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Hi, Awesome template, nice job ! I have a little problem here : my ‘background slider images’ works fine on my computer in local but i don’t know why it doesn’t work online and i tried on two different server. Do you know why ? Thanks for your help

Hi okin07: thank you for the purchase. The file permissions for the images on your servers might be the problem. Files must have execute permissions. I would like you to try setting 755 file permissions for the images and see if that works. Please email me from my profile page if it doesn’t work. Thank You once again :)

Nice template. I was volunteered to build a day school event website and this made the process quick and easy since I did not need to design the site from scratch. Thanks for a great well documented template! I will add a comment if I have any questions.

Here is the solution :)

When you remove speaker section then you have to remove 5 line code snippet related to Speaker section from onevent.js. You can find that 5 line code on LINE NO 18-22 (5 lines)

When you remove speaker section then this snippet conflict with other js code thats why you see issues on Executive presence and timer :)

It will definitely solve your problem and dont forget to update here if everything is fine.

Please let me know if you have any other questions :)

Thank you RSConsulting :)

Thanks for the code information. Everything works great now. Thanks

No probs :)

Purchased theme. No images show up or the countdown. Using option 2, host and site is Thanks for your assistance

Thank you richmondmedia for the purchase. :) is redirecting me to another website. Can you please send me link? Please email me through my profile page :)

Hya, Saptarang! Landing is great, i’ve almost complete the whole site for my event just about in 6-7 hours. Really cool work, buddy! ps: I’ve found a lil bug in the first variant of landing (with slider and small countdown under). The registration form, poping out after “Register” button clicked, – still working without header, ya put him in the code not in the right place ((

Thank you Valkure for the purchase. :) I didn’t get you exactly, can you please send me link? Please email me through my profile page :)

Saptarang, you support is awesome!!! Thnx a lot for your help!

No probs, Thank you Valkure :)

I purchased this but I can’t figure out how to install this theme since there is no zip file included. I tried zipping up the 01 and 02 folders but that does not do it. There is nothing in the documentation about installation.

Thank you hourmedia for the purchase. This is not a WordPress theme, it’s HTML template. You can directly edit index.html and associated files and upload on your server :)

Ah, ok. I guess we should have paid more attention when browsing.

Great Theme. one question, why is it that when i remove the unnecessary .js files (like the jquery.fitvids.js, or the prettyphoto.js) files i loose the smooth scrolling effect. The reason why i’m removing those files is because i am not using the gallery, or video features.


Oops sorry my mistake, yes it’s onevent.js :)

np! sorry last question. I have viewing this in IE8 and it does not seem to hold any CSS…any suggestions?

Sorry namtab69, it is not compatible with ie8 (It is mentioned on description page). Still I will look in to it for you, give me some time :)

Great template! I don’t suppose there is a way to automate the tabs in the event schedule module? Say so they skip between the video, gallery etc every 5-10 seconds?

Thanks! :)

Thank you Kaboose90 for the purchase :) I will see if we can do that. Can you please email me through profile page so that we can discuss further.

I seem to be experiencing the same issue of images not appearing. the /img folder is set to 755.

Also found that if you hide the speaker section, the countdown disappears.

Solved. Needed to apply 755 to all files inside the js folder.

Thank you for the purchase :)
When you remove speaker section then you have to remove 5 line code snippet related to Speaker section from onevent.js. This snippet conflict with other js code thats why you see issues on Executive presence and timer :) Please let me know if you have any problems or have any questions :)

Please IE 8 Info …

Thank you werbungmachen for the purchase.
Onevent is not supported with IE8 (written on description page compatible above IE9)

Greate theme! One question before purchasing, Is it possible to sell a ticket for the event. If this feature is not included, can you provide some suggestion on how to implement it (given I purchased your item).


Or the same question, is there a way to integrate this theme with Woocommerce plugin to selling ticket? Thanks

Hello hardtoname, I have no idea about Woocommerce, so I am not sure :)

Thanks, I thought this was an Worpress theme.


Is it possible to add caption over the images in the slider?

Great theme! Thank you!

Yes. Please send me your modified files in a zip format and I will do that for you.

Thank you! I sent you an email.

How do I change the Number of FAQs to 10 instead of 8? When I add an extra to each column, it glitches and pushes #5 into the second column still.

NM. Had copied over an extra DIV tag. Use error. :)

Thank you merklemarketing for the purchase. Where can I see your modified template to look into it?

