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i am not able to chnge the background and also its showing OPA theme instead of my website name…how can i fix it???

The Theme is awesome, my only problem is, im unable to set up the slideshow, probably im just to stupid. it would be nice if you could tell me how to set up the slideshow under opatheme.

greetings from germany and sry for my horrible english

Hi, Thank you for your purchase. Please send me a private message with your website access details and I will have a look. Thank you

I am considering buying this template. I want to make sure their is good support for it. I have sent an email 3 days ago and haven’t received a reply. Please reply to this if there is support for this theme.

Hi, I’m unable to set up the slideshow and info block, do you could tell me how to set up it? I followed the manual step by step and doesn’t work.

Thanks in advanced.

Please we are waiting for your response, please anwser asap. thank

After I downloaded my purchase of this theme, the file was missing the stylesheet.css necessary for installation. Is there any way that I may be able have it sent to me or the updated properly?

Hello! I just purchased this theme and as the above commenter, it is missing the stylesheet.css. Can you please send me the update. Thank you!

Hello! I recently purchased this theme and I’m having issues with the slider. I’ve tried everything. Can you please help???

Hi, Thank you for your purchase. E-mail sent. Thanks

Good afternoon! How do I change the font in Cyrillic?

Hey, inatmo! I was pondering buying your “OPATheme” theme – I’m fairly new to web design, though, and I was wondering if this template has a mobile view. I visited a site that used your theme ( and the mobile display seemed to work fine, but the “Live Preview” option doesn’t display a mobile view when you visit it via a mobile platform. Thanks a ton!

My only problem is, how to set up the slideshow? Plese help me as soon as possible.

Hi, Thank you for your purchase. Please send me a private e-mail with your wordpress login/password and I will have a look. Thanks

Please delete your details.

how to delete

:) have no idea

try new responsive comments view and edit option after that

What is your website URL?

Good afternoon! How can I change the logo? Unable to insert my logo, help me please. E-mail:

Hi, Thanks for your purchase. Have a look in the docs. You need to replace logo.png with your own file.