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Route function: No route could be found between the origin and destination. Origin is Event Location (fixed) and Get Directions I put big town nearby. I have no clue how it will work.

Looks like that European data is not valid, original map data shows up

Sorry, I got it – the coding in your direction.js was wrong, tiny little different and it works. So just cut off all map question and please see the mobile part… AND How to change Miles to Kilometers? Thanks….

Lohasscout, I can write a code to auto close menu on mobile devices, for that I need the template you have downloaded from TF and made changes into it as per your needs. And for the first n second times clicking issue, it’s not the template issue, it’s the smartphones behaviour. Mobile browsers are not as good as desktop browsers and sometimes it also depends on your smartphone’s memory to make browsing slow. I can write a code for auto close, plz send me the files to do that for you.

Sorry, I do not get it, where is your email – you need all files? – click on that link and on the right side, you’ll see a form, use that one to contact me and I will revert back once I receive your email, then you can forward me your files.

Hi, I love this theme, but I have noticed that I am getting a lot of spam through the registration form, how do I stop this? Thanks

Thank you michaelingledew for the purchase :) I am really not sure but there are some ways which may work for you. I searched on google and found some articles, Please google with “how to avoid spam through html form”

Hey, just finished updating the theme for an event and I love the way it turned out! You definitely did a great job. I was asked by the customer however to add a few more fields to the registration form. Namely they want it listed as Name, Company, Title, Phone, Email, State and then comments. I was able to add them to index.html properly, and I then copied your format in register.php to add the extra items however my new items don’t seem to be working correctly. Is there anywhere else I need to add them or any reason they wouldn’t be taking correctly?

Thanks in advance!

Nevermind I found the code I was looking for in onevent.js!

Great and thank you for the purchase :)

sweet theme.. i looked at the countdown.js and was wondering, if thats how you change the countdown?

is it easy to change? ive looked on other sites and inside that javascript file it says “June 7, 2087 15:03:25” but that doesnt apply to the countdowns that i’ve seen.

sorry. im just new to this stuff!

i recently purchased the theme.. looks great..

1. ive tried changing the clock but doesn’t seem to reflect on the website. im probably doing something ridiculous.

2. the “executive presence” table has offset for some reason?

3. and when you click the “executive presence” i’ve only left one option but “Jonathan Doe – President, CompanyName” table just seems to never end.

4. sorry for the amateur questions. im looking to learn this stuff a bit better. thank you!

ooops.. here’s the site i’ve uploaded the theme to..

Thank you plaeboi for the purchasing my file :) For changing counter please refer documentation. If you can’t make it work then please email me from my profile page with your files and I will change counter for you. For executive presence, I didn’t get you exactly. Do you want “Jonathan Doe – President, CompanyName” in full width?

Hi, great theme, love it.

Few questions: For the directions map, I changed the latitude and longitude, but am receiving this message “No route could be found between the origin and destination.” What do I have to change? I’m based in Australia.

For the coundown timer, can it have a loop? Our event is every Sunday, at two times, so I was hoping it could countdown to event one at 9am, then countdown to event two at 6pm, and then loop back to count down to event one at 9am the next week? If not, can we just count down to one event?

The gallery also shows 4 horizontal images – can we just have three images on the horizontal line?

Thanks alot, and great work once again!

Hi justinkoro, I’ve sent you updated js file. :)

Thanks alot saptarang for sorting this out for me!

My pleasure :)

Hi, i’m getting this error “NetworkError: 403 Forbidden –"

and this other error “NetworkError: 403 Forbidden –"

I need help as soon as possible to solve this issue.


try changing permissions for custom.js file as rw-r-r- or 644
Let us see if it works.

It worked. Thanks :)

Great, no probs :)

Thank you for the great template!

I have just one small problem… when I try to use the “Get directions” form, I get this message… “NOT FOUND The requested URL /routebeschrijving was not found on this server.”

What should I do to fix this?

Thank you Hardbinger for the purchase :) Can you please email me your address or coordianates. Also live link to check if possible.

Hello, I love the template!

