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Ive seen this site live for an online booking agent – this might be your client. I much prefer their version.

I am waiting for a full application… as I do not know how to tie the front end to the back end..

Please advise on when this will be available ?

Would also like to know when the full wordpress version will be available is it going to be anytime soon?

waiting for the WP version or the stand alone.. just darn so excited about this … updates please…

Hi ,

Can you tell me , will there be a WP version of this template with full functions . If its is how long it will take you to publish it ?

i really like this template, nice code and html, as i can see in code you have use 960 grid system, i have a little question you are using two classes container and container_12 where container is creating right left shadow it is warping all other float left divs inside like gird_12,grid_4 can you explain little

This template looks very interesting to me, but like others I prefer to use Wordpress as my CMS . You are all talking about a WP version that might come out, but I didn’t read there’s actually gonna be one.

Will there be a WP version and if so, how long will it take before it is available?

If not, I might consider this one, but how can I manage all hotels and availability with this template?

I was wondering about buy the theme.. but i see that the support if the autor is end. So… finally i decided no… Wordpress version!

I would buy a WordPress version.

Thanks Zoran. I bought the file today, mainly for the purposes of using the Google map feature. Got it working with some very prompt assistance of the author. much appreciated!


Just wondering if there is any time schedule on the wordpress version,



let us know when WP version comes out

Hello, Just to be informed when you’ll release the WP version ;-)

Still waiting for the WP version – will buy straight away!!!!!

Why don’t you reply to any of the many questions posted regarding a WP version? Is it because you only respond to paying customers, or is this what to expect in terms of general support when I do actually decide to buy one of your templates? This lack of communication putts me off buying anything from you.

Hi can you please let me know if you could modify this to the way I want ?


Is there a way to disabled past dates in calendar? for an example, if I want to anyone to select today’s date and anything in the future, all the past dates will be grayed out?


We are developing a cms system to accommodate an exactly similar Template.

The CMS system we are developing at the moment will support this site almost 100%. What a coincidence that people are asking for a WP version.

If anyone wants to have a sneak preview of the “hotel admin” please do so by using the below details.

The below will be the admin panel for a hotel or any other accommodation provider who has joined the site.

Please do not abuse the system. (this is not the final version, we are still putting the final touches)


user name : front test 3

password: 1295854951

Obviously there is also a main admin section where the owner of the website can control everything.

The system will be available for purchase within the coming weeks after the final pieces are put together.

If anyone is interested please email us at info (at) jasmin-media.com


Jasmin Media

Hello there. I am very interested in your CMS system.

How far are you?

Thank you.


Hi Stan,

We are on schedule to complete the system within the next three weeks. Please email us at info (at) jasmin-media.com for more information.


Thashrif Jasmin Media

im on checking on your site but aint online yet. do let me know if it’s online or if you’re available for a customization.. since i want a booking system limited to budget travel and tour packages.. where they can customize their package online, choose where to stay etc.. please let me know at lblagahit (at) gmail.com should there be one or if you’re to customize this one for me..