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how much would a full php application be?

and when you plan to release iPhone version? I’m willing to donate to speed up.

Purchased this theme a few days ago. All documentation says the .psd is included but it isn’t. All elements like logo and favicon have their own psd file but there is no psd file with the whole website available.


PSD of the whole template is not included because it does not exist. Photoshop was used only for single elements of the design that are impossible to code with CSS , like the logo, map markers etc.

The idea was to make a template that is made of reusable HTML elements styled with CSS and make them cross browser compatible. Having that, it is very easy to modify the template and even create new pages with a little knowledge of CSS&HTML…

I am truly sorry if you expected a fully layered PSD of the template but it is not made. :(

Great work! I love this template, there are so many nice little goodies.

One issue – the rounded corners don’t seem to work in IE 8 , they work fine in FF. Is there a fix?


Nope, no fix until IE9 arrives and support CSS3 :)

zoranjuric – thanks for your response. I don’t care for IE, however it still has 60% market share. I really wish your template worked for IE 7 +. Themeforest advertised that your theme is compatible with IE7 and IE8 . I am sorry but I feel misled by this advertising.

How much would the php application cost?

I am looking for wordpress version of this online booking theme. Can you let me know how much will you charge??

Do you have an email where I can contact you for a concrete project?




Please, contact me through the contact form on my profile page and will get back to you… Thank you!

dude i am unable to view the demo. i think ur host is down

yes, it was down. It should be fixed now…

hi, very nice theme. i m eagerly awaiting for the wordpress version just like others here. could you let me know when is that due?


Hi Zoranjuric, I am just wondering is there any update in the wordpress version, I really hope you are nearly done with it! :)

would be perfect joomla or wp theme with all functions

Hi Zoranjuric,

Again, great work !

But, small problem with the top menu. If I go with the mouse (from bottom to top of the screen), quicky, on “SamplePage”, then I get the mouse down quicly, the overlay il blinking

Dou you have an idea on how to fix this ?

Thank you!

Is there any update about the full version that you are doing, i am mad to buy this!!! :)

clean design, efficient CSS , beautiful markup… absolute pleasure!

I love the theme, i have tried to put the same tabs that are on the right hand side in the Top Destinations section on the left side search menu, but i have failed, could you give me the code that i could put there that i could have multiable tabs,

I hope you can help

Thanks in advance

Any sign of the full php version that handles bookings?

just bought it. Cant use it. wp’s telling me that stylesheet’s missing. am i doing it wrong or is it a scam?

no one?? still awaiting an aswer

ok my mistakes..thought was wp, made wrong search wrong buying


Really great work! Very easy to modify, well coded.