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Hi, I just purchased your theme and running it on Wordpress 3.1. When I add the search through the widgets, it is broken (the css). Is it because of the new wp version? I need to fix this soon, thx in advance

Thank you for the purchase. Send me a PM with a link to your website. I will have a look at that search box. Thank you


I purchased the theme not too long ago, and finally got around to playing around a bit. I have a few questions:

1. How wide is the page? 2. Is it possible to add additional images inside any given post, aside from the Single Post Image? If so how, and what is the size of the image? 3. If I set any images for the Info Block or Slide Show, how would you suggest that I manage them? The point of having the site is to have fresh content, so I do want to make sure either I get to select the top 3-6 that can rotate. Anything older I definitely don’t want to feature. Is my only option to manually remove the “info” and “yes” OR “slide” “yes” to any older posts? 4. what is the difference between an Info Box and Info Block? 5. I also found that if I were to make the browser window smaller, and if I scroll the horizontal bar over to the right, the top menu items “fall off” of the top nav (yellow) bar. How can I fix it? 6. Lastly, is it possible to add additional ad units (such as a 300×250 ad) to the theme?


1. It is 960px wide. 2. It is possible and it doesn’t matter which theme you use. You should be familiar with wordpress to do that. There is a toolbar when you add a new post. On this toolbar you may find a link - Add image. 3. Info block will show 3 latest posts. That means if you add another one it will replace the oldest. The same with slideshow. 4. There is no difference? 5. Will be fixed next update. 6. It is possible but you will need to work with html/php code Thank you

great – thanks!

Inatmo – I am working with person who has purchased your theme but does not have the docs file that i see mentioned anymore. I am not sure how to configure slider among other things. Is there any way that you can provide docs file i see mentioned for instruction?

Documentation file is in the package in Docs folder.


I found the documentation but I now have another problem. Link to site post is enabled from slideshow, but links go to [myurl]/undefined

do you know possibly what is causing this?

Please Send em a message with your blog address and I will have a look.

hi, Im trying to display the infoblock on the homepage and it is not showing horizontally, nor it is showing the images under custom fields… Would you mind helping me with this issue? Thanks!

I would say that your CSS and .php files have been changed and related styles are missing as well as some html stuff. Check original css for div. info and div#infoblock. Check original header.php for div#infoblock as well. These parts are missing.

As for the images, check permissions of cache folder as mentioned in documentation. Also I think you should move your template folder folder one level up and remove space in folder name.

Thanks a MIL ! Done and Done! I reuploaded the header.php file and the Infoblock CSS showed up beautifully – I also changed the theme folder location and edited the permissions… The CSS file seems to be the same as the original as far as the div#infoblock settings – so I dont see a foreseeable issue there…However, the images still arent showing (in Firefox… they show up as broken links it seems then go away - on Safari they just show up as empty image links) - I have double checked my image file URL ’s as I’m copying them straight from the media library…Did I have to resize my original images? I thought the doc file said they’d resize, but If I need to re-edit those to fit I will …Soo…..A) Any suggestions as to which files to troubleshoot for this? and B) Any known conflicts/issues with upgrading this theme to Wordpress 3.1? If not – I’ll definitely be upgrading tonite amidst all the changes! BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING theme, btw…Thanks again! :)

If you use custom fields try to use relative URLs for images. Start from wp-content/etc etc

Hey, I’m having the same issue CriketX is having/had- was that resolved easily? Might my problem be fixed in a similar way? Thanks in advance!

Hi Thank you for your purchase. Please send me a private message with your website URL .

Hi there,

Sorry so long between responses. In regards to the infoimage custom field, I tried using relative URL ’s and still no luck, unfortunately. :( Any other options that Im missing at this point? Having the images display is integral for the usage of the infoblocks for what Im needing. Thanks again!

I will need to have a look at your website. Please, send me a private message with website URL and wp admin login/pass .

Send the info your way, let me know if you received it!



Hi we’re having the same problem as CriketX. – please can you suggest how we can fix it?

CriketXSAYS Inatmo, I found the documentation but I now have another problem. Link to site post is enabled from slideshow, but links go to [myurl]/undefined do you know possibly what is causing this?

Please send me a private message. Thank you

I dont know how – Please can you PM me?

Hi there,

Nice theme.

I’ve added a post category to the top nav menu but the dropdown doesn’t seem to work?

Any help would be appreciated.



Hi Thank you for your purchase. I suppose you’re using wordpress menus. In this case make sure that dropdown elements are one level to the right. Just move them with your mouse. If you still have problems with that let me know via private message and I will have a look. Thank you

To confirm if anyone else is having the same issue here is the solution :

When you go to to menus page there is a “Screen options” button at the right top corner. Click it and check Posts.

Thus you will have a box with all your posts which you can add to your menu.

Thank you)

Three quick questions and a compliment:


1) Was wondering if any updates are on their way?

2) Is there a way to get the slide show images to stop showing up in order of date posted and, instead, customize the order sequence?

3) The Superfish dropdown menu system is elegant when it works but sometimes I have to scroll over it a couple times to get it to populate. Is there another plugin that would work consistently? Or has Superfish updated with a more recent version?


This theme is ridiculously clean and avoids all the whiz-bang flashy stuff that tends to clutter and slow so many new themes these days. I get compliments on the navigation and simplicity of this site all the time. Have thoroughly enjoyed using it.

Thank you!

Thank you for the compliment. Glad you liked it.

1. Probably, but can’t tell you when. 2. Yes, but this will require additional php coding. 3. I will probably disable it in the next version or include some other option. Thank you

Thanks, Inatmo… what kind of additional PHP coding in relation to question 2? Can you give any details I can make work here?

MY apologies for the late reply. You will need to adjust the query in header.tpl line 103 right after div id=”featured” You may use this as a reference Thank you

Thank you!

Love this theme. Thank you. Hope to see more stuff from you in the future…

One quick question: Is there a way to have several slides in the slideshow all point to one post? I basically want a slideshow of seven slides but I want them all to click through to the same one post… Thanks for any info.

Thank you for the feedback and my apologies for delay.) It is possible, but will require some php coding. Send me a private message if you want more details. Cheers

Hello there, is there any way that I can get the HTML code to the way the layout for this theme is set up in the preview purchasing page?

Hi. Thank you for your purchase. Well, there is no HTML code for the set up, if I understand what you mean. I can send you a screenshot of the options page if that will help. Send me a private message, please.

G’day mate – loving the theme. Very happy with it now that I’ve figured out the drop down menus and such.

Just curious if there’s any way to auto format images to be used in the featured slider. It’s a hard thing to find an image that suits the entry and meets the size requirements.

Any advice you could give would be great!

Thank you for your purchase. You can check documentation file to find out how to override default image for the slideshow. Thus you can have one image for post and totally different image for the slideshow.


great theme, nice crisp and clean layout.

i am having some difficult with the Menu’s

for the Top Right menu (the one on the yellow bar) i’v set it up in the WP Menu area, however sub menu’s arent showing up. I have some custom links, categories and pages. but only top level shows up. site is ( can send you a login if you wish)


Hi Thank you for the purchase. Please, make sure that you give correct names to your menus as described in the documentation. If you still have any issues, send me a private message, please, with details. Cheers

Hello there! My slideshow image isn’t showing and I have everything set like the documentation says to. Here are the screenshots:

Please advise…

I know what a relative URL is. You said your documentation references relative URLs when in fact it does not. Can you please just explain what the URL structure needs to be? Please advise…

I have added the relative URL and the slideshow still isnt showing up. Please advise…

As far as I can see on your site – the image is there.