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Perfect! thanks cudazi.. Good Luck!

Hi Curt,

First let me say I’m a fan of all your themes and use minimal for one of my businesses. One of the things I like so much about minimal is viewers don’t have to scroll down very much to see everything.

I like OPEN a lot; however, I’m looking for something a bit tighter, less open space that doesn’t need to scroll. My model is: which I think is a really great site for certain kinds of businesses. My problem is that I want my customers to see the featured content rotator AND engage visually with product, services, about snippets that appear below (without me having to go and mess with the code :-).

Anyway, just food for thought. I think it’s a really nice site and will work for many people. This is just another direction I’ve been thinking about recently.

(I’m using firefox to view)

- – Chris

Follow up on my last comment: Clean Modern Simple comes very very close to what I was mentioning. (duly acknowledged)

Thanks Chris! Feel free to send me any sites you love in the future, I’m always looking for inspiration – Curt

I love your design style! Good luck.

Okay.. for a creative marketer.. you make jobs very easy.

Nice job, this looks great!

Good luck with sales.

This pops up at the end of each post.

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You can see it in your live demo too….

Thanks for your help with this,


Never-mind, I found the issue! Very nice and clean theme my friend! Keep up the great work!

Hi Curt i just get your theme. Love it !

Just one question.

Would it be possible to not having the drop-down menus and show the sub-menu on one line under the Main-navigation?

How can i do this?

I think i have to change the header.php and change the css…..

Thank’s for your help…

:: Stef

Hey Stef – You’re correct, it would be a bit of header.php and css to style. You would set the dropdown to disabled in theme settings and then add a second wp_list_pages, something like this:


Question: can you add video to the slider? Or replace the slider with a video?

Thanks for your time and very nice theme!

You can set the slider to be a widget area instead using a custom field on the home page and drop a text widget in it’s place which allows HTML – thanks!

Hey Cudazi

I just bought the theme, and I have a question. How do i add images to the home page slider


Please refer to the help documentation on the Home page template which is included with the theme in the Templates & Custom Fields section: Your_Download/_HELP/index.html#pageTemplates.

If using the promo_categories custom field, your posts must have post thumbnails set, see section D on adding post thumbnails.

Not sure how to get the home page to call the slider???

By default the home page template is pulling in posts with post thumbnails attached, see the documentation on attaching post thumbnails. Thanks!

Really simple but great. And the images doesn’t take long to load.


Hi Caduzi,

This theme looks really great! I have one question: how many sublevels can the drop down menu take?

I just tested 3-4 levels, it gets a bit crazy as a user to navigate, but it’s possible. I added a 3rd level under Blog > Tutorials > General. Thanks!

Thanks for the quick reply!

Loving this theme. Such a brilliant blend

One quick question though…

My logo’s quite a bit bigger the 170 by 74 space. When I upload I’m getting some big overlap on the top nav.

Is there a quick way I could fix this, to push the navigation over a little bit more.

Thanks and regards

The logo is in a grid_3 div and the menu is in a grid_9 div (must add up to 12 for the grid framework) – you could change grid_3 to grid_4 and grid_9 to grid_8 to give the logo a bit more space if you don’t need the menu width.

(or grid_5 // grid_7 and so on…)

This would be adjusted in header.php.



Thank you!

I just purchased and I really like the theme.

I have a couple questions:

1) How can I change the color of the “body” of the site? (the light grey)

2) How can I increase the size of the header text

3) The Category / Admin / No Comments is in black, which makes it stand out more than the date and post title, how can I change its color?

I know my questions are probably no brainers for HTML / CSS wizards, but I’m far from.

Thanks for the great theme and thanks in advance for helping me with my questions!

- Patrick

In the additional CSS area in theme settings or by editing the screen.css, you’ll be looking to edit/add the following areas:

#outer { background:#000; }
#header{ font-size:14px;  }
p.postmeta { color:#000; }
p.postmeta a { color:#000; }

I would suggest downloading ad reading about FireBug to track down any additional styles/edits – thanks!

Awesome. Thanks for the fast reply. It’s looking great already.

cudazi you’ve done it again! this looks great and going on my past experience with your themes I’m sure it’ll work a treat too. i’m sure i’ll buy this sooner or later

Thanks Knife – I do appreciate it!!

the design looks fine, but whats up with ?