  You can send me format. Css style that is in custom.js file?   I’m having trouble converting to Joomla Framework T3 is giving conflicting with the. Js

  Thank you!

Hi there, I didn’t get you exactly. Can you please explain what you want me to do? Please email me through my profile page

I’m sorry I made ??a mess because of the many hours of work!

ok no rpobs :)

I love this theme and am almost done editing it for a client. However, they want a select option added to the register form. I have the HTML worked out, but can’t get the select variable to send out to their email. Do I need to edit the onevent.js and register.php?

I would love to send you the code to look at. Thanks for your help in advance!

Just replied to ur email :)

Hi, i need help. Images and some js functionalities are not working properly. I uploaded the web document and i chmod -R 755 to the complete folder.

This is the url:

Waiting for response ASAP.

Thanks for your help in advance!

The assets folder, all it’s files give me 304 Not Modified.

Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at This can be fixed by moving the resource to the same domain or enabling CORS.

Hi charly87, this is server related caching issue. please consult with your server admin or hosting company to resolve this issue. Here is link for info:

Can a print capability be added to the Google Maps directions results?

Thank you stok11 for purchasing my file. I am not sure about print capability but for slideshow check this or

Thanks for the quick response and suggestion! I have been able resolved the directions printing issue.

Hya! From todays morning the registration form stop working (i cant received any emails). I’ve already “reinstall” the package on my testing ground – but the same thing happened. Is there any global reason (server, gmail mailbox setting)?

Hi Valkure, don’t know about any global reason but it may be your server :)
Can you please give me website link? are you using any external form or service for register form?

I can’t seem to even get it installed to my client’s site. Can you please let me know… I’ve tried unzipping it and zipping up the file on the inside and several different variations of that step, also tried uploading it through the file manager on their hosting site.


Thank you jdweaze for the purchase. Are you trying to upload it as a theme on WordPress? If yes then it is a HTML template not WP theme.

This is just a great template overall. Nice design + Code clarity + Clear documentation + Very well organized file system. ¡Congratulations! It was very easy to translate, edit sections, and customize google maps widget. Of course one needs to have a little knowledge of html, css and js. It’s hard to find the PROs in code canyon but once you find’em dont let them go!

Thank you chipotlex for purchasing my file and for nice words :)

You’re very welcome

Hi! I bought this theme and I’m having trouble adding new categories to the registration section. I have them showing up but it isn’t collection the data from the new fields. I sent you an email last week about this as well. Let me know what I can do to get this to work or if you need more information from me about what I am trying to accomplish. Thank you!

I am getting closer. But now all data is going on the top line instead of to the fields they are supposed to. See Below:



Current Payroll Solution:

Current Time & Attendance Solution:

Current Scheduling Solution:


Phone: 555555555

Which ExecuTime Solution You are Interested in: someinfo

Fixed. I left of the “&” before each var dataString. Thanks for your help. Love the template so far.

Great, thank you thedarkgecko :)

Is there a way to make the Registration Form Submit Button also print the form before it submits?

I am not sure but I will see if I can do something :)

Hi Saptarang, I was just curious if you were able to figure this out?

Hi thedarkgecko, please send me your files and I will do the email part which will be copied to the sender’s email address. Print part I’m not sure about. Before that please send me an email from my profile page so that we can get in touch via email.

“You can edit following options in the Register form. Go to template directory > Form and open Register.php ” I downloaded files but I can’t find directory with the form

Thank you agidulyan for the purchase :)

Replied to your email


I’m using version 02 of the theme, with the big countdown at the top of the page. How do I reduce the countdown by 25%, still centered? Essentially the squares should be smaller.

Thanks, J

Hi justinkoro Open style.css, line 293 and edit classes as below:
.styled {
margin: 2em auto 3em; /* change margin as /
height: 100%;
width: 70%; /
change width as per your need /
Line 299
.styled div {
font-size: 1.5em; /
reduce font size if required */

Do you perhaps have a wordpress version of this template?

Its coming soon… uploading next week :) – Thank You for your Interest!