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good work!good luck…..

Thanks guys!

Cool style!
Good luck :)

Well done work mate. Good luck!

Thanks Vicks :)

Nice touches here , good luck with sales.
Wish you the best!

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Thanks Bedros!

Cool style! GLWS

Cheers Coralix :D

Very cool! Good Luck with Sale! ;)

Thanks AirTheme!

Does this theme use shortcodes? Like table prices? Skill Chart? and so on? do not see it in the demo :D

Howdy, the built in shortcodes are here… There are so many other skill charts and pricing tables out there and with ThemeForest telling authors to stop using shortcodes in Themes, we didn’t include our own.

Looking good!!

Thanks Supa :D

THe Giant home logo and very BIG sticky menu stop me from buying this theme. Your design make the visible screen too small for comfortable view.

Hi there I guess it depends on the screen size and the look you are after. However, both of those things are easy peasy to adjust with CSS. We are happy to provide the necessary CSS should you go ahead and purchase the theme.

Love it! A few questions: Is there an option to add a full width image/video the the homepage? Can the style of the portfolio filter be changed? Why does the text in the navigation on the demo look funny? Is that related to the specific font you used? -Thanks

No problem at all, if you have something specific in mind, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate it :D

Just a note, we had to rush out a priority fix so full screen homepage items will be on version 1.0.3. Which we’ll have out in the next couple of days (probably sooner)

Hi again version 1.0.3 is now out with the option to remove padding from the home items allowing for full width videos, images and sliders (you will need a slider plugin that outputs a shortcode)

Come on , no demo content that would make it a lot easier ! ... Honest ,I’m a little disappointed …

Philippe …

Hi Philippe no need to be disappointed. Just log a ticket at and we will send it straight over. Thanks for purchasing :)

So, from what I understand, you think it would be possible to put an image on the logo part instead of white? (but not touching the menu).

Something like a 400-500px banner that has the logo and right after that comes the menu. It’s the only thing keeping me from buying it, it’s a really great work :).

Edit: Also, is it possible to add a contact form like Contact Form 7 to the contact area? sonde rid it can be any problem being a one-page site.

Yes, you’ll need some CSS adjustments but that’s entirely possible if I’m understanding you right. We can help with the CSS adjustments as I think it would be a relatively simple update over on

I am getting an error when trying to update the Theme Options: Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/17/11942917/html/2013/wp-content/themes/panoptic/framework/meanthemes.php:1332) in /home/content/17/11942917/html/2013/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 899

Can you help?

Hi there, thanks for purchasing, it may be that you’ve changed the name of the theme folder? Can you log a support ticket at with all the details and we can investigate properly please :)

Love it! Received your subscriber email about this new theme at just the right time, since I’m shopping for a new theme that better suits my side hustle website.

Question: I did not see an email opt-in field. Would adding a plugin (say, from MailChimp), be terribly difficult?

It’s nice to know our email newsletters work! Only should be compatible with most plugins. We have not tested MailChimp but I’d imagine the plugin would work or you could just paste the HTML MailChimp gives you into the content editor or a text widget. It may need minor CSS tweaks but we don’t mind help with that via our support desk

Thanks for the quick feedback! Those sound like viable solutions. I’ll check them out!

No problem :)


Is it possible to turn OFF light box option on the Home Page portfolio ?

I would like to open directly a stacked image page and nothing else


You can hide the little ”+” icon with a bit of CSS which we can help with via

No problem

Just submitted a support ticket for the Demo content. Looking forward to your response. Great theme by the way. Very nice. Good luck with it!

Thanks for purchasing Joe, we’ve already responded. Don’t forget to rate the theme :)

Why is it that when I add an image to a ‘slide’ on the homepage, it doesn’t scale according to screen size, like when I change the size of my browser (responsive). Instead, they shrink extremely small?

Hi there, we’ve used approximate sizing based on the size of images we have used in the demo, if you log a support ticket at with a link and take a look for you

Can I shut the portfolio off on the homepage?

Yes you can, thanks for purchasing ;)

Ha! Thanks. I should have asked – how do I shut the portfolio off?

Hi again, can you post the question over on support please as ThemeForest connection seems to be a bit patchy today (server errors etc and I don’t want to miss helping you).

Hi there,

First of all very nice theme and I’m seriously thinking about purchasing it. But I have one question.

How difficult is it to replace te background illustrations. What do I have to do, to replace the cup with coffee for instance?

Thanks in advance

Thank you very much, going to purchase the theme!

No problem, my pleasure


I just created a new ticket about demo content. I’m expecting your prompt answer.

Regards, Daniel

Hi thanks for purchasing, we’ve already responded :)