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Definitely going to need a live preview before buying this one.

me too! need live! :) good work!

Hello, Please, there is a WP version or someone knows where to buy a theme WP for booking online?

Thank you so much David


WP version does not exist. Of course if the users request this I shall make a special WP edition. :)


Preview is LIVE . Please, check it out.

Sorry for this delay in posting the PREVIW link…

Very nice work!

How hard is it to get the php code for booking and stuff like that?

Good luck with the sale!


I am already making a standalone application for one of my client. This will not be offered here on Envato Marketplace – maybe a simplified version as a Wordpress plugin…


A+! Good luck with sales!

Thank you!

Hi Zoran, regards from Bulgaria. A+ work!!! I`m very interested in this standalone application… can you contact me at: skype zino1880

iPhone template will be great addition.

This is true. Will seriously consider it for the next update! Thank you brundo for your suggestion…

Nice work – I’m very interested in this product. Question is intergrating our OTA partners info into the site.. J

Is it possible to disable auto zoom on Google Map (I don’t now is this the right word), when you for example scroll down on the homepage.

Yes. By default Maps are zoomed with mouse scrollwheel. To disable this add “scrollwheel: false” to mapOptions variable in the custom.js file like this:

var mapOptions = {
    zoom: zoom,
    center: latlng,
    mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.ROADMAP,
    streetViewControl: streetView,
    scrollwheel: false

Is this just a template? How can I get the script worked with this template?

This is just a HTML template for your application/site.

Thank you.

I have a few pre-sale questions…

There’s a book now link in the Google maps info window. Is it possible to have the info window link send a visitor to a “hotel data” page for that specific hotel? Obviously each info window link would be unique.

Is it possible to add a hyperlink pointing outside of the website within the Google maps info window? Can you add this to the JSON data for the hotel?

What kind of documentation is included?


Yes, the idea is to make each info window unique to the hotel data. Provided template data (JSON) is just a very simple example of what you can do. Possibilities are endless, believe me!

All you have to do is to modify JSON data with appropriate function (Site.gmapInit) to your custom needs. Yet, this is up to you or your programmer :)

Documentation is included and explains the structure of the HTML and CSS templates in details.


Is it possible for you to provide a slightly more in-depth example that includes a title, address line, and hyperlink?


I already bought the template and started customizing it on dreamweaver (EXCELLENT JOB BY THE WAY ), but I cant finish it since I can’t code. How do I go about getting it coded and working? luzgonzalez@laintro.net


I only provided an HTML template for your application/webiste. If you dont have one, you can find a good freelance programmer at oDesk or freelancer.com

My plans for future include making a custom Wordpress version of this template with plugins that will make online booking easy for everyone.

I’m glad you liked the template!

I assume you too busy but if you can help again it would be great. On main page when you click on for example Europe is it possible to open info window for that coordinates?

No problem mate!

You said ‘when I click on Europe’ – does this mean when I click on the button labeled ‘Europe’ (above map) or anywhere on the google map within Europe, or maybe on the clustered markers over Europe? :)

Sorry, when I click on the button labeled ‘Europe’ (above map).

Info window reacts only when you click on any marker on the map. Labeled buttons are here for quicker zooming into the map.

If you make a WP theme/plugin for this I will buy it. Look marvelous!

Thank you…!

Yes, I know but is there anyway that I can open marker info windows outside of map, like link or similar.

Hi it would be great if you could make a wp version of this site you said in an earlier comment that you would if people requested, so add me to the list!! If you make the simplified version as a wordpress plugin please let me know i will defo buy!! Will you be putting it on theme forest or active den? Here is what you said=

“I am already making a standalone application for one of my client. This will not be offered here on Envato Marketplace – maybe a simplified version as a Wordpress plugin…”

Still not decided – when I finally finish the script I shall decide whether to offer a WP version or a standalone PHP application with “Online Booking” template of course :)

I’d rather make a standalone version – I believe WP version would be limited in many ways…

That would be great, i would definatly buy!!!! Cant wait to see it wen it is done, :)