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Is there a one page option for the theme? Love the features!

nvmd.. its is

Hi, This is one page HTML theme.



Ended up buying your theme for a client and I’m trying to setup the contact form. How do I do this, I can’t seem to find the file where I input the email.

Hi, Right now don’t have contact form functional. But we’ve a plan to included contact form .php file soon. may be today or tomorrow will update the theme. then you’ll get this.

thx for your keep patience

Thanks for making that quick update, but there are still some basic functionality issues that I think should be addressed.

1.Contact Form- Thanks for making the contact form functional, but when the message sends it should keep you in the same page, not direct you to another page with a message. This makes the site look outdated and there is no way for the user to get back to the main page which looks unprofessional.

2. Portfolio Grid- There are couple of issues with the portfolio grid. Why are there 3 separate links for the icon the title and subtitle? the subtitle just links back to the top of the page, I don’t get it? It would be cool it all you do is click anywhere in the box and the link opens.

Also, when you are on a smaller device the video link directs you to the vimeo site. The link should be embedded in the website and open a player and not direct you to an external site.

3.Video Header- The video header looks amazing on a computer, but when you open the website on a device all you see is a blank sections. This looks very bad when someone tries to open your site on a phone.

I love the simplicity of your theme and if you can fix these functionality issues I will definitely keep purchasing your themes for my clients. Thank you!

I sent an email over a week ago. Are you guys going to reply?

Hi, we replied your mail.


Hi replied back to you guys. There seems to be an issue with your “Image Slider Banner” Demo. The slider images do not scale down the correct way like your other demos. it squeezes and distorts the image. How can I correct this. I tried the code you sent, but it did not work.


Hi same issue with the android scrolling. I disabled the nice scroll in the onex.js. still having issues how else can i fix this for android?

Hi, plz go to style-responsive.css file and remove the selected css screenshot shown.

and then clear your device cache


Hello, i purchased your theme and uploaded to my server. everything works great on a pc but on mobile devices site will not scroll. any ideas why? also it takes a little too long to load on mobile any optimization tips you can give me? but important is the not scrolling on mobile devices.

Hi, Sorry for late reply. Plz go to style-responsive.css file and remove the following CSS into ”@media only screen and (max-width:800px)” body { overflow-y:hidden; } like as screenshot


Hi, the video background doesn’t look very good when resizing the page.

I recommend adding the following CSS to the video object: height: 100%; width: 100%; object-fit: cover;

contact form doesn’t work?

Hello, my contact form doesnt work, you can check it on

sendmail.php is loaded

Can i use video from youtube?


I purchased OneX HTML – 7e41ff95-e2a2-4e80-b4c6-b4defb01637f

However, i am unable to edit the “We have some numaric Factors That inspire us always.” properly.

When I edit XXX and replace the XXX with a number of my choice, the animation doesn’t work and the number appears on the website in quotes like “XXX”

Any help? I am not a pro at html to be honest so a tip would be great :)