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Thanks You zoranjuric!


is it working in IE 9 and do you have demo?

Hi again,

Can you please explain how your template work as i am a bit confused.

i can see that your template have search, reservation and browse hotel pages.

how do they actually work? how will i add a hotel in to your template?

sorry for not understanding.

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I plan to use this template to create a web-site to book Airline Tickets. The template is more directed towards Hotel reservations. Can I use this or add Airline Ticket reservation to this template. ? I would appreciate all the help.

I have seen similar questions in previous comments but no answers.

This information will help making my decision towards buying this.

Waiting on a response. Thanks


This is really great if build in WP, I see so many people looking for themes like this and why you not provide it?

If you made this happen (to WP themes) including fiturs like now, believe me you will get most popular buying themes.

I also Very interesting with this theme, and waiting for next info


Hi, It is a really nice template. I would like to ask

1) Is it possible on search.htm page, when you click on a hotel thumb to go to a page and maintain the mouse over to preview?

2) In jquery calendar, how can I remove the checkin range dates but still maintain the check out range? Also it would be handy if checkin greater than checkout, checkout could be auto-populated (+1day or more)

There is also a small bug, sometimes the number of days to stay is not an integer.

Thank you

Can you please explain how your template work ?

i can see that your template have search, reservation and browse hotel pages. how do they actually work? how will i add a hotel in to your template? thank u

How much would this cost to get coded? I bought it thinking it was a wordpress theme – I should of paid more attention I guess.

I love the look and layout of this theme and I was hoping the Agoda affiliate api would be easy enough to integrate into the current layout / function.

Any ideas on price and coders that could do the full job?


I saw that you posted a WP version was coming 2 years ago! I would love to see it and buy it! Let me know when it is ready. I would pay $100 for it. I need to have multiple properties listed, tried and payed a fortune to have it coded for me, but ended up pissing in the wind! I can supply you the link for the piece of crap I paid for, if you want!

Nice work, you have this template for wordpress? If yes, how much and how do I have it. If not, how do I convert to wordpress?

  I look forward to your response lmonteiro81@gmail.com

  thank you

  Leonardo Monteiro

Hi zoranjuric,

This is a wonderful template. Just well suitable for my need. But when i am trying to upload the file and it says following errors:

css stlye sheet is missing documentation Stylesheet is missing. psd Stylesheet is missing. Template is missing.

May I know how Could I possibly fix these errors. Which platform do I exactly need to use to get this template working ??

Please let me know soon


hi how add a link to the map in the home page ??

i need this template on word press since i have no programming backgroung … is there such a thing available?????

i want $12 please…

link of demo is broke . please check and fix.

The demos are no longer working. Does anyone have a link to how the backend of this site works or a demo?

Hi, I need a litle hepl. I want to buy the online booking but i iam confused. This is a program i have to copy on my website or is it a template with the online booking which i have to change to fit my needs. Anybody tried this to tell me his opinion?

Nice work :)

This is just a template ( simple html template ), but!

You can transform it in a nice website :D

My website: http://www.flap.ro

Hi, This is really nice template and I intend to use this for a client’s website. Is this available in wordpress? If yes, can we make a full fledged website using this? I hope all options available in the screenshots can be used in website as well.

Regards Ashish