons-not-showing-without-www-in-address

I am still experiencing these issues. Could you please advise me as to how I can solve these issues?

Thank you.

Hi, I took care of those threads this morning. Sorry to have missed them before. If you have any follow-up questions, please post them in each thread, we’ll see them this time.

Hi, thanks for getting back to me. At this point only one issue remains, http://support.pixelentity.com/threads/15968-Responsive-mode-showing-a-sidebar-as-home-page, thanks.

Hi, thanks for getting back to me. At this point only one issue remains, http://support.pixelentity.com/threads/15968-Responsive-mode-showing-a-sidebar-as-home-page, thanks.

Hi, you have a training video on YouTube on building reusable content blocks. I’m trying to replicate one of the sections in the video and cannot figure out what type of block you used. The section I’m referring to is at 3:53 of the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WpKyc9cPNM and is the Services section. Which type of content block is that?

Hi, That video refers to a different theme, this one specifically: https://themeforest.net/item/bigwig-modern-corporate-retina-wordpress-theme/5217458 hence that block is not available in the oneup theme’s page builder.


verit01 Purchased

Hello, How do I reduce the space between the “X” and the photo and between the description and photo. You can see the link http://snap.ashampoo.com/TOzFdn22 Thank you

Hi, That is default setup of the lightbox, there are no options to adjust that without customization of the plugin. You could try to insert a larger image and the image itself should appear larger, however the image size will depend on many things, like aspect ratio, viewport size etc.


verit01 Purchased

Hi, Thank you for the reply. You can customize the plugin? How much? Thanks

Hi, Unfortunately we don’t have sufficient capacity to offer customization of this plugin.

I recently purchased this theme after viewing the live demo of the ‘Mixed + Layer Slider’ and loving the animation of the sliders to show the services. When I installed the theme onto my domain and imported the demo content – none of that seems to be included. Is there any way to get this animation imported to the home page or code to input?

Hi, Yes that demo page was added much later to the theme and hence wasn’t included in the original demo import. Unfortunately its not a simple task to include that now & it can’t be exported separately or imported separately, unfortunately demo content import doesn’t work like that. What I can do is take a screenshot of the admin page for that slide so you can see all of the settings and layers needed for the slide’s design. You can see it here: http://pasteboard.co/PG2J8iRQu.png

Okay, thank you. This was very helpful. One more question, were the pictures you uploaded already in triangles at the perfect size?

Hello, I got an 404 error for a style.css

style.css Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

Theme searches /wp-content/themes/magnum/style.css This is not a theme from us, I think your theme contains this wrong asset.

Can you fix that? Thanks

I highly doubt that this error is coming from the oneup theme. We’ll need to see your website url to check the error.

sorry my button link facebook and…is not working why ? http://www.oasibeachostia.tv/

Where can i get the demo videos? (Those displayed in the preview?)

Hi, Unfortunately you can’t. We purchased them for display in our demo and they are no longer available.


How about adding the grid overlay texture? How to configure that?

Please see this thread in our support forum for the answer: http://support.pixelentity.com/threads/16972-Grid-Overlay-on-Homepage-Video

Hi I’m trying to get more than 1 video to play in the video background of the homepage. I followed the instructions about the VIDEO BACKGROUND SETTINGS and added youtube links of videos I wanted to be playing in the background of the site. I added 4 different videos, but only the first one in the list plays on a loop in the background. The documentation says if you add more than one, then it will rotate through all the videos and if you only have one, then the one will loop. How can I get the other videos in the list to play in rotation? Is this a bug? Thx in advance!

After updating wordpress, I can’t save projects anymore…. All my projects changed to standard format and I want them as a gallery, but I can’ t change the format (I make the change but after actulizing the project it stays like before….



Your comment is not showing a “purchased” badge. Support of this nature is reserved for confirmed customers only. If you have purchased this theme using a different account please login using that account before posting a request for support. Alternatively you can use your purchase code to register at our support forums where you can open a new thread about your issue.

Sorry I’m working for a client that bought your theme 3 years ago, but never understood there where updates… They don’t have acces to themeferest.. So I bought a new one to be able to ask things…

Hi, OK. So with the updated theme has the issue disappeared?

Links in Gallery Images are no longer working. Do you have a fix for this? Running WP 4.6.5 and OneUp 1.6.13 – site is livingsexyradio.com

Hi, Can you point me to the specific images you are talking about, there’s quite a bit of content on your page and it’s hard for me to know what is a gallery and what is not.

These are the banners just below the purple MixingSexy section. You will see DB Trucking, Feri, Premier Couples, NASCAR all rotating there.

Hi, In the section markup, there is only a link placed on the first image, the “trucking” one. The others don’t have links. Are you sure you have inserted link on each image correctly? If after checking, you feel like you’ve done it correctly, feel free to send me your login details to your WP install and I’ll take a look, to double check. You can send login info privately via the contact form in our Envato profile page. See here: https://themeforest.net/user/pixelentity

I searched and searched for a theme for a few weeks. Then realized I’d purchased it almost 4 years ago. This is still one of the best all around elegant themes.

Thanks, glad you like it!

Hi pixelentity,

I’m struggling with linking my sections in the menu. I don’t know why, but lately there is no “section” area when I’m adding my page to the menu. I’ve read all the comments and the how-to video and I know there should be a section field.

For now I’ve linked my sections via custom links, but this way all the menu options linked manually are underlined!

Please take a look at this! https://www.dropbox.com/s/xe17w3dwqly0ykk/ONEUP_MENU.jpg?dl=0

The ABOUT page is still linked properly, but it doesn’t show the section though and I can’t change it.

Please help me! Thanks, Marina

(I tried the portfolio grid with lightbox use, but unfortunately the lightbox isn’t showing the video :( )

Sorry for the many comments – I wish I could rather edit them :)

So now I set it up as a portfolio grid with projects as input (which I wanted to avoid, as it’s more work to create an extra project page for every video), but the problem remains, the videos won’t play on mobile devices.

Also I noticed that the project tags are missing.

I hope you can help, it’s very important that the videos can be viewed on mobiles. Thank you!