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for Design Quality

I absolutely love this theme. In my opinion one of the best that I could use. Animations are very fluid and smooth. The interface is very intuitive. Thank you very much. Good work!

for Bugs

Started off great, but after design was completed, bugs started to show. Browsed help forums endlessly, then contacted developer. Dev was responsive and helpful, and some bugs were solved, but at this point 2 years have passed and other bugs continue to show up. Loved the theme at first, but am now moving to another.

for Code Quality

No often update

Problems when activating SSL

No Wordpress support higher than WordPress 4.7.x,

Problems with logo and tagline in the "slash" in different browsers.

and so on..

I experience so many problems with this theme - that i have come to hate anything to do with website building.

for Other

Though it's fairly straightforward to set up and use, the theme has some underlying CSS coding issues that required me to use many workarounds. Since I'm not a coder or designer, this made things difficult for me. (As an aside, there seem to be quite a few issues addressed in the support forum where the solution is to add or change CSS.)

Also, should you choose to use a separate gallery plug-in with this theme, you should know the OneUp gallery may take control, and not allow your gallery plug-in's functionality. I queried this and was told to change a PHP file in the theme in order to fix, though I was told 'it might not work'. Not reassuring, as I don't want to have to learn PHP to fix something that the developers could address - this behaviour isn't an issue with other themes.

I've since moved to using another theme.

for Other

I do not recommend this theme to anyone as the main menu of this theme does not work on mobile and 70% of the websites are being seen on mobile.

I am having lots of issues because of this and have to change my entire portfolio to another theme now...

for Flexibility

is is pretty complicated for a beginner but once you spend lots of time poking around it works if the main design is one that you like.

for Customizability

this theme is not work with mobile iphone or android is very bad the social is not work in homepage

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