Hi I really also wanted the splash page with the two options side by side, as you have. (the two monitors!) Also the header with the choice of viewable sizes.

can you supply this to me? Kinda need those items.


Thank you robs for purchase, please email me through my profile page

I noticed the slider images have no Watermark so are we allowed to use them on our own websites without replacing them? (If we purchase you item)

Hi hardtoname, slider images are of envato, so you have to take permission from envato (contact envato support) and images in preview aren’t inclued in download file :)

I got. Is there any place where I can buy this image?

You can buy simillar image from Why don’t you ask envato, I think they might not have any problem using their images from Flickr :)

Hello Saptarang,

Thanks for an awesome template.

I have customised the site and its working good except for the register button… I inserted my details in the editable options for the register.php and the email delivers when i input registration details…

But the page goes blank… I will have to click back to get back to the site. Please how do i resolve this.

Plus is there a way to get the subscribe to newsletter to work?

Thanks once again.

You might have broken something in js or CSS so please email me your files and I will look in to it, also where you want to receive subscriber email? to your email or MailChimp?

I have just downloaded the updated template and intend to update the website.

The new template has the email or MailChimp options and i prefer the email.

ok sure, you will find everything in documentation but let me know if you need any help :) Thanks

Hi there, is it possible to set the calendar that show the coming next event (also if the next event is 3 months later)?

Thank you in advance.

The easiest and possible way I can think of now is to add an iframe of google calendar and manage your events in your google account :)

saptarang, I see that REGISTERing is possible but I wanted to know f there is a way or adding it or changing it so it can have a paypal account attached to it.

Thank you

What would I google? What I want to do is make it so that the register button is to purchase tickets and I want to make sure I can track who is purchasing the tickets just as I would if they were registering. Do you know how? Thank you for your fast response.

try searching with ‘register event with paypal’ :)

Ok, I will. Thank you. Hopefully its simple. I just need to make it so that when they click the register button it gives them a choice of tickets to buy.

Hi Saptarang,

I just browse around and found OnEvent, and I gotta tell you, It looks amazing. I am actually going to buy this, but before, I want to ask you something.

I’m a Public Speaker, and Stand Up Comic, and starting next month, I’m going to have a roadshow to 10 different cities. So actually I will need a page to host or showcase multiple event, so people can look at the details and book for the one that located nearest to them.

I can see that OnEvent only support one event, right? Do you have a solution for me? Thanks alot!

Hi dedydahlan, I’m not sure as of now of the best way to put your requirements in and come up with a better solution. I’ll think about it and will let you know. Thank you for your interest :)

Good and useful scheme. We have already incorporated it into our site but 2 things that I missed:

1. Login screen – it’s must in event registration. You really do not want users to fill the forms again and again. Sometimes forms can get very complex 2. For skinning you use custom.js and <style type=”text/css”></style> placeholder. This is pretty convoluted way to skin for my taste. I’d really love to see some sass/less instead.


Hi atevent1, Thank You for the purchase and comment. I understand for the login screen, but login forms are useful where there’s a backend functionality to handle user profiles and registrations not in the static html pages. And for the skinning/color schemes, I thought putting everything in one place will make skinning easy for the beginner level users as well as developers. Im not aware of any better and easy way to do that than using js, may be you can suggest me one ;). Thank You once again.

Hi Saptarang,

The idea not to use JS at all for what belongs CSS. It is highly confusing. It took me couple of hours to find what happens because Chrome and Firefox inspectors do not show the JS as CSS sources. (Specifically, blue stripes disappeared when I compiled your code with Grunt and I had to find what happened)

You can provide small LESS file that contains all your color definitions etc. I think good system is defined not by how neatly it is written but how neatly it is read. CSS formatted inside Javascript string and then embedded inside surrogate empty style tag … nah :)

Just take it as my 5 cents, like I said other then that I like the skin ;)


Ahh… I will look into LESS for achieving the way you suggested! I appreciate your suggestion. Thank You :)

I am a new customer since today with your event page. I can´t get google maps working – tried many times exactly right map code and double checked like in the demo. I only get blue screen… Thanks

Thank You lohasscout for the purchase. :) Can I have a link to see? Or can you send me your template files to look into it? Please email me from my profile page.

thanks – And I found out, that mobile navigation does not close after clicking on item. Can´t close it manualy… Using Android smartphone 2.2