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Is that normal, that you can`t see any slider picture and drop down item without javascript enabled (so you can`t reach without subnavigation the other pages of the navigation …).

I thought for this events there is a javascript fallback totally necessary – isnt it?

Yes it will be a useful feature to have. Will be added in the nearest update. Thanks

Caused me a smile: “Opa” means “Grandpa” in German… :bigwink: Nice theme anyway!

Thanks Theme for Grandpa) Not too bad :)

perfect inatmo.. good luck mate.. :)

Thanks mate I know you’re always here to say good words)

Awesome theme, I just bought it for my wife :)

Thank you. Let me know if you have any questions.

I’m a beginner at Wordpress so here’s my question: I already have an existing Wordpress blog with posts, so will I be able to migrate my archives into this brand new template? If so, could you point me to a good tutorial online or advise yourself? Thanks!


Hi Thank you for your interest In fact there is no need to do anything special in this case. New template won’t affect your existing posts, pages, etc. All you need to do is to activate new template, change logo, set up menus and customize theme options. In case if you have any questions, just drop me a private message. Thanks

Good Theme, but wow this is complicated to work with! Rating: 3/5

Thanks. What’s so complicated?

The main page slider is NOT easy to setup at all, but otherwise a great theme. I am working with people that are not greatly technically inclined.

This method is used in many templates here on Themeforest. And it is probably the easiest way to do that. If I find another supereasy way I will use it. Thanks

I just bought this theme and when I try to upload it, it gives me error messages. It also says that it cannot find the stylesheet. Help?

Thank you for the purchase. Do you upload using FTP or Wordpress theme editor? Send me a private message and I will have a look Thanks

Where is the documentation for this theme? How do I get thumbnails to show on my posts on the main page. I installed the theme, but it looks nothing like your sample site. What does the admin of your sample posts look like? Very hard to use for a beginner.

Hi Thank you for the purchase. Documentation is in “Docs” folder. Just open index.html. It’s pretty descriptive. If you still have questions after reading it, just drop me a message. Thank you

I have a question: Is the template supports diacritical marks in headlines?

Hi I suppose it will if you take font face kit for your language. There is Polish in there. Just download and replace files in the fonts folder. Just checked and it works fine. Screenshot:

Thank you

I bought this theme sometime ago and yes it can seem somewhat difficult in the beginning but once you get use to the process it is very easy. inatmo was also very helpful and replied to my problems very quickly I would recommend this them to anyone. If you would like to see a blog that has been setup with this them you can have a look at my wifes site here :)

Thanks again for the awesome theme inatmo, I think it is a great fit.

Thank you VexBlade. Your site looks very yummy :)

Hello, I am super new at this and well I know nothing about computers and how to make a page or anything. But I really like this design. I am definitely in the market for buying but I just have a few questions. 1. Can all the skins be used on my site how I see fit? 2. There is a skin that I like, the 2nd to last screen shot with the brown and purple and a yellow banner. Can I change the yellow banner to the purple color banner???

Please send me a private message with a link to a screenshot which you liked. I’m sorry I didn’t understand your questions very well.

hello, i’m new to using Wordpress. If i use this template, will i be able to increase the height of the header? The logo i have will look akward to fit in that space. Thanks.

Hi Yes you can. What you need to do is to edit CSS . Increase header height and draw a new header background. Photoshop files are included so it shouldn’t be a problem. If you need help, just send me a message and I will explain how to do that. Thanks

I can’t get the news feed to appear in the homepage. How am I supposed to set this up? I created a page called HOME but that’s all I see. The slideshow appears and so does the slidebar. Please help! :-/

Hi Thank you for purchase. Send me please a private message with a link to your website. I will have a look.

Really great theme. Thanks!

Glad you liked it. Thanks

I like the options I see, but was wondering if there is anyway to change the color of the header and footer (from yellow), as well as the style (not a huge fan of the triangle cuts.

Please let me know!

Well it is possible indeed by playing a bit in Photoshop. If I remember correctly there are two images with trinagle cuts: header and footer. Replace them and that’s it. As for colors, well, 5 colours included. If you need any other colors you need to work with images and CSS files. Thanks

i’m thinking of purchasing this theme, but i have a few questions first.

1) does this theme have a full width page style?

2) can the slider be easily deactivated?

3) can i set the opacity for the background via css or would i need to modify the background images themselves in photoshop?


Hi Thank you for your interest. 1. Unfortunately no 2. Yes indeed in the options page 3. Just a couple of png-24 images You can adjust their transparency in photoshop.

thanks for your quick reply. this theme will work nicely for me. i’ve purchased it and so far found it to be well documented and easy to navigate. but i do have one issue. i do not show any navigation links in the upper right corner of my header. am i missing something? i’ve disabled the slider, but otherwise made no changes to the theme as of right now.

any help would be appreciated. —thanks again!

UPDATE —- this problem seems to be fixed by clearing my browser cache.

Thank you for the purchase. Glad it’s fixed. Let me know if you have any problems. Cheers

Great theme. I’ve been looking at this theme for a while and finally made a purchase. But I am having trouble getting started. When I install the theme it says that the style sheet is missing, and I don’t know how to correct. Can you help me? I see in the comments that someone else had same problem. Thanks in advance.

Never mind. Figured it out. Again, great theme!

No worries. Thank you for your purchase.

is there any way to put html code in the 3 info blocks on the homepage? I would like to add a link but when I type in a link it does not display it

Well, yes, but you will need to hardcose it I’m afraid. It’s in header.php lines 125-155. There is a loop inside this block so you can add three html blocks there.

are you able to be more specific as to how I can add a “read more” link at the end of each block, all three need different urls. When I add read more to line 148 this add’s the same link to each of the three blocks. I need 3 unique ones.

Here are some of the options: 1. Hardcode everything. Thus you will need to add three blocks by yourself in header.php as I mentioned earlier. Three different blocks.

2. In header.tpl find $excerpt=get_the_excerpt(); (line 128) replace with $excerpt=get_the_content(); Below on line 149 find <?php echo substr($excerpt,0,$tm_infolimit); ?> replace with <?php echo substr($excerpt,0); ?> Thus you can control text limit with <!-more-> tag and more link will appear at the bottom. And all HTML links should remain intact.