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Reviews for OneVideo - Video Community & Media WordPress Theme

Reviews for OneVideo - Video Community & Media WordPress Theme

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You are selling a product with no instructions on how to use it, not one basic video, you are a shambolic disgrace and your back up so called service is like breaking out of a prison, you are a joke, ime gonna sue you for selling a product that you dont tell people how to use it ! Robbers and Thieves, taking money under false pretences, after all even a dollar frozen meal has instructions on how to use, but your OneVideo has nothing !

for Other

Your instructions do not match reality. There are no files anywhere that match the files you describe in your instrctions.

for Design Quality

Design quality is the value of a design to customers. Design is the root of all quality including the quality of products, services, experiences, systems and processes.

for Bugs

The theme is made greatly but has a serious bug.

The video of the pages has an error often showing the message "No compatible source was found for this video."
It usually happens on IE and the mobile browsers and the bug causes significant traffic losses.

The customer support responded it would be fixed on the next update so I have to wait till the bug is fixed.

for Customer Support

Very satisfied by this purchase and good support from touch size. Thanks.

for Customer Support

My rating is based on the quality of the theme and the great support received.

for Code Quality

Buyer beware. This theme sucks you in with a classy professional looking demo, but beneath the shiny veneer is sloppy code, awful documentation, and friendly-yet-useless customer service.

We requested a refund. By policy, they refused. Once they have their money, they care more about a sale than making things right. They stand behind a mantra of, "you have support available, use it."

Disclaimer: We did not request support for the issues we ran into because they were numerous and our development team was skilled enough to fix them. We didn't want or need support, we wanted our money back. We expected a product worth $59, yet we've worked with free themes with better code quality.

They sent us back an email that rudely implied we did not know what we were doing. (Example, our fonts disappeared -- they told us that they hide them because the list becomes long otherwise -- it wasn't hidden, it said "No Font Selection Available" and erased all our fonts. The Custom CSS area completely disappeared and would allow no further edits; we were accused of disabling bundled plugins. We did not.).

If you look at the code, it's bulky, unrefined, and unprofessional. There's barely any minification, there's words such as "autentification", they spray CSS and inline CSS everywhere, and they advertise their theme in your source. I don't have enough characters left to keep listing examples.

We should have looked closer at their demo, and at their low sales numbers. We are currently evaluating TrueMag and VideoPro. They have thousands of sales on TrueMag and support that doesn't accuse you of doing something wrong by default.

TouchSize: Congratulations on your $59 sale for your terrible product. You can keep it.

Author response

We understand the 1 star rating for not providing the refund. It's your choice.

Regarding the No Font Selection available - you did not set the Google fonts API key. That's it. Never bothered to ask support about this - again it's your choice. We would responded and helped out with this.

We did not accuse you of nothing, just tried to advise how to proceed. Regarding themes not being styled how you want them - you can see everything on the demo, not sure what was the problem here. You cannot see something on the demo and them ask for a refund because you want it to be different.

As we stated earlier - you never came for support or to ask us what and why something could be happening, but keep accusing us of things not working as you want. I am sorry the product did not suit your needs, but that said - we can't be perfect for everyone.

Anyway, we wish you a great day.

for Customer Support

Fantastic theme! Needed some help initially with setup and support turned out to be fantastic as well. They solved all my issue fast & friendly. Thanks again! Highly recommended! Also love their other themes! Great company! You are in good hands with them!

for Feature Availability

Wooow!!! This theme has taken my blog to the next level. I will definitely continue to renew support subscription just to help the team's continuous improvement of the theme. Well done.